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1 US CA: LTE: Unhappy With EditingTue, 14 Jan 2016
Source:Chico News & Review, The (CA) Author:Esplanade, Nathan Area:California Lines:51 Added:06/14/2016

Re "Undermining the public's trust" (Guest comment, by Nathan Esplanade, Jan. 7):

Apparently to undermine my anti-alcohol and -marijuana guest comment last week, the CN&R changed and deleted some of my words and made others insensible, and completely omitted my conclusion.

In the same issue, the CN&R published more propaganda arguing legalizing pot would enable pain relief for the poor and enrich local governments. In so doing, it once again ignored the elephant in the room: Patients with a prescription can already acquire affordable medication via the Internet.

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2 US MT: LTE: No To MarijuanaSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Great Falls Tribune (MT) Author:Morgan, Joe Area:Montana Lines:29 Added:02/08/2016

There are people who are out gathering signatures to put on a ballot a bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use. I would like to point out one thing about legalizing marijuana for recreation: I believe anyone who has a methamphetamine addiction smoked marijuana first, and smoking marijuana leads to not just meth but all other addictive drugs.

I vote "no," and I choose not to sign this ballot bill signature-gathering initiative. I would hope most everyone would choose to do the same as I.

I feel it would cause a huge problem.

- - Joe Morgan,



3 US CA: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Is No Gateway DrugSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Tribune, The (San Luis Obispo, CA) Author:Anderson, Alan Area:California Lines:32 Added:02/08/2016

I read with interest Lon Allan's take on banning all marijuana growing, stores and mobile sales in Atascadero ("Atascadero's ban on marijuana, celebration of wine is a double standard," Jan. 26).

Him being the Luddite curmudgeon he has demonstrated and admitted to, I would expect no less. I guess he has no friends or associates who use medical marijuana for chronic pain or conditions. At least they don't admit it to him, because they fear his lecture on how using pot will lead them on to using heroin or crack cocaine for their arthritis or sciatica.

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4 US CA: Column: When Drugs Cloud Your VisionSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Daily Press (Victorville, CA) Author:Hunt, Steve Area:California Lines:75 Added:02/08/2016

I'm from the generation that fell in love with drugs, I'm sorry to say.

Timothy Leary implored us to "turn on, tune in and drop out." Some of my friends did that, though most of them later regretted it.

I've seen kids who didn't look a day over 10 stoned out of their minds at an Alice Cooper concert. I've seen grown men with good careers throw them all away because they got hooked on cocaine. I've seen young and old guys looking for a quick payday so they could get that next fix of heroin.

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5 US NE: Editorial: Where There's Smoke...Sun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Lincoln Journal Star (NE)                 Lines:70 Added:02/08/2016

The recent seizure of hundreds of pounds of marijuana in Lincoln, apparently harvested in states where it can be grown legally, raises the question of how long the country will tolerate the current patchwork of laws.

In one case deputies with the Lancaster County Sheriff's Deputies seized 1,517 pounds of pot worth an estimated $7.5 million. The marijuana was stuffed into 39 duffel bags in a rental RV traveling from Oregon, where marijuana can be grown legally, to Georgia.

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6 US FL: Editorial: As Government Drags Its Feet, Voters Move onSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Palm Beach Post, The (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:79 Added:02/08/2016

After utterly failing to bring relief even to children with severe epilepsy through a non-narcotic form of marijuana, Florida officials fully deserve the wrath of voters who are on the way to taking matters into their own hands - with a constitutional amendment that would make marijuana available for a wide range of debilitating medical conditions.

The medical marijuana amendment has gained enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. It is sponsored by the same folks who fell just short with a similar amendment in 2014. Then, the measure got 58 percent of the vote. This time - in a higher-turnout, presidential election year - the chances of gaining the needed 60 percent seem in the bag.

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7 CN ON: PUB LTE: Heavenly PotFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:White, Stan Area:Ontario Lines:31 Added:02/08/2016

Re "Rolling in dough" (The Canadian Press, Jan. 29): It's true, since Colorado completely re-legalized cannabis (marijuana), treating it like the relatively safe God-given plant that it is, the state has reaped huge taxes. But Canada shouldn't cleanse itself from cannabis prohibition to profit, but rather to end one of North America's worst policy failures because it's the right thing to do. The Luciferous practice of caging humans for using what God indicates He created and says is good on literally the very first page of the Bible is vulgar for developed nations. The sooner the devil law ends, the sooner the sky will stop falling in.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.

("Luciferous" means "enlightening")


8 CN BC: PUB LTE: Pot Shops Are Still IllegalFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Rivet, Colette Area:British Columbia Lines:48 Added:02/08/2016

Feds should act quickly to fill policy and enforcement vacuum

Re: Vancouver set to approve first legal marijuana shops, Feb. 1

It's important for people to know that, regardless of municipal business licensing processes,marijuana retail stores are illegal in Canada - full stop.

What this means on a practical level is that consumers who buy products from these stores do not have the protection of the law behind them. If they were stopped by police, they could be charged with possession, which unfortunately happens to far too many people across Canada every year.

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9CN BC: Police Union Raises Pot Shop WorriesSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Olivier, Cassidy Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:02/08/2016

Members Concerned About Criminal Ties, Transparency As Vancouver Pushes to License Dispensaries

The union representing Vancouver's police officers says members are raising serious questions about the process and transparency behind the city's rapid push to license marijuana dispensaries by this spring.

At a union meeting last week, Tom Stamatakis, the president of the Vancouver Police Union, said members identified several areas of concern with the city's controversial move to regulate the dispensaries - including who is involved, the degree of scrutiny being applied to applications, and issues of disclosure.

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10 CN BC: LTE: Pot Use Led To A Wasted LifeFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Surrey Leader (CN BC) Author:Durham, John Area:British Columbia Lines:27 Added:02/08/2016

I still remember trying marijuana like it was yesterday. I was about eight or 10 years old. People told me it would lead to other stronger drugs. Of course I never believed it. Besides I swore I'd never let a drug control my life.

Now here I am with a wasted life. Because it did lead to harder drugs.

After ending up a heroin addict, it took me 46 years to get a handle on my sickness (addiction). Once you start, it's so hard to stop.

Weed should not be sold in stores on every street corner when it's legalized. Strict laws should apply because it's an accident waiting to happen.

John Durham


11 CN BC: Will Legalization Ignore Medical Marijuana?Thu, 04 Feb 2016
Source:Georgia Straight, The (CN BC) Author:Lupick, Travis Area:British Columbia Lines:105 Added:02/08/2016

The Canadian government legalized medical marijuana more than a decade ago. However, Kamloops physician Ian Mitchell told the Straight that patients still come to him with basic questions and often have no idea where they can find advice about cannabis.

"I send them to dispensaries, just because there is nowhere else to go," he said in a telephone interview.

Mitchell explained that the former Conservative government's mail-order system prevents patients from meeting face to face with experts employed by licensed producers. Meanwhile, the vast majority of medical doctors don't know enough about marijuana's medical applications to provide informed opinions.

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12 US OR: PUB LTE: Promote Local OpportunityMon, 08 Feb 2016
Source:Mail Tribune, The (Medford, OR) Author:Stanfield, Shirley Area:Oregon Lines:41 Added:02/08/2016

Oregon has an 18-year history of legal medical marijuana use. The program works and has brought an improved quality of life to thousands. Like other pioneering efforts (death with dignity, same-sex marriage, increased minimum wage, vote by mail, etc.), it has not resulted in the sky falling.

Legalization of cannabis in Oregon, hopefully, means an end to its demonization. We are now free to investigate its full potential, to enjoy its many benefits. It means it is once again a legitimate agricultural product and should be treated as such.

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13 US HI: Lawmakers Consider Industrial Hemp BillMon, 08 Feb 2016
Source:Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI)          Area:Hawaii Lines:33 Added:02/08/2016

Hawaii residents say legalizing industrial hemp could spur business ventures ranging from home construction to selling hemp seed candy bars at Hawaii airports.

Lawmakers considered a bill Friday that would legalize and set rules for growing industrial hemp. The bill would require growers to register with the state and would clarify the difference between hemp and marijuana.

The bill would also require the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to research development of products, such as clothing, oils and seed. Supporters say industrial hemp production could boost the agriculture sector and help rural economies.

Nationwide at least 27 states have laws in place related to industrial hemp. In 2014 President Barack Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill, which allowed universities and state departments to grow industrial hemp for limited uses.

- -Staff and Associated Press


14 US WA: Seattle's Brash King Of PotMon, 08 Feb 2016
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Young, Bob Area:Washington Lines:291 Added:02/08/2016

Just after Uncle Ike's Pot Shop opened in Seattle's Central District, it boasted in an ad, "Our weed cures Ebola."

Knowing that merchants in the new industry weren't allowed to make any medical claims about pot, the fine print disclaimer winked: "If you believe this ad, you are a (expletive) moron."

That in-your-face Vern Fonk-on-weed sensibility has helped make Uncle Ike's the state's top-selling pot store, with $1.4 million in monthly sales.

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15 US KS: LTE: Really That Beneficial?Sat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Wichita Eagle (KS) Author:Mawhirter, Mike Area:Kansas Lines:28 Added:02/08/2016

Regarding "God-given plant" and "Medical benefits" (Feb. 3 Letters to the Editor): I'm not sure that medical cannabis has all the healing properties mentioned. At best, it probably is a symptomatic reliever for most mentioned ailments. I feel that if it were as beneficial as some think, the medical arts would have been using it for a long time, as they have cocaine and other narcotics. As for not causing any deaths medically for 5,000 years: I know of nothing that can make that claim, much less cannabis.

It may be a God-given plant, but so is poison ivy, and I think I'll not smoke that anytime soon.

Mike Mawhirter, Derby


16CN BC: Column: Navy Making A Difference In Drug WarSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Bly, David Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

When coastal-defence vessels HMCS Brandon and HMCS Whitehorse returned to CFB Esquimalt in December after participating in an anti-drug trafficking operation in the Caribbean and east Pacific regions, the Times Colonist published an editorial congratulating the sailors for a job well done.

But the editorial also said the work of Canada's armed forces wouldn't make much difference in slowing or halting the flow of drugs from Central and South America.

Last week, I had a chance to see a different perspective on the navy's work. At a briefing at CFB Esquimalt, I learned a lot more about what happens when Canadian ships head south. It's not just for a jaunt in warmer waters. There's a real war going on, one that threatens the stability of countries in that region, as well as the quality of life in Canada and elsewhere.

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17 US CA: Attorney Says Pot Raid Target Was A ChurchSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Dobruck, Jeremiah Area:California Lines:93 Added:02/07/2016

Costa Mesa police say there was nothing to indicate that mall storefront was Native American sanctuary.

Police officers who thought they were shutting down a marijuana dispensary in Costa Mesa last month were in fact raiding a Native American church that uses cannabis and other controlled substances in its spiritual ceremonies, according to a lawyer representing the organization's founders.

Attorney Matthew Pappas said Oklevueha Native American Church was opening a branch in Costa Mesa when police stormed the Harbor Boulevard location.

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18US CO: Pot's Paper Trail Is CostlySun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Migoya, David Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

Learning Who Owns Colorado's Marijuana Businesses Is Not Easy.

Colorado's marijuana business owners-nearly 1,200 of them-control a quickly growing and powerful industry that is approaching $1 billion in annual sales.

Yet basic information about these entrepreneurs is not available to the public without paying hefty fees, in contrast to what is available about owners of other state-licensed businesses.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue will disclose the names of those with ownership interests in more than 2,500 active medical and recreational marijuana licenses issued since 2014.

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19 US MD: Lawmaker Calls for State to Exit Drug War, Focus onSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Hicks, Josh Area:Maryland Lines:98 Added:02/07/2016

Maryland Del. Dan K. Morhaim on Friday proposed four bills that would radically change the state's approach to dealing with drug problems, in part by removing criminal penalties for low-level possession and adding an emphasis on addiction treatment.

One measure would create "safe spaces" for drug use, with facilities that provide sterile injection equipment, medical care and connections to social services.

Another bill would establish a pilot program to test the effectiveness of treating addicts with the supervised use of free, pharmaceutical-grade opioids, such as heroin and hydromorphone, with the goal of weaning users off their addictions.

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20 US DC: OPED: A New Way Of Thinking About Drug AddictionSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Morhaim, Dan Area:District of Columbia Lines:92 Added:02/07/2016

I've been an emergency room physician for more than 30 years. Every shift, I see broken legs, lacerations, cases of pneumonia and more. On the surface, none appears related to the rising rates of drug addiction and crime plaguing our society. But they are.

Recently, I treated a man with an abscess on his inner thigh about the size of cantaloupe. We had complications trying to give him an IV with pain medicine because years of drug abuse had scarred his veins. He was clearly a drug user with an addiction problem, but his medical record will read only "abscess."

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21 US CA: Editorial: Chico Council Wise to Chill on MarijuanaSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Chico Enterprise-Record (CA)          Area:California Lines:68 Added:02/07/2016

Time is too short to waste it spinning your wheels, especially in local government where every exercise costs staff time and money.

The city of Chico avoided one unnecessary fire drill Tuesday and wisely chose to take a wait-and-see attitude on a second one, all related to the always-confusing topic of marijuana regulation.

The City Council appeared to take a cue from the marijuana users. Relax. Mellow out. Chill.

That was the right choice.

Cities and counties have been scrambling since October, when the state government came up with one of those brilliant "solutions" that makes everything more complicated. Assembly Bill 21, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, said that if cities and counties do not have rules about medical marijuana cultivation, dispensaries and delivery services in place by March 1, state laws would apply.

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22US AK: OPED: Obama: Budget Will Help Address Opioid, HeroinSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Alaska Dispatch News (AK) Author:Obama, Barack Area:Alaska Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

Last fall, I listened as a mother named Cary Dixon told her family's story at a forum I convened in West Virginia. It was heartbreaking. Cary's adult son has struggled with a substance use disorder for years, and she described the pain that families like hers have gone through. "We dread the next phone call," she said. "We don't take vacations for fear of the next crisis. We come back from vacations because there's a crisis."

Cary and her family are far from alone. As the use of prescription drugs has increased over the past 15 or 20 years, so has their misuse - -- as well as the wreckage caused by other opioids like heroin. In fact, four in five heroin users started out by misusing prescription drugs, and then switched to heroin. As a consequence, between 2002 and 2013, the rate of heroin-related deaths in America nearly quadrupled. More Americans now die of drug overdoses than in motor vehicle crashes. In Alaska, overdoses claimed 124 lives in 2014 alone.

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23US CA: Laguna Beach Oks Short-Lived Pot BanSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Orange County Register, The (CA) Author:Ritchie, Erika I. Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

LAGUNA BEACH Among the last of Orange County's 34 cities to place a ban on pot cultivators, delivery services and dispensaries, Laguna Beach last week became likely the first to make it ineffective.

The Laguna Beach City Council approved the ban Tuesday night but added a sunset clause that would void the ban if Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 21, an urgency ordinance that removes the March 1 deadline on the state's new medical marijuana law.

On Wednesday, Brown signed the bill.

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24US UT: Mormon Church Against Madsen's Utah Marijuana Bill; 'NoSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Salt Lake Tribune (UT) Author:Gehrke, Robert Area:Utah Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

Medical Marijuana

A Senator Is Frustrated That Leaders of Utah's Predominant Faith "Put Their Thumb on the Scale" to Influence State Policy.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints opposes a bill sponsored by Sen. Mark Madsen that would make Utah the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana, citing unintended consequences that could come with use of the drug.

The state's predominant faith is not taking a position on another measure, sponsored by Sen. Evan Vickers, R-Cedar City, and Rep. Brad Daw, R-Orem, that would allow extracts from the plant that do not contain the psychoactive chemical THC.

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25 CN ON: Editorial: Durham Should Be Compensated If LegalizedThu, 04 Feb 2016
Source:Port Perry Star (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:64 Added:02/07/2016

If legalizing marijuana use syphons money away from Durham, the Region should receive compensation from the federal and provincial governments.

One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's more eye-catching promises during the last federal election campaign was to legalize marijuana. He has appointed former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair to take the lead on the portfolio.

The move would likely mean cash, maybe a lot of cash, for upper levels of government. And given the very expensive agenda the federal Liberals have embarked upon, they need all the money they can get.

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26CN SN: Neary To Make Constitutional Challenge On Pot SentenceSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:StarPhoenix, The (CN SN) Author:Spray, Hannah Area:Saskatchewan Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

Seamus John Neary, the ex-Huskie footballer caught with 9.5 kilograms of marijuana, intends to argue the sentencing rules for marijuana trafficking aren't constitutional.

Neary was convicted in November of trafficking marijuana and possessing the proceeds of crime.

On Friday in Saskatoon Court of Queen's Bench, his sentencing hearing was adjourned to May 31, when constitutional arguments will be heard. Under the law, trafficking-related charges where the amount of marijuana is more than three kilograms are not eligible for community-based jail sentences, or conditional sentence orders.

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27 US HI: Pot O' GoldSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI) Author:Consillio, Kristen Area:Hawaii Lines:96 Added:02/07/2016

Celebrities, politicians and attorneys vie to get in on the ground floor of an industry forecast to be worth millions

Actor Woody Harrelson, Hollywood producer Shep Gordon and dozens of high-profile attorneys, entrepreneurs and politicians are jumping on the opportunity to sell pot in Hawaii. The state Health Department released Friday a list of 66 applicants for eight dispensary licenses that will allow for the opening of Hawaii's first medical marijuana retail centers as early as July 15.

The list includes local doctors; video game entrepreneur Henk Rogers; Hawaii island farmer Richard Ha; "Hawaii Stars" television producer Dirk Fukushima; Michael Irish, owner of kim chee maker Halm's Enterprises and Keoki's Lau Lau; former St. Francis Healthcare Systems executive Eugene Tiwanak; former city Budget Director and Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit Chairman Ivan Lui-Kwan; Kimberly Dey, CEO of production companies Liquid Planet Studios and Number-Eight; and Charles Kawakami, former president of Big Save supermarkets on Kauai.

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28 US DC: PUB LTE: When the Who of Drug Abuse Skews the ResponseSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Simpson, David Area:District of Columbia Lines:41 Added:02/07/2016

As a middle-age white man of comfortable means and right-of-center views on many issues, Imay have been oblivious to certain things longer than others. Recent headlines make it impossible to ignore disparities, however.

An armed man in open revolt against the law of the land is killed by law enforcement officials ["Bundy patriarch shows no regrets," Politics & The Nation, Feb. 1]. There is hand-wringing and second guessing, even though his death occurs only after a month of confrontation and not-very-veiled threats. Contrast this with the deaths of unarmed African American males whose fates are decided by police officers in a matter of seconds.

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29US CA: Church Known For Peyote Acquiring Pot ShopsSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Orange County Register, The (CA) Author:Graham, Jordan Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

A national Native American church that courts have allowed to possess and distribute peyote soon will open branches in three former Orange County pot shops where they plan to use and dispense marijuana and other illegal drugs as part of religious ceremonies.

What's more, church members say almost anyone can join the religion and partake in its hallucinogenic sacraments, regardless of whether they have Native American heritage.

Representatives from the Oklevueha Native American Church, which claims over 200 branches nationwide, said they recently signed leases in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Westminster, targeting former marijuana dispensary storefronts where landlords don't mind having pot on the premises.

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30 US CA: PUB LTE: Address Opioid EpidemicSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Sacramento Bee (CA) Author:Whitted, Bridget Area:California Lines:29 Added:02/07/2016

Re "Drug addicts finally a priority in politics" (Editorials, Feb. 4): The Bee's editorial board is absolutely right that what matters most right now is that something gets done by Congress to address opioid addiction and overdose in this country.

But the most well-funded business lobby in this country is not going to go away quietly. It will be a challenge for Congress and my representative, Ami Bera, to do the right thing and enact legislation that provides for treatment and prevention of opioid addiction, as well as regulate Big Pharma.

Perhaps if they looked into the eyes of the 15-year-old heroin addict who is desperately trying to stay clean like I did today, then it wouldn't be such a challenge.

Bridget Whitted, Folsom


31US CA: Column: Doctors Dance With A Toasty PartnerSun, 07 Feb 2016
Source:Sacramento Bee (CA) Author:Morain, Dan Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

California Medical Association Hopes to Limit Smoking of One Plant, Legalize Another

Doctors, WHO Once Offered Testimonials to Tobacco, Embrace Marijuana Legalization

Two UC Tobacco Researchers Seek to Inject Dose of Conscience into Campaign

Dr. Steven E. Larson, president of the California Medical Association, was walking a fine line the other day, or trying to.

"No one should smoke. It has no benefit. Yes, we'd like to outlaw it if we could," he said, speaking of tobacco.

Understandably, the California Medical Association is funding a 2016 initiative to raise the tobacco tax by $2, to $2.87 per pack, and for the first time tax electronic cigarettes.

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32 US MD: Bills Would Decriminalize Small Amounts Of DrugsSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Rector, Kevin Area:Maryland Lines:54 Added:02/07/2016

Two Baltimore-area lawmakers plan to introduce legislation in Annapolis that would decriminalize small amounts of all illicit drugs - - from cocaine to crack to heroin - and provide new options for addicts to shoot up safely and seek treatment.

The legislation, sponsors said, would free up police resources and reduce incarceration rates by treating low-level drug users like patients rather than criminals. It would force hospitals to provide on-demand substance abuse treatment in emergency rooms and reduce overdoses and the spread of infectious diseases by creating facilities where addicts can consume drugs safely under medical supervision, they said.

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33US AK: Unalaska Set To Ban Commercial Marijuana SalesSat, 06 Feb 2016
Source:Alaska Dispatch News (AK) Author:Paulin, Jim Area:Alaska Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

By a narrow 4-3 vote and with the mayor breaking the tie, the Unalaska City Council last week took its first step towards banning local sales and commercial growing, testing, and manufacturing of marijuana products.

A local activist promised to put the issue on the ballot in the fall local election, and to oppose officials supporting a ban. Three seats are up for election this year -- two on the council now held by Roger Rowland and David Gregory, plus the mayor's.

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34 US UT: PUB LTE: Why Is Legal Medical Cannabis Taking So LongThu, 04 Feb 2016
Source:Salt Lake Tribune (UT) Author:Dowsett, David Area:Utah Lines:38 Added:02/07/2016

It is with profound sadness that we once again hear of a family forced to skirt the law to obtain small amounts of what our state deems illegal to treat their children.

And to hear the family is being harassed by Child and Family Services! A mother of four is forced to go into hiding for fear of having her child taken away or charges being filed against her.

What is unconscionable is the failure of our legislators and administrators to provide a meaningful solution. How are these people, some I assume with children, not moved to act swiftly and decisively? Does our governor not have the legal power or the moral responsibility to make this the priority it should be?

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35 US VT: OPED: Don't Make Pot Problem WorseThu, 04 Feb 2016
Source:Rutland Herald (VT) Author:Parker, Paul Area:Vermont Lines:162 Added:02/07/2016

Legalization of recreational marijuana use would be to the definite detriment of Vermonters. The pending bill proposing to do so should be resolutely rejected.

It is a flawed perception that marijuana "just isn't that bad." Medical science has shown that there are multiple deleterious effects of marijuana, among which are the following: 1) Marijuana use has been shown to be associated with the development of mental health illness including depression, anxiety and paranoia.

2) Marijuana has been shown to cause problems with memory. This can have devastating impacts on a student's academic performance, future work or study opportunities. Work performance among those employed is also likely to be impacted negatively.

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36 US CO: At Bible Study, Weed Brings RevelationsFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Kelly, David Area:Colorado Lines:167 Added:02/07/2016

Members of Colo. Group Say Pot Strengthens Faith

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - As snow began to fall outside, Deb Button snuggled up on her couch, fired up a joint and spoke of the nature of Christ.

"Even if Jesus didn't smoke weed, he'd still be a stoner," she said, exhaling a white cloud.

Her kitten sniffed the air curiously.

"Jesus was peaceful and loving. He went from house to house and was always accepted," she explained. "Only a stoner could do that."

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37 US VT: LTE: No Common SenseFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Times Argus (Barre, VT) Author:Johnson, Sanford Area:Vermont Lines:35 Added:02/07/2016

I understand from news sources that the Legislature is about to pass legislation to legalize recreational use of marijuana. Why?

For years we have campaigned that smoking is bad for our health, now our legislators want to promote smoking, all for raising more tax revenue. They have listened to testimony from the medical community, law enforcement and others who have testified against legalization of marijuana, yet they are posed to pass it anyway.

I look at our representatives and think, do they really care about the citizens of Vermont or is it all about tax revenue. They don't seem to be able to develop a budget and live within it. They're always looking to raise more revenue, many times raising our taxes rather than not passing higher and higher budgets or passing laws that require the cities and towns to increase their tax rates to pay for programs that the Legislature enacts.

Is there any common sense in the State House on this issue?

Sanford Johnson



38US VT: OPED: Marijuana Legalization: Just Say NoFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Brattleboro Reformer (VT) Author:Kennedy, Patrick Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2016

The epidemic of drug addiction and overdoses gripping Vermont, and our country at large, cries out for reform.

We must change the perception that jail is an effective treatment for the disease of drug addiction, and give mental health issues the attention and funding they deserve, an opinion I know many Vermonters share.

But the legalization and commercialization of another addictive drug - - marijuana - is precisely the wrong way to address this critical problem. Legalization has nothing to do with whether we lock up pot users, and everything to do with making money.

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39 US VT: Editorial: Unraveling Drug Addiction Requires CommunityFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Bangor Daily News (ME)          Area:Vermont Lines:91 Added:02/07/2016

Rutland, Vermont, unwittingly became the poster child for America's drug epidemic several years ago. The national attention and a sense that their city had bottomed out galvanized local residents and leaders to fight back. They formed committees, made lists of recommendations and, most important, set goals. Project Vision hasn't eradicated heroin from Rutland, but it offers a "take back our community" template other communities can model.

In Bangor, like Rutland, groups of concerned citizens have been meeting for years to address addiction in the area. A working group, created by the Bangor City Council in 2014, developed a list of specific, achievable recommendations. The Bangor Community Health Leadership Board, which helped coordinate a community forum in 2014 where the federal drug czar, Michael Botticelli, spoke of the need for treatment to help opiate addicts, is focusing on five of them. It has developed pain medicine prescribing protocols for use by local medical facilities. It pushed for a new local detox facility, which is funded in the drug legislation passed last month by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Paul LePage. It is seeking ways to make the anti-overdose drug Narcan more widely available. The group also worked with local lawmakers to draft legislation aimed at making treatment more widely available and effective.

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40 US ME: LTE: Think About the Awful Consequences of LegalizingFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Portland Press Herald (ME) Author:Cunningham, Robert Area:Maine Lines:62 Added:02/07/2016

I was watching the news last night with my son. One segment in particular that struck a nerve with me was the debate on the legalization of marijuana. They had several individuals speaking on how they've acquired over 100,000 signatures on petitions backing a statewide vote on legalization.

This referendum may actually pass, making this now-illegal and dangerous drug available to everyone. What is troubling to me is the effort everyone seems to be putting forward for a "high."

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41 CN ON: Study Probes Safe Injection SitesFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Sher, Jonathan Area:Ontario Lines:74 Added:02/07/2016

After years of fierce debate over whether London should create safe injection sites for drug users, researchers will take to the streets to seek answers.

A feasibility study is being launched by the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection to sort out whether safe injection sites makes sense here, and if so, how they might be utilized best. "I have seen too many people die of complications from injection drug use," says Dr. Sharon Koivu, a physician with the London Health Sciences Centre and one of the principals behind the study. "We need to find ways to stop these tragic deaths and help people wherever they are on their journey to recovery."

[continues 433 words]

42 CN AB: PUB LTE: Green Is GoodThu, 04 Feb 2016
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:White, Stan Area:Alberta Lines:29 Added:02/07/2016

It's true, since Colorado completely RE-legalized cannabis (marijuana) treating it like the relatively safe God-given plant that it is (Rolling In Dough, Jan. 29, 2016), the state has reaped huge taxes. But Canada shouldn't cleanse itself from cannabis prohibition to profit but rather end one of North America's worst policy failures because it's the right thing to do. The Luciferous practice of caging humans for using what God indicates He created and says is good on literally the very first page of the Bible is vulgar for developed nations.

Stan White, Dillon, Col.

(Who could argue with that authority?)


43US CA: Brown Signs Bill Correcting Marijuana RegulationsFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Ukiah Daily Journal, The (CA) Author:Randall, Adam Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:02/05/2016

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 21 Wednesday, formally striking the March 1 deadline inadvertently included in the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act.

Accordingly, the deadline was repealed immediately, allowing cities and counties to move forward in developing local rules and regulations without a timeline, according to North Coast Democratic Assemblyman Jim Wood's office. The deadline would have forced cities and counties to make its own rules for local enforcement by March 1, or allow the state to assume authority over local decision making.

[continues 182 words]

44 US: Pressured on Opioids, F.D.A. Takes Steps to Toughen StanceFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Tavernise, Sabrina Area:United States Lines:77 Added:02/05/2016

Under pressure from Congress to take action amid a worsening opioid epidemic, the Food and Drug Administration on Thursday announced several measures aimed at dealing with abuse.

Dr. Robert Califf, the acting commissioner and nominee to run the agency, announced the measures in a phone conference with reporters. He said the steps were an attempt by the agency to toughen its response to the crisis, in which tens of thousands of Americans were addicted to the prescription painkillers and were dying of overdoses. He said the actions were part of a broader government effort: Earlier this week, the Obama administration said it would ask Congress to spend an additional $1.1 billion next year on the problem, which would help increase badly needed treatment facilities.

[continues 414 words]

45 South Africa: More Adults Are Getting High in the USFri, 05 Feb 2016
Source:Times, The (South Africa) Author:Child, Katharine Area:South Africa Lines:42 Added:02/05/2016

MORE US adults are using marijuana now that some states have either decided to decriminalise the use of dagga or legalise the possession of it, a review published yesterday in the Journal of Addiction Medicine says.

And data from the US National Survey of Drug Use and Health says marijuana use has increased significantly among US adults in the past decade.

The trend seems to have begun before 2012, when Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalise marijuana.

Teen use has not increased but researchers warn "young people's perceptions of the risks of using marijuana have decreased, suggesting they might be more likely to start using marijuana in future".

[continues 118 words]

46 CN NK: Edu: Federal Gov To Pass The Joint LawsWed, 03 Feb 2016
Source:Brunswickan, The (Edu CN NK) Author:Sirois, Stephanie Area:New Brunswick Lines:78 Added:02/05/2016

The Canadian government stands to make over $5 billion from taxes if marijuana is legalized but Fredericton dealers aren't too concerned with how it will affect their sales.

One local pot dealer thinks the possible legalization will only affect the people who will have the money to buy government supplied marijuana, and that the taxing will help the province.

Andrew Rankin* has been selling pot for the past few years. He said most of the people who buy pot need to have a higher income to afford higher quality weed.

[continues 394 words]

47 CN NF: Editorial: Breaking The CycleMon, 01 Feb 2016
Source:Western Star, The (CN NF)          Area:Newfoundland Lines:71 Added:02/05/2016

The Flat Bay Band Inc. is working on a project to develop a native addictions treatment centre in consultation with Memorial University and a local steering committee.

The project got underway in November 2015 and is expected to wrap up in November of this year with a manuscript on the scope and nature of the treatment centre, recommendations on site locations and draft plans.

Flat Bay Band Chief Liz LaSaga and the steering committee say there is insufficient research into native health statistics in the province. Along with Memorial, the research derived from this project will be a fundamental piece of evidence. The need for the Nujio'qonik Healing Center - named in recognition of the area in which it will be located, Bay St. George - has long been recognized.

[continues 313 words]

48 Canada: Prison Needle Programs Touted To Reduce Hiv And Hep C RiskWed, 03 Feb 2016
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Ballingall, Alex Area:Canada Lines:118 Added:02/05/2016

Researchers hope Liberals' 'evidence-based' approach will endorse safe-injection programs

After years of pushing for safe drug-injection programs in Canadian jails, health advocates say mounting evidence and a new government in Ottawa present a chance to finally make it happen.

In a report published Wednesday, researchers in Toronto provide a framework for the introduction of what they call "prison-based needle and syringe programs" in Canada - programs that the authors argue are sorely needed in provincial and federal jails to address levels of HIV and Hepatitis C infections that are "astronomically" high compared with those in the general population.

[continues 723 words]

49 CN ON: LTE: Don't Open The Gateway Of Marijuana To Harder Drugs:Wed, 03 Feb 2016
Source:Peterborough This Week (CN ON) Author:Baldwin, J. R. Area:Ontario Lines:37 Added:02/05/2016

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

First, being of sound mind and physical prowess, I must vigorously argue with your proposal to legalize marijuana. Personally, I have never smoked or taken illicit drugs.

Is it not enough hardship to have drunk drivers on our highways? Why would you propose to decrease the population even further by putting stoned drivers on the roads?

It is with deep emotion that I tell you the sad story about our grandson, now deceased. He began experimenting with marijuana and subsequently "graduated" to harder drugs.

Marijuana is a gateway drug to the "harder stuff".

Please reconsider your totally wrong thinking on this matter. Otherwise, God help our youths who will have fewer deterrents to steer them away from hideous or fatal futures.

J. R. Baldwin



50CN AB: Police Fear Highly Toxic Drug Will Soon Turn Up In EdmontonWed, 03 Feb 2016
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Ellwand, Otiena Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:02/05/2016

Edmonton city police say it's likely just a matter of time before W-18 - - a drug up to 100 times more toxic than fentanyl - is seized here.

Calgary police say they received lab results from Health Canada confirming three fentanyl pills seized during a drug bust in Rocky View County in August contained W-18, a type of opioid that's never been used clinically. Of the 109 pills seized, 20 were tested.

W-18 has a different chemical composition than fentanyl but produces similar effects to the addictive drug, which has been linked to 270 deaths in Alberta last year, including 65 people in Edmonton.

[continues 321 words]

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