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1 US CA: PUB LTE: Our New ProhibitionThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Times-Herald, The (Vallejo, CA) Author:Haworth, Michael J. Area:California Lines:58 Added:09/14/2014

Illegal marijuana grow sites continue to thrive in our national forests because recreational marijuana use, although against the law, just doesn't seem to go away. Think of it as prohibition for the new millennium. Instead of backwoods stills producing alcohol, we have hidden gardens producing pot.

This, of course, has been going on for decades, but it wasn't until our ongoing drought that it became a more serious problem. Cannabis plants require lots of water and, generally, this water is diverted from rivers and streams. We all feel the impact of that ... some much more directly than others. Water sources may run dry by fall for 200 families on the Yurok Indian reservation in Humboldt County due to growers diverting water for pot farms.

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2US OR: Prohibition 'Based on Lies'Sun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Crombie, Noelle Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:09/14/2014

Andrew Sullivan, the prominent writer and blogger, compared the effort to legalize marijuana to the fight for marriage equality in the United States in a talk that highlighted the key factors propelling what he called an "extraordinary leap forward" in cannabis policy.

Sullivan was the keynote speaker at the International Cannabis Business Conference held Saturday at the Oregon Convention Center. The two-day conference, attended by an estimated 700 people, is aimed at what organizer Alex Rogers, an Ashland businessman, called the "high echelon of cannabis entrepreneurs."

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3 Jamaica: Island Nation Set To Ease Marijuana LawSun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI) Author:Mcfadden, David Area:Jamaica Lines:74 Added:09/14/2014

(AP) - Taking a deep draw on a pipe that glows with burning marijuana, reggae luminary Bunny Wailer gives a satisfied grin through a haze of aromatic smoke in his concrete yard painted in the red, green, gold and black colors identified with his Rastafarian faith.

These days the baritone singer from the legendary Wailers, the group he formed in 1963 with late stars Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, has reason to feel good. There is unprecedented traction building in Jamaica to decriminalize pot, meaning the dreadlocked Wailer, 67, and other adherents of Rastafari - a homegrown spiritual movement that considers the drug divine - may soon be able to smoke without fear of arrest.

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4US CO: Column: Playing Catch-Up On Science Of PotSun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Caldwell, Alicia Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:09/14/2014

The case was as sad and as tragic as we've seen in metro Denver in recent memory.

A man, supposedly stoned on marijuana-infused candy, flipped out and killed his wife with a gunshot to the head while their three children were in their Observatory Park house. Or so the story goes.

Yet, recent court testimony from cops was that Richard Kirk had "low" THC levels, a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, when tested five hours after the shooting. How in the world does that square with a guy who was said to be hallucinating and subsequently asked his 7year-old son to kill him?

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5US CO: Green Light Doesn't SufficeSun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Migoya, David Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:09/14/2014

No One Wants to Roll Out the Idea Until Assurances Are Made.

Despite 11th-hour success at pressing Colorado legislators to pass a measure that would allow the marijuana industry to create the world's first pot-banking cooperative, no one has officially attempted to create one.

Even with the flurry of international publicity that swirled last spring around the groundbreaking effort-one that theoretically would allow pot businesses to band together and form their own banking entity - there has been lukewarm interest in giving it a try without first knowing it's not a useless effort.

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6 US DC: Review: Ecstasy TherapySun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Crouch, Gregory Area:District of Columbia Lines:119 Added:09/14/2014

LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal

By Tom Shroder

Blue Rider, 426 pp. $27.95

LSD, ecstasy (MDMA) and other psychedelics are powerful, mind-altering drugs that, as described by former Washington Post Magazine editor Tom Shroder, "intrinsically [challenge] the rationalist, materialist underpinnings of Western culture." For most of a century, our society has struggled to come to grips with these "profoundly threatening drugs," largely without success. They've all been made illegal. For decades, the Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration have strictly banned scientific investigations into their potential benefits - which is unfortunate, since these psychoactive drugs also seem able to do incredible good, particularly in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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7 US DC: PUB LTE: Guilty Until Proven InnocentSun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Streett, Lynn Area:District of Columbia Lines:33 Added:09/14/2014

The behavior described in the "Stop and seize" series [front page, Sept. 7-9] resembles an extortionist fishing expedition based on the "hunch" of police officers. These hunches (along with details that infringe on motorists' privacy) are then entered into a database with only loose oversight.

These forfeitures upend a basic tenet of our judicial system: innocent until proven guilty. The government, which has vast resources, money and influence at its disposal, is charged with proving the guilt of those charged with crimes rather than asking an individual with considerably less power and resources to prove his innocence.

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8 US TN: PUB LTE: Money Can Be Made By Pot LegalizationSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN) Author:DeWitt, Olivia Area:Tennessee Lines:27 Added:09/14/2014

I thoroughly enjoyed your article concerning the growing amount of pot dispensaries in Colorado and Washington. It was interesting to learn about the large profit margins these businesses enjoy.

I'm just wondering when will the federal government jump on board and legalize marijuana and end all this chaos caused by conflicting federal and state laws? In my opinion, the federal government will legalize marijuana when someone in the capital realizes the money to be made from pot. Nothing gets people moving faster than money that could be potentially made.

Olivia DeWitt


9 CN ON: Council Buzzing Over Smell From Grow-OpFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON) Author:Mason, Suzanne Area:Ontario Lines:58 Added:09/14/2014

The smell emanating from a medicinal marijuana grow-op on Lakeshore Rd. has prompted Niagara-on-the-Lake town council to send another complaint to Health Canada.

Coun. Martin Mazza said the crop in the greenhouse at 1651 Lakeshore Rd. near Garrison Village will be harvested soon and already has a bad odour. The operation had been licensed under previous Health Canada regulations before new federal legislation took effect April 1.

Since then, the town has passed bylaws that require marijuana greenhouses larger than 10,000 square feet to be subject to site plan controls and located at least 70 metres from sensitive land-use areas, including residential properties.

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10US CO: 500-plus Jobs On Tap At CannaSearch FairSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Baca, Ricardo Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:09/14/2014

When CannaSearch job fair debuted in Denver in March, just a few months after legal recreational marijuana sales began in Colorado, organizers were overwhelmed by more than 1,200 job seekers, many from out of state.

When the second CannaSearch takes over event space Mile High Station on Tuesday-with employers offering more than 500 positions in Colorado's still-growing marijuana industry-it will be an expanded event that hopes to better serve applicants and businesses alike.

In addition to the larger digs, food trucks will be on site for lunch. And the job fair, running 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and free for job seekers, is bookended by ticketed events: an executive breakfast from 7:30-9 a.m. ($50) and an evening reception from 6-9 p.m ($15).

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11 Thailand: Column: Govt Propaganda Is the Most Dangerous DrugSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Nation, The (Thailand) Author:Bershidsky, Leonid Area:Thailand Lines:86 Added:09/14/2014

The world's elder statesmen have a problem when it comes to drug policy. They are increasingly coming out in favour of broad legalisation, but their message is having a hard time getting through thanks to decades of anti-drug propaganda from the governments in which they participated.

Three years ago, a group called the Global Commission on Drug Policy released a report denouncing the "war on drugs" for increasing violence and failing to curb consumption. It got a lot of attention because its members included such luminaries as former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, former United Nations secretary- general Kofi Annan, former US secretary of state George Schultz, former North Atlantic Treaty Organisation chief Javier Solana and former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker. These are serious, powerful men, not potheads or irresponsible anarchists.

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12 New Zealand: LTE: Call to Decriminalise Cannabis Defies CommonSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Press, The (New Zealand) Author:Tashkoff, Peter Area:New Zealand Lines:36 Added:09/14/2014

In the face of a medical report highlighting the damage the drug does to the young, Laila Harre's calls to decriminalise cannabis in order to reduce its use flies in the face of common sense as well as being contrary to recent direct experience that we have had in this country.

The same voices that are calling today for the decriminalisation of cannabis also argued for the free availability of legal highs.

That free availability of legal highs did not result in reduced usage; it had completely the opposite effect, the results of which are still being felt in broken homes, sundered relationship and damaged lives around our country.

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13 New Zealand: PUB LTE: Pure SensationalismSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Press, The (New Zealand) Author:Fibbens, Marc Area:New Zealand Lines:38 Added:09/14/2014

I find your headline "Evidence Mounts Against Cannabis" (Sept 11) totally misleading and pure sensationalism, akin to the propaganda propagated by the Hurst newspaper chain that lead to cannabis becoming an illegal substance in America back in the 1920s.

The article that follows refers to a correlation between teens using cannabis and a series of negative outcomes such as poor educational achievement. Firstly, I would note that no one advocating legalisation of cannabis would want teenagers using the drug in the first place, and also that regulation, education and control will limit the availability to the teen market.

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14 New Zealand: Editorial: Public Health Risk Too Great forSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Press, The (New Zealand)          Area:New Zealand Lines:81 Added:09/14/2014

According to drug experts, New Zealand is said to be one of the highest users of cannabis in the world. It may seem odd then that there is no greater push to have it decriminalised or even legalised. Only one significant party, Internet-Mana, is pushing in the election campaign for reexamination of the laws governing dope and even within that party the promotion of the policy has caused ructions.

If the high-use figures are accurate, this indifference is even odder. In several other places in the world recently the authorities, faced with high illegal use of cannabis, have given up and decriminalised it or legalised it.

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15 US PA: LTE: Easing Up On Pot Smokers No Easy ThingFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA) Author:Rooney, John F. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:25 Added:09/14/2014

No one wants to ruin the future of a young adult caught with a small amount of marijuana ("Marijuana compromise," Sept. 9). However, decriminalizing the offense can be complicated, as Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey notes. For instance, what do you do with recidivists? The city's legislation does not address this issue.

Nine percent of all marijuana users become chronic users; among teens, it's 15 percent. What message does decriminalization send to middle and high school students? The wrong message.

John F. Rooney, Drexel Hill, jfr1948@gmail.com


16 US PA: PUB LTE: PA. Needs a Truly Beneficial Medical MarijuanaSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Lovett, David Area:Pennsylvania Lines:37 Added:09/14/2014

As our politicians reconvene in Harrisburg on Monday, there will be a group of patriots from all over the state to greet them with their support of medical marijuana. I urge all Pennsylvanians to do their own research on this. They will find that it is a safe alternative to many of the pharmaceuticals that are prescribed every day with far less harmful side effects.

There are a lot of politicians supporting a CBD-only bill. CBD (cannabidiol) is non-psychoactive. But for a lot of people, for the medicine to work properly, some THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is psychoactive, must be used.

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17 US FL: LTE: Consider Marijuana's DangersSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Tallahassee Democrat (FL) Author:Gilbert, Diana Area:Florida Lines:46 Added:09/14/2014

In November, voters will consider an amendment to our Florida Constitution about legalizing medical marijuana. An amendment is very serious and shouldn't be taken lightly.

The California Narcotics Officers Association says: "Marijuana is an unstable mixture of over 400 chemicals, including toxic psychoactive chemicals which are largely unstudied and appear in uncontrolled strengths."

There's strong evidence that smoked marijuana is harmful. The British Lung Foundation found links between smoking marijuana and tuberculosis, acute bronchitis and lung cancer. The BLF warned that smoking three or four marijuana joints a day is as bad for our lungs as 20 tobacco cigarettes.

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18 US NJ: PUB LTE: Feds Should Let Doctors Prescribe MarijuanaSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Asbury Park Press (NJ) Author:Ippolito, Christopher Area:New Jersey Lines:48 Added:09/14/2014

It's time the U.S. government changes the categorization of cannabis as having no medical value and allows doctors to prescribe it to patients for relief from cancer and many other diseases.

The U.S. Government's own website, http://cancer.gov, lists several "possible" uses for marijuana against cancer. These include the obvious such as pain relief, appetite stimulation and control of nausea and vomiting.

But the site also discusses the possibility that pot may hinder the growth of tumors, kill already existing tumors and even focus potent chemotherapy drugs to kill cancerous cells while preserving healthy tissue, as it has shown in testing on rats.

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19 CN ON: Trudeau Defends Pot LegalizationFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Hume, Jessica Area:Ontario Lines:45 Added:09/14/2014

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau yesterday accused the government of fear-mongering with its attacks on his pot legalization policy.

"A UN study says out of 29 developed countries, Canada is No. 1 in teen marijuana use," Trudeau told reporters. "The approach (justice minister Peter) MacKay and (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper are using of prohibition isn't helping kids and millions of dollars are funnelling to gangs."

The Liberal leader said evidence supports his policy to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana sales like alcohol, a policy he insists will make it more difficult for kids to access weed.

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20 Canada: Trudeau Defends Pot LegalizationFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Hume, Jessica Area:Canada Lines:45 Added:09/14/2014

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau yesterday accused the government of fear-mongering with its attacks on his pot legalization policy.

"A UN study says out of 29 developed countries, Canada is No. 1 in teen marijuana use," Trudeau told reporters. "The approach (justice minister Peter) MacKay and (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper are using of prohibition isn't helping kids and millions of dollars are funnelling to gangs."

The Liberal leader said evidence supports his policy to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana sales like alcohol, a policy he insists will make it more difficult for kids to access weed.

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21 Canada: Trudeau Defends Pot LegalizationFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Hume, Jessica Area:Canada Lines:45 Added:09/14/2014

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau yesterday accused the government of fear-mongering with its attacks on his pot legalization policy.

"A UN study says out of 29 developed countries, Canada is No. 1 in teen marijuana use," Trudeau told reporters. "The approach (justice minister Peter) MacKay and (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper are using of prohibition isn't helping kids and millions of dollars are funnelling to gangs."

The Liberal leader said evidence supports his policy to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana sales like alcohol, a policy he insists will make it more difficult for kids to access weed.

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22CN SN: Head Shop Owner Sentenced For Pot FarmThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Author:Polischuk, Heather Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:09/14/2014

REGINA - The terminally ill owner of Regina's Vintage Vinyl and Hemp Emporium has already paid a hefty price after police raided his properties and found he was growing more pot than allowed by his existing medical marijuana licence.

On Wednesday, Pat Baumet received a further sanction, a six-month conditional sentence to be served in the community.

After the frail-looking 53-year-old pleaded guilty to two charges, production and possession of marijuana, federal Crown lawyer Hal Wellsch stayed 14 other charges.

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23CN SN: Vintage Vinyl Owner SentencedThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Regina Leader-Post (CN SN) Author:Polischuk, Heather Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:09/14/2014

The terminally ill owner of Vintage Vinyl and Hemp Emporium has already paid a hefty price after police raided his properties and found he was growing more pot than allowed by his existing medical marijuana licence.

On Wednesday, Pat Baumet received a further sanction, a six-month conditional sentence - a jail term he can serve in the community.

After the frail-looking 53-year-old man pleaded guilty to two charges - - production and possession of marijuana - federal Crown agent Hal Wellsch stayed 14 other charges. The Crown also stayed all charges pertaining to Baumet's 24-year-old son Dylan and 53-year-old Jocelyne Lucy Fafard that had also been before the court on Wednesday.

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24 UK: Daily Pot Use By Teens Has Long-Term RisksThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Kelland, Kate Area:United Kingdom Lines:57 Added:09/14/2014

Those who used marijuana daily before age 17 were less likely to finish school and more likely to abuse other drugs.

LONDON - Teenagers who use marijuana daily run a higher risk of becoming drug-dependent, committing suicide or trying other drugs, and they are less likely to succeed at their studies than those who avoid it, researchers said yesterday.

The scientists analyzed studies on marijuana to determine its long-term health and life effects.

"Our findings are particularly timely, given that several U.S. states and countries in Latin America have made moves to decriminalize or legalize cannabis, raising the possibility the drug might become more accessible to young people," said Richard Mattick, a professor at Australia's National Drug and Alcohol Research Center at the University of New South Wales, who co-led the study.

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25 US WA: PUB LTE: Reconcile Use With MedicareThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Herald, The (Everett, WA) Author:Leichtman, Kal Area:Washington Lines:39 Added:09/14/2014

I have also sent this letter to Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and Rep. Rick Larsen.

My 91-year-old wife, Alice, has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, compressed and cracked vertebrae bones. She has been suffering with pain for years. She is in an Everett rehab facility having sleepless and pain-filled nights. Powerful medication has had little or no effect to relieve her pain.

I discussed with the medical officials in this facility of trying to use medical marijuana ointment to see if that would help give Alice some temporary relief. Even our state has legitimized the use of medical marijuana. I was told that federal regulations prohibit the use of medical marijuana. The facility depends on federal funding for Medicare and other federal funding. That funding could be stopped and the doctor and nurses could lose their licenses.

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26 US WA: Legal Pot Grows Create New Demand For NW PowerThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Herald, The (Everett, WA) Author:Le, Phuong Area:Washington Lines:59 Added:09/14/2014

SEATTLE (AP) - As more marijuana producers move their plants indoors over the next two decades, the grow operations in Washington state are expected to need as much electricity each year as what a small Northwest city consumes, according to an energy forecast by regional power planners.

Demands on the Northwest electrical grid would grow further if Oregon voters pass a ballot initiative in November to legalize recreational pot use, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council said.

The council, which develops a long-term power plan for Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Montana, has been studying the impacts of electricity needs for operations that grow legal marijuana indoors in Washington state.

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27 US TX: PUB LTE: High Above The IgnoranceFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Houston Chronicle (TX) Author:Potthoff, Rick Area:Texas Lines:31 Added:09/14/2014

Regarding "New 'wax' form of pot can be explosive, feds warn" (Page B1, Saturday), isn't it time the Chronicle stopped being complicit in spreading "Reefer Madness" nonsense from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration? The two scare quotes from your article on 'dabs' or 'wax' is that it's twice as strong as regular pot and that people may blow themselves up trying to make it.

People have been smoking hashish with the same strength as 'wax' for millennia with no ill effects. If drug prohibition vanished, experts would be making 'wax' commercially and the toking public wouldn't be trying to make it. Pot use hasn't killed anyone in the history of its use (including hashish, sensimilla, and 'wax').

People shouldn't get high and drive, but since the 1960s, auto death rates haven't skyrocketed because of pot.

Rick Potthoff, Houston


28 US OR: PUB LTE: Legalizing Pot Better Than Futile, WastefulThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Corvallis Gazette-Times (OR) Author:Clarke, Samuel H. Area:Oregon Lines:39 Added:09/14/2014

Regarding Sandra Paul's letter of Sept. 8, "Voters must do their homework on harmful effects of pot":

I am not aware of any particular problems "brought to schools, hospitals and communities" in Colorado and Washington where recreational use of pot has been legalized.

While I discourage marijuana use, I am acutely aware of the tens, perhaps hundreds, of billions of dollars that have been squandered nationwide in the futile attempt to eradicate planting, distribution and sale of the drug.

As a field geologist (retired), I've had occasion to witness two "raids" that involved many vehicles, helicopters, and SWAT teams and DEA agents. From what I read, such raids have had no net effect on usage. These billions could have been better used elsewhere. Legalization would eliminate this waste.

Yes, Oregon has a drug problem, but its names are methamphetamine and alcohol, both in use by high schoolers and both of which are associated with violence and property crime. Marijuana, whatever its effects, isn't associated with either of these.

Samuel H. Clarke



29 US PA: PUB LTE: Legalize Medical MarijuanaThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Tribune Review (Pittsburgh, PA) Author:Hess, Ron Area:Pennsylvania Lines:48 Added:09/14/2014

Medical marijuana has been known since Phoenician times for its healing and psychologically uplifting properties for most.

I am speaking specifically about the plant being used as delineated in Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1182. When passed, Pennsylvania will become the 24th state to exercise its states' right to afford doctors the option of prescribing it.

The federal government has decreed this is a state matter. In other parts of the world, patients are being effectively weaned off antidepressants and pain and blood-pressure medications, to name a sampling of why it's important. It is the only remedy for certain conditions such as Dravet Syndrome.

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30 US WA: Column: Legal Marijuana, Let It Be, Let It BeThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Walla Walla Union-Bulletin (WA) Author:Warner, Tracy Area:Washington Lines:84 Added:09/14/2014

For the time being, your city can ban marijuana shops, just as it can ban other things that annoy its citizens and give its regulators palpitations. It can even ban things state law specifically accommodates and licenses, as long as it's not a head-to-head conflict or the Legislature didn't say shut up and take it. City-by-city NIMBYism gets a pass.

Whether a ban is good or bad, beneficial or harmful, are separate questions. For now, they are local questions, between local voters and their municipal representatives, unless the Legislature or courts decide otherwise.

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31 Australia: Teen Tokers Risk Ominous Outlook: StudyFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Kelland, Kate Area:Australia Lines:57 Added:09/14/2014

Teenagers who use marijuana daily run a higher risk of becoming drug dependent, committing suicide or trying other drugs and are less likely to succeed at their studies than those who avoid it, researchers have found.

In an analysis of studies on cannabis, the scientists said these long-term health and life effects were important since several countries are planning to relax legislation on it.

Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug worldwide, despite a trend towards decriminalizing it in some countries.

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32 US HI: Editorial: Pot Advocate Rejoins The CommunitySat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI)          Area:Hawaii Lines:29 Added:09/14/2014

Marijuana ministry advocate Roger Christie has finally been released after four years in federal custody to a halfway house, and, boy, he said upon his release, would he like to once again consume some of his favorite plant. He added wisely, though, that would be only "when I'm legally allowed to do so."

But, not even counting his four years of probation, that might be never - unless he moves to Washington state or Colorado, where marijuana is legal, and assuming Hawaii doesn't follow those states down that road.

Here in Hawaii, Christie could try to qualify as a medical marijuana patient - his effort to secure a religious exemption obviously didn't succeed - but otherwise his greatest joy might be to just breathe the fresh air of freedom, such as it is.


33 US DC: PUB LTE: Forfeiting Rights Along With CashFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Burdick, Lawrence Area:District of Columbia Lines:24 Added:09/14/2014

The news that police and state troopers are using "interdiction" policies to supplement their budgets is terrifying. Worse still is the idea that some officers praise the practice as an ideal fundraising tool. But worst of all is the fact that they call it "interdiction."

There is a far more appropriate term: highway robbery.

Lawrence Burdick, Livermore, Calif.


34 US DC: PUB LTE: Forfeiting Rights Along With CashFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Stennett, Edwin Area:District of Columbia Lines:22 Added:09/14/2014

The Post is to be commended for its three-part series "Stop and seize." Will readers deluge their congressional representatives with letters demanding a halt to the egregious practice brought to light? I'm not optimistic. A dearth of letters is the likely outcome of a citizenry weighed down by a hyperpartisan, near-useless Congress.

Edwin Stennett, Montgomery Village


35 US DC: PUB LTE: Forfeiting Rights Along With CashFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Monahan, Sue Area:District of Columbia Lines:29 Added:09/14/2014

Law enforcement confiscation of personal property without due process is a deplorable practice, as is the use of fines and court fees to raise revenue to operate municipal governments.

When law enforcement and courts are invited to generate revenue to support operations, they run the risk of losing sight of their fundamental goal of ensuring quality of life for all. As The Post's reporting reveals, police and courts have become financially self-interested parties in our system to the detriment of justice. I hope that The Post's coverage leads to reflection about these practices and change that returns law enforcement and courts to their core missions.

Sue Monahan, Monmouth, Ore.


36 US DC: PUB LTE: Forfeiting Rights Along With CashFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Russell, James G. Area:District of Columbia Lines:32 Added:09/14/2014

It is astounding that, under civil forfeiture laws, the police can seize anyone's cash, automobile or house by claiming that these assets relate to criminal activity and then dare the victim to go to considerable expense and effort to get his or her property back.

The best targets for this scam are transients, since it would be very inconvenient for them to return to the site of the seizure as the legal process drags on, and the poor, since after the seizure they do not have the assets to hire a lawyer.

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37 US NY: LTE: Marijuana And FootballFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Pasachoff, Jay M. Area:New York Lines:28 Added:09/14/2014

To the Editor:

Re "The N.F.L.'s Absurd Marijuana Policy" (Op-Ed, Sept. 9): The retired tight end Nate Jackson describes the daily pain of football players, and asks that they be allowed to self-medicate with marijuana. I reach a different conclusion: Football is too violent.

People should not be allowed to assault one another physically, even on a gridiron in front of tens of thousands. The rest of us shouldn't watch such mayhem.

Williamstown, Mass., Sept. 9, 2014


38 US PA: Philadelphia Nears Deal To Ease Marijuana LawsFri, 12 Sep 2014
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Gabriel, Trip Area:Pennsylvania Lines:85 Added:09/14/2014

People in Philadelphia caught with small amounts of marijuana or smoking it in public may soon face no more than a written citation and a modest fine as the City Council moved Thursday to decriminalize the drug after a reversal by Mayor Michael A. Nutter.

The mayor, who had scoffed at arguments that black men are unfairly targeted in arrests involving marijuana, announced his support of decriminalization this week. He had declined to sign a bill the Council passed in June, saying it needed more study.

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39US MN: Pot Research In Minnesota Meets Jungle Of Red TapeThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Minneapolis Star-Tribune (MN) Author:Brooks, Jennifer Area:Minnesota Lines:Excerpt Added:09/14/2014

It Took Four Years to Obtain Approval for One Pain Study.

Within a year, patients will be lining up to buy medical marijuana legally in Minnesota.

But for the state's scientists, it's still a struggle to do basic research into the plant's medicinal properties.

Kalpna Gupta, a professor of medicine at the University of Minnesota, spent four years entangled in federal paperwork before winning approval to study whether vaporized cannabis was an effective pain relief treatment for patients with sickle cell disease. The research itself will take another four years.

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40 US IL: PUB LTE: Make Medical Pot Readily AccessibleThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Southtown Star (Tinley Park, IL) Author:Gierach, James E. Area:Illinois Lines:39 Added:09/12/2014

You would think that medical marijuana was contagious to hear Chicago aldermen talk about an appropriate zoning district for the location of its dispensaries.

Instead of thinking so hard about where medical marijuana should not be available, aldermen should swallow hard, forget the foolish historic prohibition of marijuana and allow medical marijuana to be sold anywhere that other medicines are sold.

Sick people are not benefited by making it inconvenient, if not difficult, to visit a business that will sell a substance that helps people suffering from cancer, chemotherapy, AIDS and other serious illnesses.

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41 China: Australians Facing The Death Penalty In China For DrugThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) Author:Wen, Philip Area:China Lines:48 Added:09/12/2014

BEIJING: A number of Australians are facing the death penalty in China after being charged with serious drug offences.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said an unspecified number of Australians had been detained, but it would not reveal any further detail on specific cases.

"We are aware that a number of Australians have been detained in China on serious drug charges," it said. "These individuals are receiving appropriate consular assistance."

Government sources would not say how many Australians had been arrested but that a "number" of Australians have been charged over drug offences since late last year, although they had not yet been through the full judicial process.

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42 US CA: Attorney Convicted In Drug Scheme Against PTA VolunteerWed, 10 Sep 2014
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Flores, Adolfo Area:California Lines:63 Added:09/12/2014

An Irvine attorney was convicted Wednesday of having a PTA volunteer falsely imprisoned in a drug bust that was part of a revenge scheme.

Kent Easter, 40, was convicted of one felony count of false imprisonment by deceit in a retrial of the case, the Orange County district attorney's office said. A judge declared a mistrial in Easter's first trial in 2013 after jurors reported that they were deadlocked 11 to 1 in favor of convicting.

During the previous trial prosecutors argued that Easter and his wife sought revenge because they felt the volunteer did not bring out their son quickly enough when they came to his grade school to pick him up.

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43 US CA: Two Killed In Robbery Of Marijuana-Growing Operation InMon, 08 Sep 2014
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Flores, Adolfo Area:California Lines:54 Added:09/12/2014

An apparent robbery of a marijuana-growing operation in Fresno resulted in a fatal gunfight Thursday that left two suspects dead and a 15-year-old girl being used as a human shield by fleeing robbers.

Two of the alleged gunmen who broke into the house in south Fresno are in custody and three remain at large, said Lt. Louis Hernandez with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies were called to the house in the 5100 block of South Orange Avenue about 4:10 a.m., initially for a report of a prowler. The suspects identified themselves as law enforcement to the residents of the house, Hernandez said, but the residents didn't believe them.

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44 US PA: PUB LTE: Old Attitudes About Marijuana Should BeWed, 10 Sep 2014
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Rapp, Ken Area:Pennsylvania Lines:37 Added:09/12/2014

Imagine something that might make you feel irritable or depressed, talkative or confused ... giving you illusions (delusions?) of grandeur, and even paranoia. Am I thinking about marijuana? No, I'm thinking religion!

Writer Dan Lyons, who often lectures the rest of us on his perceived religious certainties, lays out a pretty paranoid view of marijuana usage (letter, "Confusion persists about dangers of marijuana," Sept. 9). It can make you hungry or thirsty ... oh, the horror! It affects your central nervous system! (So does a good cup of coffee.)

[continues 109 words]

45 CN PI: LTE: No Mention Of Other CostsWed, 10 Sep 2014
Source:Guardian, The (CN PI) Author:Naylor, Gary Area:Prince Edward Island Lines:42 Added:09/12/2014

Editor: I am writing with regard to MP Sean Casey's recently announced stance in favour of decriminalizing marijuana.

The interview on Compass last week was lawyer-like in content, stressing only one side of an argument, namely the early results of Colorado's recent legalization, $77 million in tax revenues and the seeming disappearance of criminal gang involvement in the marijuana portion of the drug trade.

As an MP I feel you had an obligation to also have stressed, but utterly failed to do so, that of course a substantial portion of that $77 million in taxes as well as the cost of the marijuana would have come from individuals dependent on the drug to the point that the welfare of their families in terms of food, rent and mortgages may have suffered; that many of the now more numerous 'users' would go on to harder drugs in which the criminal element "would" be involved, and that no doubt as the health-care system on P.E.I. has found, many of these users would become addicts who seek the help of expensive counseling and medicinal drugs in recovery attempts.

[continues 66 words]

46 US GA: Column: Marijuana Legalization Has Many BenefitsTue, 09 Sep 2014
Source:Barrow County News (GA) Author:Dunlap, Stanley Area:Georgia Lines:84 Added:09/12/2014

"Reefer Madness" was a 1930's propaganda style film extolling the dangers of marijuana.

The film has become infamous for its overdramatic portrayal that the drug would lead to chaos for its users. Decades later the rationale behind the effects of marijuana tends to be less extreme, but those people against its legalization should realize it's only a matter of time before other states decriminalize the substance.

The states of Washington and Colorado have become the lab rats for studying the legalization of pot. So far, chaos has not ensued. The latest news out of Colorado regarding marijuana was that the state could be missing out on $21.5 million in taxes because of too high taxes and fees (more government regulation), according to Fox31 Denver.

[continues 460 words]

47 Canada: Health Group Calls For Pot-Policy ReviewWed, 10 Sep 2014
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Curry, Bill Area:Canada Lines:94 Added:09/12/2014

Government-Funded Organization Seeks 'Evidence to Inform the Discussion on Legislative Change,' As Parties Take Sides on Legalization

The Health Canada-funded Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse is calling for a broad review of marijuana policy, including a closer look at the impact of legalization south of the border in Colorado and Washington.

The centre says there is "momentum for policy change" when it comes to marijuana and wants Ottawa to fund an independent study of the economic and social effects of potential reforms, including decriminalization and legalization.

[continues 559 words]

48 US CT: LTE: Wall St. Will Exploit Evils Of MarijuanaWed, 10 Sep 2014
Source:Day, The (New London,CT) Author:Ezell, William H. Area:Connecticut Lines:34 Added:09/12/2014

Is it worth the risk to lose a precious child to the use of marijuana? This question is raised by the Sept. 2 story, "Will traffic deaths rise as states legalize pot?"

I applaud The Day for keeping the pot issue going, as it has by quoting several other reliable experts, since Judy Benson's front-page report, "Group urges wariness amid marijuana push: 'We need to stop this train'," (June 18).

This may hopefully make Day's readers aware of the increasing pot dangers, especially as evil "Big Marijuana" interests may start lobbying the state, even before the gubernatorial elections in November.

[continues 61 words]

49 US FL: Florida A Step Closer To Medical MarijuanaWed, 10 Sep 2014
Source:Palm Beach Post, The (FL) Author:Kennedy, John Area:Florida Lines:85 Added:09/12/2014

Barring Lawsuits, New Rule May Take Effect Late October.

TALLAHASSEE - State health officials Tuesday started the countdown clock on a proposed rule governing the production and sale of a medical marijuana strain approved earlier this year by the Florida Legislature.

The Health Department has worked most of the summer on the needed rule and made the latest changes following a final public hearing last Friday. Barring a possible legal challenge, the rule could be ready to take effect by late October.

[continues 492 words]

50 CN ON: Politics, Pot Smoking On Agenda At HempfestThu, 11 Sep 2014
Source:Northern Times, The (CN ON) Author:Aube, Benjamin Area:Ontario Lines:123 Added:09/12/2014

MOONBEAM- There was laughter, tears and the occasional cloud of smoke at Hempfest 2014 in Moonbeam earlier this month.

And though there was plenty of beer on hand, this party was BYOB: Bring your own bong.

In a large hall inside festival organizer Robert "Willy Jack" Neron's home in Moonbeam, live music and dancing kept around 100 people entertained throughout the weekend. Outside, dozens of tents lined the premises.

Usually held in Sault Ste. Marie, Neron explained the path the festival took to get back to his hometown of Moonbeam.

[continues 869 words]

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