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1 US: The Great Pot ExperimentMon, 25 May 2015
Source:Time Magazine (US) Author:Barcott, Bruce Area:United States Lines:405 Added:05/25/2015

Yasmin Hurd raises rats on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that will blow your mind.

Though they look normal, their lives are anything but, and not just because of the pricey real estate they call home on the 10th floor of a research building near Mount Sinai Hospital. For skeptics of the movement to legalize marijuana, the rodents are canaries in the drug-policy coal mine. For defenders of legalization, they are curiosities. But no one doubts that something is happening in the creatures' trippy little brains.

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2 US CO: Column: Hemp And The Woolly Mammoth's Hair PieceThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Boulder Weekly (CO) Author:Rucker, Leland Area:Colorado Lines:94 Added:05/22/2015

It's no secret that hemp is one of the most misunderstood plants in history. For centuries, it has been used by all kinds of people for all kinds of things - clothing to car construction, bioplastics to building supplies, food to fuel.

Though it was grown by the Founding Fathers, was a major crop in the U.S. for many years and doesn't contain enough THC to get people "high," it was blacklisted along with marijuana in 1937 and later listed as a Schedule One drug under the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, at least in part because the federal government couldn't tell the difference between the two plants.

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3 US CA: Column: Ban On The RunThu, 21 May 2015
Source:North Coast Journal (Arcata, CA) Author:Scott-Goforth, Grant Area:California Lines:76 Added:05/22/2015

The Lake County town of Clearlake has backed off of its marijuana cultivation ban following public backlash and a lawsuit filed by one of the city's former mayors.

Clearlake was one of the few municipalities in the state to ban cultivation (several counties ban growing as well) and it had become a contentious topic; Lake County's struggles with marijuana regulation were reported in the Los Angeles Times last year.

The Press Democrat reports that the Clearlake city council had adopted the ban - despite the fact that it already had a law limiting parcels to between six and 12 plants - to combat illegal grows. Medical marijuana advocates said it deprived people of medicine and, besides, the city wasn't enforcing its current limits.

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4 US CA: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Hasn't Made It DisappearThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Chico Enterprise-Record (CA) Author:Bergstrom, Jay Area:California Lines:44 Added:05/22/2015

Proposition A upheld, slam dunk, weed is gone!

Why is this substance illegal? It has nothing to do with promoting the general welfare, but instead the federal government's intent is to subjugate minorities.

The drug war is nothing more than a jobs salvation/creation program necessitated by the end of alcohol prohibition. All those prohibition agents needed work. The drug prohibition gained a life of its own and is now a crowded gravy train.

While the promoters of prohibition proudly carry their tired flag and cross, the truth has become clear to all but those who will not see - that once again, our government has promulgated a big fib.

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5 US CO: Column: I Need Some Good Edibles RecipesThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Westword (Denver, CO) Author:Fuego, Herbert Area:Colorado Lines:63 Added:05/22/2015

Dear Stoner: Do you have any good infused product recipes that require smaller amounts of pot? I'm looking for a mentor in making pot edibles and dabs.


Dear Mckenzy: If you don't want to pay for classes on extraction or cooking with cannabis, there are plenty of recipes to help you whip up something quick and strong on a budget.

For starters, infusing small batches of peanut butter, cooking oil or hot chocolate is an easy process. Mix a couple grams of fine herb into a half-jar of all-natural peanut butter, put it in the oven for about 35 minutes at 280 degrees, and have pot PB&Js for lunch. Simmer a cup of olive oil with a quarter-ounce of chronic for over an hour, and you'll have a healthy alternative to butter for use in all sorts of half-baked goods. Or empty out a tea bag, fill it with finely ground pot and simmer it in a few cups of whole milk for forty minutes, then stir in some hot-cocoa mix. You won't notice the difference - until your eyes glaze over.

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6 US CA: Column: Roll And StrollThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Sacramento News & Review (CA) Author:Bealum, Ngaio Area:California Lines:66 Added:05/22/2015

I like taking my medicine in the form of a joint while walking around the block. It gets me thinking, though: Is it legal to do that as long as I'm a patient? Where are places I can smoke if I can't smoke at my apartment?

- -Juan DeRoor

A little exercise, a little medicine. You sound like a health-minded person. According to California law, medical cannabis patients are allowed to consume cannabis anywhere tobacco consumption is allowed, except for a moving vehicle, so a walk around the block is a great idea. Be aware that some cities have designated entire areas as "smoke-free zones," mostly in the chichi downtown spots (looking at you, Walnut Creek), so if you aren't paying attention, you could get a ticket. But in general, although you may get a few odd looks and maybe a knowing smile or two, a good walk and a good weed go a long way toward creating a good day.

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7 US CA: Column: City Attorney Declares War on McDrugs in theThu, 21 May 2015
Source:SF Weekly (CA) Author:Roberts, Chris Area:California Lines:118 Added:05/22/2015

I'm eating in a McDonald's for the first time in years. I'm here looking for drugs.

To enter the Haight Ashbury's most dangerous business, I must run a gauntlet at the door. A quick sidestep is needed to avoid bumping into three unattended young children bounding out into the Saturday evening sunlight, presumably in the throes of a salt-and-fat rush.

Inside, the L-shaped dining room is half-empty. A few people stand by the bathrooms; older solitary men nurse cups of coffee and shuffle through newspapers at tables near the service counter. Scanning the menu, I try to remember what Michael Pollan - or was it Eric Schlosser? - said is acceptable to eat here. I opt for small fries, and $1.95 later I'm seated on a plastic stool at a plastic table, ready to observe a hotbed for drug sales and violence in action.

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8 US NJ: Column: Desperation of the Disenfranchised Will Hit aFri, 22 May 2015
Source:Trentonian, The (NJ) Author:Forchion, Ed Area:New Jersey Lines:129 Added:05/22/2015

I woke up today feeling extremely good (more on that in next week's major announcement). While that may not be news to some it is to those close to me. I've been miserable for the last couple years; I admit, I fake happiness all the time. I exhibit cheesy smiles, fraudulent greetings, and I hold back on foul thoughts. I'm not happy with what happened with my life. It just isn't where I thought it would be, my relationships with my kids aren't where I thought they would be maybe I've been too obsessed with destroying the MJ laws, but they destroyed me first: I attribute most of my misery to the asinine marijuana laws and the idiotic enforcement of them, which everyone also knows I've fallen victim to a few times but I have everyday issues that affect my persona to the core as well. In my Nov. 6, 2014, column I even wrote "Suicide Is Not a Crazy Option."

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9 US CO: Marijuana And School FailureThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Gazette, The (Colorado Springs, CO) Author:Murray, David W. Area:Colorado Lines:113 Added:05/22/2015

The dose makes the poison. - Paracelsus

Millennials are the strongest advocates for legalizing marijuana, but they may be paving their own pathway to a problematic educational future through their political support.

Photo - Students walk to and from classes on the campus quad of the University of Colorado, in Boulder, Colo., Monday April 20, 2015. The University of Colorado was open to the public on this 4/20 marijuana holiday for the first time in three years. The university has blocked public access in recent years in an effort to snuff mass smokeouts to mark the unofficial marijuana celebration.

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10 US CA: PUB LTE: Stop ComplainingFri, 22 May 2015
Source:San Francisco Chronicle (CA) Author:Burton, Vernon Area:California Lines:24 Added:05/22/2015

Regarding "Legal pot's big issue: what about schoolkids?" (May 20): Here we go again. Every time the issue of legalizing marijuana comes up, we get the bogus, hand-wringing about "the children." We are awash in liquor stores and bars on practically every street corner. But somehow, the nervous nellies seem to shrug and the children seem to survive. It is time for those self-appointed, guardians of our youth to redirect their energy toward something like homelessness, hunger, and police brutality. Like gay marriage (something else they opposed), pot legalization is here to stay.

Vernon Burton, San Leandro


11 US CA: Calif. Supreme Court Rejects Pot AppealFri, 22 May 2015
Source:Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)          Area:California Lines:33 Added:05/22/2015

The state Supreme Court this week summarily denied an appeal filed by Yuba Patients Coalition and six individuals challenging the urgency designation attached to Yuba County's new marijuana cultivation ordinance.

The state's highest court Wednesday posted the notice a petition for review and an application for a stay in enforcement of the ordinance was denied.

The ruling was the latest in a series of appeals filed by ordinance opponents challenging a Yuba County Superior Court ruling that left the urgency designation intact. That designation effectively removed opponents' ability to circulate petitions for a voter referendum.

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12 US CA: Concern About Legal Pot Minors Aired CaliforniaWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Manteca Bulletin (CA)          Area:California Lines:72 Added:05/21/2015

OAKLAND (AP) - Members of a commission led by California's lieutenant governor said Tuesday that legalizing the recreational use of marijuana could generate enough tax revenue to fund drug education and counseling centers at every high school in the state, a potential upside that should be seriously considered as activists work to put a pot-legalization initiative before voters next year.

Meeting at a youth center in a part of East Oakland scarred by violence, poverty and addiction, the panel held a public discussion on the issue that could make or break a legalization campaign in the nation's top pot-producing state: concerns about keeping the drug out of the hands of minors and young adults once it can be purchased as easily as a six-pack of beer. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the commission's chairman, acknowledged that crafting a system of retail sales and regulations that satisfies fearful parents will be a tough sell.

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13 US CA: Sonoma County Fairgrounds Takes New Tack on MarijuanaWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Press Democrat, The (Santa Rosa, CA) Author:Johnson, Julie Area:California Lines:113 Added:05/21/2015

Sonoma County Fairgrounds officials have scaled back the marijuana trade show events to be held at the Santa Rosa event center in 2015, bringing back an event with North Coast origins but passing over the Cannabis Cup run by international event powerhouse High Times magazine.

The homegrown Emerald Cup will return to the fairgrounds event center in December for its third run in Santa Rosa as a fair celebrating organic marijuana grown outdoors. Organizers are expecting bigger crowds but are also restricting it to adults for the first time.

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14US AZ: Anti-Pot Campaign CriticizedThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) Author:Sanchez, Yvonne Wingett Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:05/21/2015

A Prescott Valley anti-drug group is drawing fire for using money seized by law enforcement to warn about the dangers of marijuana.

The criticism comes from supporters of a proposed ballot measure to legalize the drug, who are also raising legal questions about the line between educating and campaigning.

Matforce, a non-profit organization, has received $110,612 in government-seized racketeering money over the past five years to educate the public about the harmful effects of marijuana, methamphetamine and other drugs. The group advocates against the legalization of marijuana using other funds, including private donations.

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15 US DC: PUB LTE: A Workaround for Pot Regulation in the DistrictThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Smith, Walter Area:District of Columbia Lines:42 Added:05/21/2015

The city is missing out on tax revenue.

As the May 18 front-page article "Legal pot in the District is a boon for illegal dealers" reported, D.C. voters' determination to legalize marijuana possession through Initiative 71 is having significant unintended consequences. Because residents can legally use and possess marijuana but can't legally buy it, the illegal drug trade has increased and the city is missing out on the tax revenue it would receive if the sales were regulated.

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16 US NY: How To Roll A JointSun, 24 May 2015
Source:New York Times Magazine (NY) Author:Wollan, Malia Area:New York Lines:61 Added:05/21/2015

After he sold his cable-television firm for $18 million in 1999, Bruce Nassau was a wealthy man looking for a new industry.

He wanted to invest in a product with broad consumer appeal.

Eventually, he settled on marijuana. "I'm an old guy in this business," says Nassau, 62, the chief executive of Tru Cannabis, a company with five marijuana dispensaries in the Denver area and plans to expand within Colorado and to four other states.

Last year, the company's sales reached $10 million.

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17US AK: Public Invited to Weigh in on First Draft of AlaskaThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Alaska Dispatch News (AK) Author:Andrews, Laurel Area:Alaska Lines:Excerpt Added:05/21/2015

The public can now weigh in on Alaska's first round of proposed marijuana regulations.

Local option law and marijuana definitions are the focus of the first wave of regulations, unveiled at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board's meeting in April.

The proposed definitions include basics like what constitutes a "marijuana plant" and "edible marijuana product," but also what it means to "possess" a plant or help someone grow marijuana.

The definition of possession could affect how many plants are allowed per household. Under Ballot Measure 2, the initiative that legalized marijuana in the state, a person is allowed to possess six marijuana plants. But under the proposed regulations, if marijuana plants are in a person's home, they are potentially in that person's possession, regardless of the number of residents. That would mean only six plants would be allowed in the home, instead of six plants per adult living there.

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18US AK: Column: How Can Alaska Fill a Control Board Seat forThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Alaska Dispatch News (AK) Author:Woodham, Scott Area:Alaska Lines:Excerpt Added:05/21/2015

This week, David asks a two-part question:

I have read the initiative along with the newly passed H.B. 123. I have gone over again and again, and I have yet to see any writing prohibiting a marijuana business from starting before the state starts issuing cannabis business licenses. If anything, I see that it says that a person can, so long as they are 21 or older, act as a lawful business. (Also) H.B. 123 states that one seat on the board is reserved for "one person actively engaged in the marijuana industry," and "marijuana industry" means "a business or profession related to marijuana in which the person is lawfully engaged and that is in compliance with the provisions of state law, including this chapter and regulations adopted under this chapter." How can someone qualify for this seat if what (authorities) talk about is true and no marijuana business can be lawfully engaged at this moment?

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19 US MA: PUB LTE: The Real Drug ProblemThu, 21 May 2015
Source:Valley Advocate (Easthampton, MA) Author:Burns, Charlotte Area:Massachusetts Lines:53 Added:05/21/2015

We've heard lots of lip service from Governor Baker about the need to do something about drug addiction. I heard something shocking. There's a peanut factory in Springfield which employs mostly pre-release prison inmates. While this seems like pure altruism on the surface, it looks to me like the same old exploitation routine. Keep our jails full of folks with minor drug offenses, and then use them for cheap labor, displacing regular workers with full pay and benefits. I knew they were using "slave" prison labor down south to keep costs down, but I had no idea Massachusetts got in on the act.

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20 US OR: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Has Helped American HeroesWed, 20 May 2015
Source:East Oregonian (Pendleton, OR) Author:Cronin, Jerry Area:Oregon Lines:65 Added:05/21/2015

"American Sniper" was ranked the No. 1 movie in United States for the week of Dec. 17 through Dec. 23, 2014, when competition for this top listing is intense.

This is an excerpt from the magazine, Salon:

"In his best-selling memoir, 'American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History,' Navy SEAL Chris Kyle writes that he was only two weeks into his first of four tours of duty in Iraq when he was confronted with a difficult choice. Through the scope of his .300 Winchester Magnum rifle, he saw a woman with a child pull a grenade from under her clothes as several Marines approached. Kyle's job was to provide 'overwatch,' meaning that he was perched in or on top of bombed-out apartment buildings and was responsible for preventing enemy fighters from ambushing U.S. troops."

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21 US PA: PUB LTE: Pharmaceutical Companies Don't Want MedicalWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Patriot-News, The (PA) Author:Groff, Michael Area:Pennsylvania Lines:38 Added:05/21/2015

I will admit that I am a cynic, but that was thrust upon me by the circumstances of life and our government.

Someone once wrote or said, "Don't argue with a cynic because all of the evidence is on their side." I watched a news broadcast recently where a House representative said they have never legalized a drug not backed by the Food and Drug Administration. Let us take that a few steps further. The FDA will not legalize a drug that the American Medical Association does not want, and the AMA will not OK a drug that the large pharmaceutical companies do not want. They would lose a huge source of revenue.

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22US CA: Forum Explores Pot Use Among YouthWed, 20 May 2015
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA) Author:Richman, Josh Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:05/21/2015

Newsom Task Force, Others Debate Merits of Drug's Legalization

OAKLAND - As Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom's marijuana commission explores how best to tackle legalization of the weed, everyone agrees protecting California's youth is paramount.

They just can't agree on the best way to do it. Some commissioners at a public forum Tuesday at the Youth Uprising neighborhood hub in East Oakland - a community wracked both by illegal drugs and the government's effort to control them - believe legalization is better than an unacceptable status quo. They argued that "just say no" programs haven't stemmed drug use by youth - and that suspending or expelling users from school and shunting them into the juvenile justice system often dooms their futures.

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23CN SN: Dream Of Marijuana Lounge Goes Up In SmokeTue, 19 May 2015
Source:StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Author:Trembath, Sean Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:05/21/2015

A collection of Volcano vaporizers were fired up, filling plastic bags with THC-laden gulps of air. Patrons passed the bags around, taking in the substance many call medicine. The distinctive odour of marijuana hung in the air.

Jeffrey Lundstrom, the owner of the Lounge in the Loft, Saskatoon's only marijuana vapour lounge, said goodbye to the business with one last "smoke-out" Saturday night.

According to Lundstrom, he received inspection notices from the city's community services branch, the fire department and Saskatoon Health Region on May 11. Rather than go through a process he felt would likely end up with the business' closure, he chose to end it on his own terms.

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24 US CA: PUB LTE: Vasquez RecallWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA) Author:Quinn, Christopher Area:California Lines:40 Added:05/21/2015

It's not about commercial grows. It's about democracy and our rights to voice our opinions and be heard. Not to have a public official in office who by past reports doesn't know how to interact with the community as displayed. You are not the voice of District 1 - we are.

I urge everyone I know to sign any form to recall Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez. Illegal grows will not stop due to a ordinance passed in bad faith. It will just make you, a patient, a criminal like the illegal cartels in their eyes if you do grow.

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25 US CA: County Concerned With Marijuana BillsWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Porterville Recorder (CA)          Area:California Lines:60 Added:05/21/2015

Tulare County Supervisors Tuesday adopted what they termed "medical marijuana policy principles" in response to a slew of bills bouncing around Sacramento that could change the current laws governing the use and cultivation of marijuana in the state.

Debbie Vaughn with the Chief Administrator's Office told the board a committee had recently surveyed all the bills being talked about in the state Legislature and noted, "the belief is there will be some ballot measures in the next election."

The purpose was to keep the county up-to-date on what is being considered so it can react to any serious legislation.

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26 US CT: Lack Of Research Clouds Medical Marijuana DebateWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Middletown Press, The (CT) Author:Schassler, Kathleen Area:Connecticut Lines:96 Added:05/21/2015

Yale Professor: Safety, THC Content, Expanding Use at Issue

MIDDLETOWN - Since the federal government historically has obstructed scientific research of marijuana, there's an absence of highquality evidence, just as many states, including Connecticut, already have rolled out the red carpet to the fast-growing medical marijuana industry.

It's a Catch 22, according to Dr. Deepak C. D'Souza, a Yale professor-psychiatrist and member of the Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians.

"In the absence of gold-standard evidence, what is the bar for legalization?" D'Souza asked Tuesday at the Middlesex County Substance Abuse Action Council's spring forum.

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27US NV: Several Arrested At Weed MeetingWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV) Author:Hartley, Eric Area:Nevada Lines:Excerpt Added:05/21/2015

Police, Federal Agents Disrupt Pot Education Convention

Las Vegas police and federal agents arrested 10 people and seized drugs over the weekend at Hempcon, a marijuana education convention at the Cashman Center.

People who were there described seeing police dogs around the event, as well as officers on the roof of the building, apparently looking for people smoking marijuana.

The arrests outraged event organizers, and some attendees said they left medical marijuana patients frightened as Nevada's first legal dispensaries prepare to open.

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28 US WA: Column: What We Should Ban in Seattle Parks Instead ofWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Seattle Weekly (WA) Author:Stusser, Michael A. Area:Washington Lines:100 Added:05/21/2015

Manspreaders? Screaming Kids? There Are Plenty of Options.

Anytime I go to a dive bar or pool hall or rock-'n'-roll show, in the back of my mind it feels like there's something missing. It's not the booze or long-lost jukeboxes, it's not the condom vending machines, filthy bathrooms, or obnoxious, aging, bandana-wearing Axl Rose doppelgaengers. So what exactly is it? Smoke! I'm missing the damn cigarette smoke that for so long provided a hazy backdrop of second-hand nostalgia.

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29 US CO: Column: Cannabis Discounts Last, Canna Meds Expands andWed, 20 May 2015
Source:Colorado Springs Independent (CO) Author:Crawford, Bryce Area:Colorado Lines:71 Added:05/21/2015

It's cheap medicine, too

If you missed out on last weekend's grand-opening celebration of Big Medicine Cannabissary (2909 N. El Paso St., bigmedicinecannabissary.com), fear not - the discounts continue. Center reps say that through the end of the month, customers can expect 20 percent off all edibles; four-gram eighths for $20; $125 ounces for bottom- and middle-tier bud; grams of shatter for $25 or two grams for $40; and one oil cartridge for $20 or two for $30.

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30 US CA: Column: Move Over BritannicaWed, 20 May 2015
Source:East Bay Express (CA) Author:Downs, David Area:California Lines:105 Added:05/21/2015

It's Time for the Cannabis Encyclopedia. a Q&A With Weed Author Jorge Cervantes (aka George Van Patten).

The world's cannabis cultivators, their friends, and loved ones have a new, essential reference: The Cannabis Encyclopedia, released April 20 online and in stores worldwide.

This large-format, 596-page, full-color gardening book has 2,000 images and retails for $50. It's written by iconic author and Sonoma resident Jorge Cervantes (aka George Van Patten) - a former cultivation editor for High Times magazine.

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31 US CA: PUB LTE: Hypocrisy Of ProhibitionMon, 18 May 2015
Source:San Bernardino Sun (CA) Author:Soares, Susan Area:California Lines:33 Added:05/20/2015

It's past time to end marijuana prohibition in California. How did we become the state that sits back and learns from other states, as Gov. Jerry Brown counseled on "Meet the Press?"

I love California because it's mostly a progressive, forward-leaning, trend-setting place to live, but our leader's position on legalizing marijuana is so 1970s.

Marijuana prohibition is hypocritical at best. Our kids know that and we know that. Who really thinks that marijuana is worse than alcohol? Our federal government thinks it's worse than heroin. I've never met anyone that believes that is true. In fact, the United States, through the Department of Health and Human Services, owns a patent on cannabinoids (active compounds in marijuana).

The question people need to ask themselves is why would our government want to keep this plant out of our hands. Do a little research and then get out and vote in 2016.

Susan Soares, Los Angeles


32 US CA: Vasquez to Constituents: 'Don't Be Fooled!'Tue, 19 May 2015
Source:Appeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA) Author:Vodden, Eric Area:California Lines:43 Added:05/20/2015

Yuba County Supervisor Andy Vasquez submitted a two-sentence formal response to the effort to recall him from office by opponents to the county's latest marijuana growing ordinance.

Vasquez, whose response filed with county election officials must be part of any circulated recall petitions, delivers a simple, but direct message to potential signers: "Don't be fooled! If you sign this petition, you're supporting large marijuana growers," Vasquez's signed, formal statement reads.

The statement filed last week came after election officials verified at least 20 of 44 signatures signing the "intent to recall notice" are of registered voters within Vasquez's 1st district. Vasquez was initially served with a recall notice last month during a public hearing on the county's new tighter marijuana cultivation ordinance.

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33US CO: Ceiling HempTue, 19 May 2015
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Raabe, Steve Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:05/20/2015

Farmer Plans to Process Stalks for Insulation

Colorado's nascent hemp industry may get a boost from a grower's plan to use hemp stalks for insulation. Baca County farmer Ryan Loflin said Monday he has formed a partnership with Hollis, Okla.-based Western Fibers for combining processed hemp stalks with recycled newspapers and cardboard to create wall and ceiling insulation.

Hemp is genetically related to marijuana but contains little or no THC, the psychoactive substance in marijuana. Hemp has dozens of uses in food, cosmetics, clothing and industrial materials.

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34US CO: Law Firm Sponsors Du Professorship For Pot LawTue, 19 May 2015
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Baca, Ricardo Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:05/20/2015

A Denver law firm that focuses on cannabis law has sponsored the University of Denver's law school with a three-year, $45,000 professorship for marijuana law and policy.

The university's Sturm College of Law professor Sam Kamin will be the first Vicente Sederberg Professor of Marijuana Law and Policy. Denver-based law firm Vicente Sederberg LLC has committed $15,000 per year for three years to the professorship, which they say is the first of its kind in the world.

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35 US DC: Legal Pot in the District Is a Boon for Illegal DealersMon, 18 May 2015
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Cox, John Woodrow Area:District of Columbia Lines:237 Added:05/20/2015

Not long ago, a man who had covertly dealt pot in the nation's capital for three decades approached a young political operative at a birthday party in a downtown Washington steakhouse.

He was about to test a fresh marketing strategy to take advantage of the District's peculiar new marijuana law, which allows people to possess and privately consume the drug but provides them no way to legally buy it for recreational use. Those contradictions have created a surge in demand and new opportunities for illicit pot purveyors.

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36 US: Defense Says Drug Site Reduced Users' RisksTue, 19 May 2015
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Weiser, Benjamin Area:United States Lines:91 Added:05/20/2015

The already novel criminal case against Ross W. Ulbricht, the recently convicted founder of the website Silk Road, has taken yet another unusual turn.

Mr. Ulbricht could face life in prison when he is sentenced on May 29 in Federal District Court in Manhattan for his role in running Silk Road, a once-thriving black market for the sale of heroin, cocaine, LSD and other drugs. And although prosecutors have not yet said what length of sentence they will seek for Mr. Ulbricht, 31, they have told Mr. Ulbricht's lawyers that they intend to introduce evidence of six overdose deaths attributable to drugs bought from vendors on Silk Road, according to a recent defense filing.

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37 US: Makings Of A New HeroinTue, 19 May 2015
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:McNeil, Donald G. Jr. Area:United States Lines:149 Added:05/20/2015

All over the world, the heavy heads of opium poppies are nodding gracefully in the wind - long stalks dressed in orange or white petals topped by a fright wig of stamens. They fill millions of acres in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Laos and elsewhere. Their payload - the milky opium juice carefully scraped off the seed pods - yields morphine, an excellent painkiller easily refined into heroin.

But very soon, perhaps within a year, the poppy will no longer be the only way to produce heroin's raw ingredient. It will be possible for drug companies, or drug traffickers, to brew it in yeast genetically modified to turn sugar into morphine.

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38 Canada: PUB LTE: Anti-Reefer MadnessTue, 19 May 2015
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Canada Lines:31 Added:05/20/2015

Margaret Wente is right about marijuana prohibition being a bust in Canada (In The Weeds - Focus, May 16). Now that neighbouring U.S. states have legalized marijuana, Ottawa can no longer claim that Canada must uphold prohibition in order to maintain good diplomatic relations. Consider the U.S. experience: almost double the lifetime rate of marijuana use as the Netherlands, where marijuana has been legally available for decades. If the goal is to deter use,marijuana prohibition is a catastrophic failure.

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39 US CA: PUB LTE: Pot Ban Failed DeterrentTue, 19 May 2015
Source:Orange County Register, The (CA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:California Lines:41 Added:05/20/2015

If health outcomes determined drug laws instead of cultural norms, marijuana would be legal. Unlike alcohol, marijuana has never been shown to cause an overdose death, nor does it share the addictive properties of tobacco. Like any drug, marijuana can be harmful if abused. Criminal records are nonetheless inappropriate as health interventions and ineffective as deterrents.

The first marijuana laws were enacted in response to Mexican immigration during the early 1900s, against opposition from the American Medical Association. Despite warnings that marijuana inspired homicidal rage in minorities, Americans didn't begin smoking marijuana in significant numbers until after our federal government began funding reefer madness propaganda. There is no doubt that marijuana prohibition has failed as a deterrent.

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40 US CA: LTE: Not 'Most Dangerous,' Still DangerousTue, 19 May 2015
Source:Orange County Register, The (CA) Author:James, Walter Area:California Lines:37 Added:05/20/2015

Re: "Pot not among 'most dangerous' drugs" [Opinion, May 17]: The Register's position on marijuana reflects their back-door approach to the eventual legalization of recreational use of marijuana. While I don't disagree with their position on reclassifying this drug, they continually fail to point out the harm from the use of marijuana.

Here is a quote from the American Lung Association on the ills of marijuana: "Smoking marijuana clearly damages the human lung, and regular use leads to chronic bronchitis and can cause an immune-compromised person to be more susceptible to lung infections. No one should be exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke. Due to the risks it poses to lung health, the American Lung Association strongly cautioned the public against smoking marijuana as well as tobacco products. More research is needed into the effects of marijuana on health, especially lung health."

I believe the Register has a duty and responsibility to report all the facts and they're failing the public by remaining silent on the ills of this product.

Walter James

La Habra


41 CN BC: Fundraiser Will Help Provide Medical Cannabis For SickTue, 19 May 2015
Source:Penticton Herald (CN BC) Author:|, Susan McIver Area:British Columbia Lines:97 Added:05/20/2015

Rockn' for Kids, a fundraiser for sick kids in need of medical cannabis, will be held on Saturday afternoon at Orchard House, 157 Orchard Ave., in Penticton.

The event will be a fun afternoon for the whole family.

Live music by the Yardkatz, River Line and Forever should have everyone from small children to their grandparents on their feet dancing.

A dinner of pulled-pork or veggie burgers, complete with dessert is included in the $25 ticket and participants may come and go during the afternoon.

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42 CN BC: Column: Let's Play Crack Shack Whack-A-MoleThu, 14 May 2015
Source:Chilliwack Times (CN BC) Author:Henderson, Paul J. Area:British Columbia Lines:112 Added:05/19/2015

Let the game of crack shack whack-a-mole begin.

After a police bust of a well-known drug house next to Chilliwack secondary school last week, residents breathed a sigh of relief. And as arrests were made, other junkies and dealers-who tormented the area for years-cursed and gestured rudely at neighbours who watched them scurry away like cockroaches when the lights come on.

The issue of the so-called crack shack in a neighbourhood is not exclusive to downtown Chilliwack. This is a problem in every city to varying degrees.

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43 CN ON: Where There's Smoke ...Mon, 18 May 2015
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Helmer, Aedan Area:Ontario Lines:152 Added:05/19/2015

.. there's confusion, at least as far as pot laws are concerned

Two weeks have passed since Mayor Jim Watson took his well-publicized pot-shots at the BuzzOn lounge, the latest and most visible addition to the city's burgeoning marijuana industry.

But while Watson called on police to "enforce the laws if laws are being broken," police have said little publicly about the Montreal Rd. vape shop, where members pay a fee for the privilege to puff.

When asked where a vape lounge would rank in enforcement priorities- from street-level dealing to illegal grow-ops to illicit lounges- a police spokesman declined, saying, "... The matter is still under investigation and thus there will be no comments at this time."

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44 CN BC: PUB LTE: Time To Tax Legal MarijuanaFri, 15 May 2015
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:British Columbia Lines:39 Added:05/19/2015

Re: "Nelson grapples with pot dispensaries," May 8

Not only should medical marijuana be available in Nelson, but all adult use should be legal, taxed, and regulated. Marijuana prohibition is indefensible. Neighboring US states have legalized marijuana. Ottawa can no longer claim Canada must uphold marijuana prohibition in order to maintain good US relations. Consider the experience of Canada's southern neighbor. The US has almost double the lifetime rate of marijuana use as the Netherlands where marijuana has been legally available for decades.

[continues 113 words]

45 US FL: OPED: Clock's Ticking: 46 Years And Counting In Failed DrugMon, 18 May 2015
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL) Author:Cole, Jack A. Area:Florida Lines:97 Added:05/19/2015

War on Drugs needs a new strategy after 46 failed years, columnist says On Wednesday, March 4, Derek Cruice became the latest unarmed person to be shot to death in a U.S. drug raid staged to seize marijuana. This Volusia County Sheriff's raid succeeding in saving 217 grams (about half-a-pound) of that drug from being loosed on our streets and it only cost one human life.

Apparently, law enforcement doesn't think statistics on incidents such as these are worth keeping, so it is very hard to tell how many folks have been killed in the manner of Cruice. However, the CATO Institute a=C2=80" one of the only entities that does keep any such statistics a=C2=80"shows that between 1985 and 2010, SWAT team raids in the U.S. accounted for the deaths of 46 innocent people, 25 nonviolent offenders, and 30 law enforcers.

[continues 632 words]

46 US CA: PUB LTE: Time To Legalize PotMon, 18 May 2015
Source:San Bernardino Sun (CA) Author:Quintero, David Area:California Lines:35 Added:05/19/2015

Each day, physicians throughout America prescribe powerful opiates and often for lengthy periods without resulting in addiction. Shouldn't that put to rest the myth that pot is a detrimental, mind-altering drug ripe for abuse?

The parallel between our nation's prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s, and today's vehement opposition to pot is inescapable. It took 13 years of failure before our government finally, in 1933, came to its senses and repealed the 18th Amendment. So, like beer and wine, isn't it time to legalize pot?

[continues 96 words]

47 CN ON: The Buzz About The BudMon, 18 May 2015
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Helmer, Aedan Area:Ontario Lines:150 Added:05/19/2015

Whether you consider marijuana an illicit drug or a prescription medicine -- or something in between -- there's no denying the buzz the bud is creating.

And while police and city officials play political hot potato with the presence of vape lounges operating on the outskirts of the law, some new major pot players are entering the fray.

National Access Cannabis will open a satellite office on Wellington St. in June and Canadian Cannabis Clinics (CCC) will open its fourth Ontario location in a Montreal Rd. medical office building Tuesday.

[continues 813 words]

48 US CA: LTE: Just Say No To Legal DrugsMon, 18 May 2015
Source:San Bernardino Sun (CA) Author:Hull, Rebecca Area:California Lines:20 Added:05/19/2015

We don't need another recreational drug. As a teacher, I worry about mothers who choose to be stoned when pregnant. I've had several students whose mother's drank, smoked, or dropped cocaine while pregnant. They come to me with major behavior issues, unintelligible voices and an inability to grasp what I am teaching. How unfair is that?

Rebecca Hull, Altadena


49 US CA: PUB LTE: Regulating Marijuana Invades One's LibertiesMon, 18 May 2015
Source:San Bernardino Sun (CA) Author:Gavin, Eric R. Area:California Lines:30 Added:05/19/2015

I'm in favor of recreational marijuana for one reason: freedom. This is America, and wherever possible we should be free. The hardcore on either side of this issue will spin their respective tales of dread and drug cartels or extol cannabis as a miracle drug that can cure all of life's woes. None of that matters.

I don't smoke marijuana, but as long as it's not affecting me or mine, you and yours should be free to do what you want. Tobacco and alcohol are demonstrably more harmful and addictive, and yet you can buy both of these in the grocery store.

My freedom to abstain should not dictate your freedom to smoke or drink. Like alcohol, simply regulate who can purchase it, where and how old and be done with this issue.

Eric R. Gavin, Upland


50US CA: Legal, But Illegal - Pot Clubs Near City DeadlineTue, 19 May 2015
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA) Author:Giwargis, Ramona Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:05/19/2015

A Short Shelf Life? Less Than a Third of Collectives Following Rules: San Jose Urges Owners to Comply

SAN JOSE -- A year after San Jose officials adopted rules making it one of the state's largest cities to establish a framework allowing medical marijuana shops, city leaders are trying to cajole pot stores to meet compliance deadlines and residents to be patient.

Two deadlines loom: The adopted rules call for medical marijuana shops to meet the city's requirements by July 17.

[continues 931 words]

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