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1 US FL: Editorial: To Curb Dirty MoneyWed, 08 Aug 2001
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:69 Added:08/08/2001

Strengthen U.S. Laws Against Money Laundering.

Attorney General John Ashcroft got it right yesterday when he called on Congress to strengthen U.S. laws against money laundering. Our obsolete laws make it all too easy for organized crime operatives, drug traffickers or corrupt foreign despots to hide their loot in U.S. banks.

Thankfully, Congress can fix some of the worst loopholes by approving the Money Laundering Abatement Act just introduced by Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich, Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa and Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

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2US CA: Editorial: Cheers Jeers - Deadly Endangerment In The DrugWed, 08 Aug 2001
Source:Sacramento Bee (CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:08/08/2001

Thumbs down: A State Department report on what caused the deaths of two Americans -- a woman and her infant child -- in a missionary plane shot down in Peru last April has confirmed what seemed apparent at the time: There was a tragic breakdown in communication between a Peruvian fighter plane and a U.S. drug surveillance plane, and a failure to follow prescribed procedures and exercise caution before firing at innocents.

A videotape with audio recording released as part of the report made clear that the U.S. plane's crew did sense early on that the civilian plane and its movements did not fit the profile of a drug-trafficking craft. But the Americans and Peruvians involved did not speak each other's language well enough to avoid misunderstandings. The Peruvian pilot, for whatever reason, failed to hold off as urged repeatedly by the U.S. crew via a Peruvian liaison officer on the U.S. plane.

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3 US: Web: Cross-Fire In The Drug WarSun, 29 Jul 2001
Source:Online Journalism Review Author:Langfield, Amy Area:United States Lines:413 Added:07/29/2001

American journalist Al Giordano runs Narco News from his laptop in Mexico, reporting on the drug trade with a decidedly activist slant that aims to get under the skin of drug traffickers, money launderers, corrupt governments, and journalists for big news companies he thinks have overlooked important stories in Latin America.

Among his targets has been Roberto Hernandez Ramirez, the president and primary shareholder in Banco Nacional de Mexico (known as Banamex), Mexico's second biggest bank, which was acquired last month by Citigroup for $12.5 billion.

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4 US: Hot Muckraker: Al GiordanoThu, 30 Aug 2001
Source:Rolling Stone (US) Author:Udovitch, Mim Area:United States Lines:88 Added:08/08/2001

In 1978, Al Giordano, now forty-one, was arrested for criminal trespass while protesting a nuclear power plant in New Hampshire. He was sentenced to 100 days in jail, but succeeded in causing enough trouble to get kicked out after twenty. Since then, he's been causing various kinds of trouble as a political organizer and a reporter and, in general, continues to afflict the comfortable. Now he's being sued by a multi-billion dollar opponent who isn't having a whole hell of a lot more luck with him than the New Hampshire jailers.

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5 New Zealand: Cannabis A Problem In Primary Schools TooSat, 04 Aug 2001
Source:Daily News, The (New Zealand) Author:Batchelor, Kim Area:New Zealand Lines:77 Added:08/08/2001

Some Primary School Age Children, Like Their Intermediate And High School Counterparts, Have Access To Cannabis.

Highlands Intermediate principal John Knowles, New Plymouth, said he had spoken to colleagues in other parts of the country who had had problems with primary children and cannabis, but he stressed there was no evidence of such a problem in this town.

It was inevitable that children with parents who smoked cannabis would fall foul of it, he said.

Three Highlands students have been suspended for selling cannabis to their schoolmates this week and a further five children suspended for either possessing or using the drug.

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6 US: Libel, Pan-American StyleThu, 09 Aug 2001
Source:Valley Advocate (MA) Author:DiLorenzo, JoAnn Area:United States Lines:170 Added:08/08/2001

How Did Al Giordano Land In The Middle Of The Hottest First Amendment Case In Years.

After spending years underground, Al Giordano has virtually surfaced. Giordano, you may remember, spent his salad days in Western Massachusetts, sniffing out Springfield Mafiosi as a reporter for the Valley Advocate and turning over rocks throughout the Valley in search of dangerous political parasites and garden variety public corruption. After four years at the Advocate, Giordano moved on to the Boston Phoenix to report on politics from the statehouse, where he covered what he calls the "legal bribery" that passes for lobbying on Beacon Hill.

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