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1 Australia: LTE: Overdose Strategies ExaminedTue, 19 Sep 2000
Source:Australian, The (Australia) Author:Watters, Brian Area:Australia Lines:67 Added:09/19/2000

I WISH to thank Dr Alex Wodak for his support of the Australian National Council on Drugs position paper on heroin overdose (Letters, 14/9).

The federal Government's Tough on Drugs strategy was begun less than two years ago and it takes time for it to be fully implemented and for the results to become apparent.

The Tough on Drugs strategy has provided $500 million to Australian services to combat the drug problem: research projects; new and expanded treatment services; education and other prevention programs; extended needle exchange and methadone programs; family support services; expanded police and customs services; the court diversion services; and indigenous programs.

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2 US WV: Chemist To Plead Guilty To Faking Drug EvidenceFri, 29 Sep 2000
Source:Charleston Gazette (WV) Author:Messina, Lawrence Area:West Virginia Lines:95 Added:09/29/2000

A civilian chemist placed on leave from the State Police crime lab's now-closed drug section will plead guilty to a felony charge alleging he faked tests on drug evidence, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.

Todd Owen McDaniel, 31, skipped preliminary tests on suspected marijuana evidence at the lab's Drug Identification Section from 1993, after he started at the lab, until he was placed on leave Sept. 8, U.S. District Court filings in his case said.

McDaniel, of Charleston, also failed to perform similar tests on suspected crack cocaine evidence in at least five cases between July and August, the filings by prosecutors said.

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3 US TX: Texas Border DAs To Slam The Door On Federal CasesMon, 02 Oct 2000
Source:Ft. Worth Star-Telegram (TX) Author:Stack, Megan K. Area:Texas Lines:78 Added:10/02/2000

LAREDO, Texas -- They're done begging, through threatening, sick of talking.

Broke and bogged down, some county prosecutors along the U.S.-Mexico border vowed to ban federal drug cases from their courts starting Monday. Their decision promises to drop even more cases into the swamped federal courts on the nation's southern edge.

But prosecutors say they have no choice: Struggling counties lose millions of dollars and weeks' worth of court time prosecuting federal drug cases. From now on, they say, the U.S. government is on its own.

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4US CA: Prop. 36 Backers Challenge Drug LawsMon, 02 Oct 2000
Source:Contra Costa Times (CA) Author:McMillan, Carolyn Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:10/02/2000

The Initiative Would Require Drug Treatment Programs, Not Jail Time, For Nonviolent Offenders, Diminishing Judges' Power

The same folks who helped pass Proposition 215, the medical marijuana initiative, are again challenging California's drug laws, this time with a measure that would require drug treatment rather than prison for most nonviolent drug offenders.

Under the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, on the November ballot as Proposition 36, people convicted of being under the influence or of possessing illegal drugs for personal use would face probation and up to 18 months of mandatory drug treatment.

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5 Australia: Injecting Rooms 'Not High Priority' Davies TellsTue, 19 Sep 2000
Source:South Gippsland Sentinel Times (Australia)          Area:Australia Lines:77 Added:09/19/2000

Member for Gippsland West, Susan Davies, has told parliament that legalising heroin injecting rooms is "not a high priority for my electorate or me."

This was despite the fact that she cast the deciding vote for injecting rooms, in the Lower House.

"It is not an issue that has stirred the passions of most of the people in my electorate, despite some intense efforts to create a controversy," Ms. Davies told parliament.

She claimed her electorate was more interested in additional treatment facilities for drug and alcohol problems, than safe injecting rooms.

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6 US IL: OPED: Blowing Smoke About Medical MarijuanaSun, 01 Oct 2000
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Page, Clarence Area:Illinois Lines:96 Added:10/02/2000

WASHINGTON -- Until now, I have admired Al Gore's candor on the marijuana question.

After all, he is the first presidential candidate to admit not only that he smoked marijuana but that he even inhaled it.

His boss, President Clinton, confessed during his 1992 campaign to smoking the wicked weed in his youth but insisted he "didn't inhale." That's like saying you subscribe to Playboy for the articles. Maybe he enjoyed that distinctive marijuana smell, which is sort of like burning socks.

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7 US IL: Column: Guilty Until Proven InnocentSun, 01 Oct 2000
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Chapman, Steve Area:Illinois Lines:102 Added:10/02/2000

Education could be described as a process designed to instruct children on the folly of their elders. If so, kids in one school after another across America are learning a lot.

One of the common lessons is that normally rational adults sometimes lose all sense of proportion when dealing with adolescents. Teenagers then end up victimized by policies that are either excessively punitive or overly protective--neither of which teaches respect for the rights of others or prepares kids for the responsibilities of adulthood.

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8 US CA: County taking step to legalize potSun, 01 Oct 2000
Source:Register-Guard, The (OR)          Area:California Lines:64 Added:10/02/2000

UKIAH, Calif. - No one can say for sure when the first seeds were planted, or how things reached the point where marijuana became Mendocino County's No. 1 cash crop and claim to fame.

What is a given is that pot (the word of choice) is part of life here. It is so pervasive that residents, when asked how pervasive, just chuckle and say you must be from somewhere else. Nearly everyone has an anecdote about stumbling onto the plant in a field or knowing a friend who grows it in the back yard. A local law firm makes a practice of marijuana legal defense and a public radio station warns residents when government helicopters are scanning the countryside looking for marijuana gardens.

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9 US NY: PUB LTE: Teenage Drug UseMon, 02 Oct 2000
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Leven, David C. Area:New York Lines:33 Added:10/02/2000

None of us want our teenagers to use drugs (Lessons column, Sept. 27). Still, after two decades of the "just say no" message, half of high school students have used drugs, with one in four reporting that they used marijuana in the previous month.

Teenagers have learned that the use of one drug does not usually lead to the use of others, and that there are vast differences between experimentation, abuse and addiction. Even as we stress abstinence, we must also give teenagers the in-formation and resources to ensure that they do the least harm to themselves. Since many will use marijuana despite our strong admonitions, they need to be strongly encouraged to use in moderation and only occasionally - never at school, work, while playing sports or while driving.

David C. Leven


10US NV: Poll Shows Nevada Voters Likely To OK Marijuana UseMon, 02 Oct 2000
Source:Reno Gazette-Journal (NV) Author:Riley, Brendan Area:Nevada Lines:Excerpt Added:10/02/2000

Marijuana is on the ballot across the West this fall, from proposals to allow its medicinal use in Colorado and Nevada to measures that would let it flourish in Alaska and the pot-growing "Emerald Triangle" of Northern California.

Recent polls suggest the proposals are likely to pass in Nevada and Colorado. In the past four years, similar medical-marijuana measures have become law in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Maine and Hawaii.

Nevada's Question 9 would let doctors prescribe marijuana for severe illness and pain. Nevada voters approved medical marijuana by 59 percent in 1998, but adding it to the state's constitution requires another "yes" vote on Nov. 7.

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