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1 US MI: OPED: Rapture And Fears - Trying To Make Sense Of EcstasyTue, 01 May 2001
Source:The Metro Times (MI) Author:Gabriel, Larry Area:Michigan Lines:163 Added:05/02/2001

Trying To Make Sense Of Ecstasy

There's a lot of talk about Ecstasy these days. That's 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, or MDMA, the drug that in most users triggers the "rapturous delight" that so entices them, and so frightens parents and law-enforcement officials.

From fairly benign takes in the New York Times Magazine and Rolling Stone to a long, mostly knee-jerk report in the Detroit Free Press, Ecstasy has been making the journalistic rounds.

There was a first of its kind "State of Ecstasy" conference in San Francisco in February, drawing users, therapists and law-enforcement officials. During that same month in Seattle, an Academy of Forensic Sciences convention spent a day discussing Ecstasy. Let's just say that the pill is on the tips of a lot of tongues these days -- of both users and haters.

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2 CN BC: City Passes Landlord RulesFri, 27 Apr 2001
Source:Langley Advance (CN BC) Author:Bateman, Jordan Area:British Columbia Lines:57 Added:04/27/2001

Langley City will make life tough for landlords who turn a blind eye to their tenants' illegal activities.

Langley City Council voted 6-1 Monday night to impose stiff penalties on landlords who do not report illegal activity to the police.

Only Coun. Jack Arnold opposed the bylaw, which will return to Council for final consideration and adoption on May 14.

Under the new rules, landlords who either don't report or don't discover illegal activities in the homes they rent out will be subject to large fees before they can rent the property out again.

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3 Colombia: In Twist, Rebels Help Drug Effort in ColombiaWed, 02 May 2001
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Forero, Juan Area:Colombia Lines:93 Added:05/02/2001

GAITANIA, Colombia - The warnings were dire as President Andres Pastrana's government, flush with American money, began an ambitious plan late last year that called on farmers to eradicate fields of coca and heroin poppies in exchange for economic aid.

Many officials in Bogota and Washington said the rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia might resort to threats and even violence to stop farmers from cooperating. Rebel taxes on illegal crops are a major revenue source that helps finance rebel operations.

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4 US NJ: Sentence Reduction SoughtWed, 02 May 2001
Source:New York Times (NY)          Area:New Jersey Lines:22 Added:05/02/2001

A young black man who is suing former Gov. Christie Whitman for patting him down during a drug sweep in Camden in 1996 is asking the State Supreme Court to reduce a sentence he received for a subsequent drug conviction. In a case unrelated to the pat-down, a lawyer for the man, Sherron Rolax, told the court that the four-year sentence he received for a 1997 cocaine possession charge was inconsistent with statewide sentencing practices. The court did not issue a ruling in the case. A photograph of the pat-down showing a smiling Mrs. Whitman, now head of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, was widely published last year.


5US NC: OPED: Point of View - The Drug War CrashesWed, 02 May 2001
Source:News & Observer (NC) Author:Phares, Gail S. Area:North Carolina Lines:Excerpt Added:05/02/2001

RALEIGH -- Missionary "Roni" Bowers and her daughter Charity, killed in Peru in the shooting-down of a light plane during a U.S.-supported anti-narcotics campaign, are but the latest victims of the war on drugs. The two died as a result of our anxiety about the impact of drugs on our society and because of the means we have chosen to address these concerns.

It is our unwillingness to accept moral culpability for our drug problems that is primarily responsible for the death of Roni Bowers and her daughter. The Peruvian Air Force was merely the agent that carried out this U.S. policy.

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6 US: Wire: Ecstasy May Affect Unborn BabiesTue, 01 May 2001
Source:Associated Press (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:44 Added:05/02/2001

WASHINGTON (AP) - Experiments in rats indicate that a mother's use of the drug ecstasy during pregnancy can result in learning and memory problems for her offspring.

The finding published in the May 1 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience is the first evidence for specific memory damage associated with a mother's use of ecstasy, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported.

"These findings suggest that (ecstasy) may pose a previously unrecognized risk to the developing brain," causing long-term learning and memory problems, according to the team led by Charles V. Vorhees of Children's Hospital Research Foundation and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in Cincinnati.

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7 US DC: Column: Bush's Hard-nosed Choice For Drug Czar IsTue, 01 May 2001
Source:Deseret News (UT) Author:Raspberry, William Area:District of Columbia Lines:102 Added:05/02/2001

WASHINGTON -- President Bush, if the reports are to be believed, has settled on John P. Walters to replace Gen. Barry McCaffrey as head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

At one level, the nomination would be no surprise. It fits the pattern that has the president turning to retreads from his father's administration to fill key positions. Walters was deputy to drug "czar" William Bennett under the previous Bush administration.

At another level, though, it is a peculiar choice. Walters, almost alone among those who've spent serious professional time and attention on drug abuse in America, harbors not the slightest misgiving over the fact that we've been crowding our prisons almost to the bursting point with nonviolent drug offenders.

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8 US ME: OPED: Wants System For Medical MarijuanaWed, 02 May 2001
Source:Times Record (ME) Author:Sentementes, Rebecca Area:Maine Lines:80 Added:05/02/2001

I am the daughter of the late veterinarian Dr. Mike Lindey and an advocate for LD 611, An Act to Create a Pilot Project to Fully Implement the Maine Medical Marijuana Act of 1998. This act would create a distribution system for medical marijuana.

My father was known to many people as a cancer survivor. He was also a proponent of medical marijuana use for the alleviation of the effects of cancer therapies that had weakened him and caused him to feel depressed and lose weight.

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9 US: Peru Attack Stirs Debate On Anti-Drug MissionsWed, 02 May 2001
Source:Detroit Free Press (MI) Author:Linder, Craig Area:United States Lines:48 Added:05/02/2001

WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers questioned Tuesday whether American forces should continue to be involved with the type of antidrug-smuggling efforts that claimed the lives of a Muskegon woman and her infant daughter.

Veronica (Roni) Bowers, 35, and her 7-month-old daughter, Charity, were killed April 20 when a Peruvian air force jet opened fire on their missionary plane, mistaking it for a drug runner.

"We must carefully consider whether we should continue to embrace a policy that can and has resulted in unnecessary, unwarranted and totally unacceptable loss of life," said Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich.

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10 CN ON: SIU Probes Death During Drug RaidWed, 02 May 2001
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Murray, Caroline Area:Ontario Lines:56 Added:05/02/2001

The province's Special Investigations Unit is looking into how a 57-year-old man died of a heart attack during a Monday night drug bust in Embrun, southeast of Ottawa.

Johannes Speek of Russell was one of three people arrested after the OPP drug squad and the Casselman OPP detachment searched a St. Augustin St. address at 7:45 p.m.

Inside, police found a half kilo of cocaine, half a gram of crack cocaine, and a small amount of marijuana. The OPP estimates the total street value of the drugs at $62,000.

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11 US TX: PUB LTE: Nothing Is AccomplishedWed, 02 May 2001
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX) Author:Hurd, Michael J.        Lines:57 Added:05/02/2001

The latest arrest and subsequent firing of "Ally McBeal" star Robert Downey Jr. illustrates why drugs should not be illegal.

Mr. Downey obviously has a serious drug problem, and (as a mental health professional) I don't in any way condone drug abuse. However, jailing him will do nothing to cure him. (It clearly hasn't up to now.) All arresting him does is make his employer feel compelled to fire him, for public relations reasons. Despite his drug abuse, Mr. Downey managed to do a good job acting on the popular television show over the past year.

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