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1 US NJ: Four in Bangkok Charged in New Jersey Heroin SeizureFri, 09 Feb 2001
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Rashbaum, William K. Area:New Jersey Lines:110 Added:02/09/2001

Federal authorities said yesterday that they had seized 126 pounds of heroin hidden in bales of cotton towels on a container ship docked in Elizabeth, N.J., and announced charges in the case against four people tied to a Burmese warlord who has long been a dominant force in the Southeast Asian heroin trade.

The four, who were arrested by Royal Thai Police in Bangkok on Jan. 19, include a wife of the warlord, Khun Sa. Officials said they were being held in Bangkok pending an extradition request, and were charged with conspiracy and importing heroin in an indictment that federal prosecutors filed yesterday in United States District Court in Brooklyn. The heroin was seized last month.

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2 US WI: Wrong House Raided, Couple Seeks DamagesFri, 09 Feb 2001
Source:Capital Times, The (WI)          Area:Wisconsin Lines:42 Added:02/09/2001

KINGSTON, Wis. (AP) -- The victims of a drug task force mix-up put officials in two counties on notice that they will seek $550, 000 in damages.

Jesus and Wendy Olveda contended their constitutional rights were violated when drug task force officers raided their Green Lake County home by mistake, according to the couple' s claim filed against Green Lake and Marquette counties. The claim usually is the first step in a lawsuit.

Officers forced them to the floor as they executed a search warrant Oct. 5 that was meant for the house next door.

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3US NE: Probation Proposed For Drug OffendersThu, 08 Feb 2001
Source:Omaha World-Herald (NE) Author:Bleed, Jake        Lines:Excerpt Added:02/09/2001

Lincoln - State Sen. Jim Jensen said Nebraska needs a better way to deal with the drug problem, one that forces addicts into a counselor's office and not the penitentiary.

Jensen and Sen. Ernie Chambers have sponsored a bill that would require judges to sentence those found guilty of nonviolent drug offenses to probation, not jail time, and up to 12 months of counseling.

"We put them in jail with an addiction, they leave with an addiction," Jensen said Wednesday.

"We are treating them with incarceration when a medical treatment would be better."

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4 US AR: PUB LTE: Drug-Testing Policy Is UnfairWed, 07 Feb 2001
Source:Log Cabin Democrat (AR) Author:Bowers, Joyce Area:Arkansas Lines:73 Added:02/09/2001

From Joyce Bowers, Greenbrier:

I recently moved back to Arkansas from Colorado. When I went to enroll my child in junior high, I received an unpleasant shock. My child cannot take choir classes at Greenbrier because I refuse to sign away my child's and my parental rights, and let the school district do random drug testing on my child so she can participate in extracurricular activities.

The repercussions of mistakes or mishandled information could destroy a child's reputation, career choices and even eliminate possibilities for the rest of their lives. Add to the factor that my child is on prescribed medication and is followed by her doctors closely, not to exclude being monitored by myself.

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5US MO: Editorial: Casualties Of 'War'Fri, 09 Feb 2001
Source:St. Louis Post-Dispatch (MO)          Area:Missouri Lines:Excerpt Added:02/09/2001

ANNETTE GREEN was a casualty of the nation's "war" on drugs -- and her own bad judgment in getting involved with them.

When a nation fights a war on its streets and sends a small platoon of heavily armed and armored officers into people's homes, there are going to be casualties. In this week's shooting in Wellston, the casualty was "Nette" Green, the 37-year-old mother of six boys.

Civil rights leaders fault the officer who shot Ms. Green because she was not carrying a weapon. They say she had a phone in her hand. Or she may have been carrying a carriage bolt. Still, from the officer's vantage point, a split-second hesitation can be fatal. Judgment calls are part of the job. In a dimly lit staircase, he thought he saw a gun or a knife and fired four shots in self-defense. As tragic as the result is, the officer may have been justified in his use of force.

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6 US DC: George Washington U President Endorsed Marijuana Law RepealFri, 09 Feb 2001
Source:GW Hatchet (DC) Author:Kingsbury, Alex Area:District of Columbia Lines:84 Added:02/09/2001

Students advocating marijuana legalization used an article written by George Washington University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg in the 1970s as testimony to their cause in a meeting Wednesday night.

The GW group Students for a Sensible Drug Policy passed out an article Trachtenberg wrote in 1972 advocating the repeal of federal marijuana laws. The article, published in the Federal Bar Journal and co-authored by Lewis J. Paper concluded that laws prohibiting marijuana usage should be repealed.

"I felt at the time and probably still feel that there is no reason to give people reason to disrespect the laws," Trachtenberg said "There is no compelling reason if the law is not enforceable."

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7 US WA: Chemist Pleads InnocentFri, 09 Feb 2001
Source:Herald, The (WA) Author:North, Scott Area:Washington Lines:79 Added:02/09/2001

Former State Patrol Worker Charged With Pilfering Heroin From Crime Lab

A Washington State Patrol chemist pleaded innocent Thursday to charges that he pilfered heroin that was sent to his lab after being seized by police, but the man expects to admit his wrongdoing soon, his attorney said.

Michael R. Hoover, 51, of Edmonds entered the plea during a brief hearing in Snohomish County Superior Court. Judge Gerald Knight scheduled trial for April 13. The chemist and his attorney, Steve Garvey of Everett, swiftly left the courthouse, slipping away unnoticed by television news crews that had gathered to cover the hearing.

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8 Colombia: Anti-Drug Spraying Results MixedThu, 08 Feb 2001
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Tamayo, Juan O. Area:Colombia Lines:124 Added:02/09/2001

Colombian Coca Crop Hard Hit, But Opium Poppies Untargeted

BOGOTA, Colombia -- U.S.-owned airplanes have sprayed herbicides on more than 55,000 acres of coca fields -- 16 percent of Colombia's estimated total -- in the first eight weeks of a campaign to eradicate half the country's cocaine trade by the year 2005.

But massing the crop dusters in the southern state of Putumayo forced a halt in the fumigation elsewhere of opium poppies, the raw material for heroin, Colombian police and U.S. counter-narcotics officials acknowledged.

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9 US CO: Hooked On 'PonicsThu, 08 Feb 2001
Source:Boulder Weekly (CO) Author:Harden, J. Running Deer Area:Colorado Lines:334 Added:02/09/2001

Boulder's Basement Bud Forget Mexican Brick Weed, The County's Smokin' Boulder's Ganja

Good ganja, like good beer, used to be imported. Today, quality beer is brewed right here on the Front Range at an array of brew pubs and microbreweries. The equipment used is cheap and easy to find.

Likewise, modern drug users in Boulder want local pot, so they grow it, or their friends and acquaintances do. Small amounts are grown in the basements and back rooms of homes on nearly every block in every neighborhood in Boulder County. The days of potheads waiting on packages from Jamaica, or bragging about "Tijuana Gold," are over.

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