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1 US FL: PUB LTE: Drug War Has FailedSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Tampa Bay Times (FL) Author:Gilbert, William Area:Florida Lines:36 Added:09/30/2014

For medical use, marijuana has far fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. I do not encourage marijuana use. Nor do I encourage alcohol use.

Pharmaceutical drugs kill 38,000 per year. Tobacco kills 480,000 per year. Diabetes kills 69,000 per year. Alcohol kills 88,000 per year and contributes to domestic violence. Marijuana kills zero per year, and in Colorado domestic violence was reduced by 30 percent. One woman died in Colorado from heart complications while high.

Which are the gateway drugs? Marijuana users almost always start with beer and cigarettes.

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2 US FL: OPED: Don't Be Fooled By Pot MeasureThu, 25 Sep 2014
Source:Ledger, The (Lakeland, FL) Author:Killebrew, Sam Area:Florida Lines:37 Added:09/30/2014

John Morgan's editorial, "John Morgan Not Giving Up on Sheriff Judd," certainly has one thing right Grady Judd is a great sheriff. Sheriff Judd has always been a community-focused man and has continually put the safety and well-being of the Polk County community and its residents first.

I know this because I am a lifelong resident of Polk County, and I am glad that Sheriff Judd has taken such an outspoken stance against Amendment 2, which will be on the ballot this November. I believe the Sheriff took this stance because when he looked under Amendment 2's hood, all he could see was an Amendment that was so plagued with loopholes that it would end up not only hurting his community, but communities across the state of Florida, instead of helping the sick.

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3US FL: It's Not Because Of Who Smokes Pot And Who Doesn'tSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Tampa Bay Times (FL) Author:Nohlgren, Stephen Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:09/30/2014

Black People In Pinellas And Hillsborough Are At Least Six Times As Likely To Be Arrested For Marijuana Possession As White People

Federal surveys show that 10 to 12 percent of both races use marijuana at least once a month.

What does differ is how pot marketplaces unfold in various neighborhoods and how police agencies respond.

As a result, a mood-altering substance that many Floridians think should be legal generates criminals in one sector of the community while other people largely skate free.

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4 Yemen: UN Warns That Political Conflicts Worsen Yemen FoodTue, 30 Sep 2014
Source:Jerusalem Post (Israel) Author:Dahan, Maha El Area:Yemen Lines:91 Added:09/30/2014

ABU DHABI (Reuters) - An escalation of political turmoil in Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the world, risks aggravating an already dire food security situation, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said on Monday.

Shi'ite rebels seized the Yemeni capital Sanaa this month, prompting President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi to warn of a drift toward civil war in a country long riven by deep political, religious and tribal divisions.

One in four Yemenis is undernourished and more than half of Yemen's 25 million people lack access to sufficient food for their needs, FAO regional coordinator Ad Spijkers told a news conference in Abu Dhabi.

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5 US DC: PUB LTE: Preventing Overdose DeathsTue, 30 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Botticelli, Michael Area:District of Columbia Lines:41 Added:09/30/2014

Danielle Hall's story, as told in the Sept. 21 Metro article "The drug that turned a heroin user's life around," demonstrated the importance of training law enforcement officers, often the first responders to the scene of a drug overdose, to use naloxone. In my field, naloxone, the highly effective opioid overdose-reversal drug, is often referred to as a "miracle."

The Obama administration is committed to expanding access to this miracle drug to police officers and other first-responders. With about 17,000 opioid-related drug deaths in 2011, more Americans are now dying from drug overdoses than from car crashes. Getting naloxone into the hands of anyone in a position to prevent the next overdose is my urgent priority.

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6US OR: Marijuana Legalization: Opponents Open CampaignTue, 30 Sep 2014
Source:Oregonian, The (Portland, OR) Author:Mapes, Jeff Area:Oregon Lines:Excerpt Added:09/30/2014

Opponents of marijuana legalization in Oregon kicked off their campaign Monday standing next to an array of gummy bears, sugary cereal, chocolate bars and other products that Colorado retailers lace with marijuana and sell over the counter.

"I don't want my kids to grow up in a place where this is normal," said Mandi Puckett, director of the No on 91 campaign, looking disdainfully at a display of such products as "CannaPunch" and a balm called "Lip Bliss."

Puckett and other opponents argued that their biggest worry with legalized marijuana is that it will eventually be heavily marketed and turned into a product as mainstream as a cold beer on a hot day.

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7CN BC: B.C. Wants Medical Pot Growers IdentifiedThu, 25 Sep 2014
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Sinoski, Kelly Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:09/30/2014

For the fourth time in five years, the Union of B. C. Municipalities has been asked to petition Health Canada to reveal the location of existing medical marijuana growing licences across the province.

The resolution, endorsed by the UBCM delegates Wednesday, drew animated debate, with big cities - led by Abbotsford Mayor Bruce Banman - arguing it was a matter of safety, and some smaller towns saying the issue should remain private.

Banman argued municipalities have a right to know where medical pot is being grown, saying that by not knowing the locations of the estimated 829 licences in Abbotsford or the 900 in nearby Mission has posed problems for city, police and fire officials. This information would be used to ensure electrical and building codes are up to scratch and help in the investigation of issues related to home invasions, fires and toxic mould.

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8 US AK: Legalizing Marijuana In Alaska: Parents For And Against EnterThu, 25 Sep 2014
Source:Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (AK) Author:Grove, Casey Area:Alaska Lines:102 Added:09/30/2014

ANCHORAGE - Parents aligned with campaigns on opposing sides of a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Alaska spoke out Thursday, either saying that legal pot would be harmful to their children or that it would be a better way to keep the drug out of their kids' hands.

The initiative, Measure 2 on the Nov. 4 ballot, aims to make the use and cultivation of marijuana legal in Alaska for people 21 years of age and older. It would also direct the state to start a process to regulate and tax the sale of pot.

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9 CN MB: PUB LTE: Fed's Drug Policy FutileThu, 25 Sep 2014
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Bjarnason, Herb Area:Manitoba Lines:27 Added:09/29/2014

Re: Drug policy seriously outdated (Sept. 22). In a world of dark-ages drug policy, thank God for this sliver of light.

Most of the civilized world is moving forward into an enlightened policy on the use of drugs. The failed policy of "the war on drugs," however, is still determinedly, stubbornly, and stupidly pursued by the Harper government, which insists on policies that defy scientific evidence, compassion, and common sense.

How can a man as intelligent as Stephen Harper pursue such a futile policy?

Herb Bjarnason Morris


10 US CA: Joseph McNamara, Progressive San Jose Police Chief, Dies At 79Wed, 24 Sep 2014
Source:Los Angeles Times (CA) Author:Woo, Elaine Area:California Lines:126 Added:09/29/2014

Joseph McNamara, the former San Jose, Calif., police chief whose outspoken criticism of the war on drugs, the gun lobby and Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates gave him a national profile as a progressive leader in law enforcement, died Friday at his home in Carmel, Calif. He was 79.

The cause was pancreatic cancer, his family said.

McNamara led the police force in Kansas City, Mo., before becoming chief of San Jose's police department in 1976. Over the next 15 years, until his retirement in 1991, he introduced broad reforms, including putting computers into patrol cars, hiring more women and minorities and emphasizing community policing.

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11 CN NS: Medical Marijuana Advocate Sent To JailWed, 24 Sep 2014
Source:Lunenburg Progress Enterprise (CN NS) Author:Brown, Lisa Area:Nova Scotia Lines:110 Added:09/29/2014

Cancer survivor had illegal 'wall-to-wall' grow-op

COUNTY - A Chester man who believes marijuana saved his life is now in jail after police found an illegal "wall-to-wall" grow-op in his basement.

George Gary Evans received the minimum mandatory sentence of nine months in custody September 16 on charges of producing marijuana and possessing it for the purpose of trafficking.

"My reasons were not profit-oriented," the 59-year-old told Provincial Court Judge Paul Scovil. "My reasons were to grow my own medical marijuana and, yes, I had the hopes to be able to help some other people with cancer and similar issues ... five people in particular, I had in mind."

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12US FL: OPED: Amendment 2 A Danger To Our Health, Families And QualityFri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Enslinger, Don Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

Special to The Tampa Tribune

Earlier this year I joined with Florida's sheriffs to support recently passed legislation that legalized a specific strain of non-euphoric medical marijuana low in THC, known as Charlotte's Web, because it can aid in the treatment of epileptic seizures in children. In contrast, Amendment 2 to the Florida Constitution will hurt more people than it could ever help. As the sheriff of Seminole County, I believe that passage of Amendment 2 will lead to serious health and public safety consequences for our communities, our children, our families, and our quality of life.

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13 Uruguay: Why Uruguay Legalized Pot, From The Top DownThu, 25 Sep 2014
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Nolen, Stephanie Area:Uruguay Lines:286 Added:09/29/2014

In a reverse of the bottom-up process playing out in North America, Uruguay's socialist government legalized marijuana in the face of stiff disapproval from the majority of its citizens. Lawmakers believe legalization is the best way to neutralize drug

For a room full of potheads, with a ceiling wreathed in pale grey smoke, there is a surprising amount of bustle in Urugrow on a Tuesday afternoon.

This small shop in the heart of the Uruguayan capital is the premiere location for those seeking to grow their own marijuana, and the three young owners cannot import the big, boxy, vinyl grow kits fast enough.

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14 US CO: Pot Giveaway For Vets Draws About 1,000Mon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Buffalo News (NY)          Area:Colorado Lines:31 Added:09/29/2014

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) A marijuana giveaway for veterans attracted about 1,000 people to a Colorado hotel.

The "Grow 4 Vets" giveaway in Colorado Springs aimed to bring cannabis-based treatments to veterans with service-related conditions as an alternative to pain medications.

The Gazette reports that veterans were given a bag of items that included cannabis oil, an edible chocolate bar and seeds to grow plants.

Marijuana activists have tried unsuccessfully to have post-traumatic stress disorder added to the Colorado list of medical conditions that qualify for joining the medical marijuana registry.

Now that pot is legal for all adults over 21, organizers are free to give away marijuana.

A similar event was held last weekend in Denver.


15 US: Wash., Colo. Assess Their Pots Of GoldMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Chokshi, Niraj Area:United States Lines:62 Added:09/29/2014

Two States Expect $811 Million From Taxes on Marijuana Sales

If a pair of new government forecasts prove true, Washington and Colorado would see more than $800 million in extra revenue over the next few years thanks to marijuana sales. At the least.

The estimates, both released in recent days, differ greatly in what they predict and over what time period. But together they show that the plant, now legal to purchase in both states, could generate at least $811.2 million for the trailblazing states before 2020. Washington can expect $637 million by 2019, while Colorado can expect $174.5 million through the fiscal year that ends in 2017, according to state estimates.

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16US NV: Column: Finally, A Good CallSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV) Author:Sebelius, Steve Area:Nevada Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

For perhaps the first time since Nevada finally got serious about implementing its medical marijuana laws, a state regulation makes sense. The state's Division of Public and Behavioral Health announced it would not invoke its discretionary authority to limit the amount of marijuana grown in Nevada to between 650,000 and 1 million square feet.

That's the right call: The entrepreneurs who set up marijuana growing and dispensing businesses should be the ones making the decisions about how much they need, based on their best estimate of what the market demands. Sellers note that some products - such as lotions infused with marijuana - require more of the drug to manufacture.

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17 Australia: Column: Industrial Hemp Could Be Big, but for RedMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Mercury, The (Australia) Author:Hanson, Roger Area:Australia Lines:68 Added:09/29/2014

OUT in the fields and talking with farmers it is glaringly obvious Tasmania is missing out on a huge opportunity from one of the oldest sustainable industries on the planet: industrial hemp.

Tasmania stands on the brink of a bold new industry with hemp. However, despite having many regulatory regimes to develop models for production of industrial hemp, we are going nowhere.

Industrial hemp is not a drug: it has virtually has no THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana. It seems to get confused with medicinal cannabis.

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18 US KS: PUB LTE: Black MarketFri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Lawrence Journal-World (KS) Author:Voorhees, Craig Area:Kansas Lines:36 Added:09/29/2014

To the editor:

District Attorney Charles Branson said in an article on Sept. 7, that the real problem with selling marijuana in Lawrence is the armed invasion of the homes of people who sell marijuana. He said that in the last two years there have been 25 drug-related home invasions, and if you go back five years, three deaths occurred in these robberies.

Of course this is worrisome, but the root cause of these crimes is the prohibition of marijuana, not marijuana use itself. As a law enforcement official, violent crime is bound to be the district attorney's focus, but a look at the prohibition of alcohol shows that the social costs of prohibition far outweigh the costs of legalization. The armed robberies of bootleggers and speakeasys are things of the past precisely because the prohibition of alcohol was repealed.

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19US NV: UNLV Could Get Study on Medical Pot's Efficacy forMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV) Author:Knightly, Arnold M. Area:Nevada Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

UNLV's most impactful recruit this year might be nowhere near the basketball court.

Nevada's state and federal lawmakers have been working to bring medical marijuana researcher Dr. Sue Sisley to the university to conduct a pilot study on the safety and efficacy of marijuana on veterans with chronic and treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder.

While the study would be financially supported by sponsors and not receive any federal money, it has received all the federal approvals, said Sisley, who has been working on securing the study since 2011. She is hoping the university will provide the research space.

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20 US CO: 1,000 Veterans Line Up For Free MarijuanaMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Boston Globe (MA)          Area:Colorado Lines:37 Added:09/29/2014

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) - A marijuana giveaway for veterans attracted about 1,000 people to a Colorado hotel.

The Operation Grow 4 Vets giveaway in Colorado Springs aimed to bring cannabis-based treatments to veterans with service-related conditions as an alternative to pain medications.

The veterans were given a bag of items that included cannabis oil, an edible-marijuana chocolate bar, and seeds to grow plants.

Marijuana activists have tried unsuccessfully to have post-traumatic stress disorder added to the Colorado list of medical conditions that qualify for joining the medical marijuana registry. Now that pot is legal for all adults over 21, organizers are free to give away marijuana.

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21 CN NS: Experimenting With Medical PotFri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Chronicle Herald (CN NS) Author:Mellor, Clare Area:Nova Scotia Lines:88 Added:09/29/2014

More Data Needed to Determine Effectiveness, Pain-Treatment Specialist Says

At least a dozen physicians raised their hands at a pain conference in Halifax on Friday when asked if they have prescribed medical marijuana for their patients.

More physicians in Canada are becoming familiar with medical marijuana but more education and research is needed, said Mark Ware, a renowned pain specialist at McGill University in Montreal.

"We need more data, yes, but we also need better mechanisms to get that data, that we do have, out to the hands of people that need to know it."

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22 CN AB: EDGE Sets RecordSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Roth, Pamela Area:Alberta Lines:110 Added:09/29/2014

Big Year for Drug/Gang Fighting Cops

Members of the Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement unit (EDGE) have had a record-breaking year for seizures of marijuana, buffing agent and cash.

So far this year, police have seized 200 kg of marijuana, 27 kg of buffing agent and nearly $1.4 million in cash. The unit seized $1.3 million cash for the entire year last year and had 6.3 kg of marijuana at this time last year.

According to EDGE Staff Sgt. Carlos Cardoso, the increase in marijuana is due to a record-breaking seizure of 440 pounds last April. Prior to that, the last big marijuana seizure was approximately 160 pounds.

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23US CO: 1,000 Veterans Line Up For Free MarijuanaMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO)          Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

A marijuana giveaway for veterans attracted about 1,000 people to a Colorado hotel.

The "Grow 4 Vets" giveaway in Colorado Springs aimed to bring cannabis-based treatments to veterans with service-related conditions as an alternative to pain medications, The Gazette reported. Veterans were given cannabis oil, an edible chocolate bar and seeds to grow plants.

Marijuana activists have tried unsuccessfully to have post-traumatic stress disorder added to the Colorado list of medical conditions that qualify for joining the medical marijuana registry. Now that pot is legal for adults over 21, organizers are free to give away marijuana.

A similar event was held last weekend in Denver.


24US FL: Editorial: Reject Medical Pot AmendmentSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

It's human nature to want to relieve the pain and suffering of another human being. And there's no denying the testimony of thousands of patients who say marijuana has helped them endure the nausea, the loss of appetite and other symptoms associated with the treatments for cancer, AIDS and other debilitating diseases.

That explains the polls showing public support for Amendment 2, which would allow the use of marijuana in Florida by patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions.

If the proposed amendment were that simple, we would favor its passage. But it's not.

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25 US CA: Lake County Fight Over Marijuana Going Back to VotersMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Press Democrat, The (Santa Rosa, CA) Author:Anderson, Glenda Area:California Lines:114 Added:09/29/2014

Lake County's ongoing battle over medical marijuana regulations returns to the ballot box, with two measures this November that, if passed, would overturn the county's current pot ordinance approved by voters in June.

Measures 0 and P continue the tug-of-war over pot that is becoming a tradition of sorts. Each time the county attempts to enact restrictions on marijuana cultivation and dispensaries, pot advocates have challenged them with referendums, ballot initiatives or lawsuits.

Marijuana advocates have been more successful at obtaining signatures for ballot measures and referendums than in getting them passed. Voters soundly defeated their last ballot initiative, Measure D, in 2012.

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26 US NM: OPED: When A Decision Comes Back To Haunt YouMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Albuquerque Journal (NM) Author:Nelson, Ron Area:New Mexico Lines:88 Added:09/29/2014

The Lessons Learned From Legalizing Alcohol Should Be a Role Model for Why Decriminalizing Drugs Is a Bad Idea

When I first read Diane Dimond's column, "When will we really listen to the experts on drugs?", my first mental response was, this woman really is out of touch as to how and why we have the prisons overflowing and the social issues that plague us today over drugs.

I only agree with one portion of her column, "We believe that by placing drug abuse in the hands of medical professionals instead of the criminal justice system, we will reduce rates of addiction and overdose deaths," says LEAP's mission statement. "We believe that in a regulated and controlled environment, drugs will be safer for adult use and less accessible to our children."

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27 US ND: Dark Side Of The BoomMon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Horwitz, Sari Area:North Dakota Lines:351 Added:09/29/2014

North Dakota's Oil Rush Brings Cash and Promise to Reservation, Along With Drug-Fueled Crime

ON THE FORT BERTHOLD INDIAN RESERVATION - Tribal police Sgt. Dawn White is racing down a dusty two-lane road - siren blaring, police radio crackling - as she attempts to get to the latest 911 call on a reservation that is a blur of oil rigs and bright-orange gas flares.

"Move! C'mon, get out of the fricking way!" White yells as she hits 102 mph and weaves in and out of a line of slow-moving tractor-trailers that stretches for miles.

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28 US NM: Ballot Fight Comes Down To 'Other Questions'Mon, 29 Sep 2014
Source:Albuquerque Journal (NM) Author:Cole, Thomas J. Area:New Mexico Lines:138 Added:09/29/2014

The state Supreme Court case that resulted in residents of Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties being allowed to vote on whether they would like to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana turned on a definition and who has the authority to decide what the words in question mean. "Other questions" was the question. The questions to go before Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties are nonbinding advisory questions, meaning the passage or defeat means nothing in and of itself and county commissions aren't required to act based on outcomes of the voting. The commissions had voted to put the questions on the November ballot.

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29 US WA: Column: Pot Shop Shows Shift On Seattle StreetsSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Westneat, Danny Area:Washington Lines:104 Added:09/29/2014

There may be no corner in Seattle with an image problem quite like the Central Area's 23rd and Union.

"We've had property appraisers come from Bellevue and be afraid to get out of their cars," says Tom Bangasser, whose family has owned part of the corner for 73 years.

It's always been a bad rap, he says. Especially recently, as street crime around the long-troubled corner has plummeted. But when a restaurant there was torched in an arson last year - after two previous owners of restaurants at the same location were murdered - it seemed to clinch that the corner is vexed by a terrible misfortune it just can't shake.

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30US CO: Disciplinary Cases For Pot Drop At CUSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Kuta, Sarah Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

Boulder - The number of students disciplined for marijuana and other drug violations at the University of Colorado was cut in half between 2012 and 2013, according to newly released crime statistics.

Christina Gonzales, dean of students, attributes the decline from 1,145 to 588 to a number of factors, including the Office of Student Conduct's decision to relax enforcement of the university marijuana policy.

The Office of Student Conduct is a campus administrative office that enforces the university's student code of conduct, while CU's police department enforces local, state and federal laws on and near the campus.

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31US CO: Aurora To Start Pot Sales, But Stores Not ReadySun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Illescas, Carlos Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

Licensing Delays Could Keep All 21 Recreational Marijuana Shops Closed for Wednesday's Kickoff.

Aurora - Talk about a soft opening. The city of Aurora is going live with recreational marijuana sales for the first time Wednesday. But of the 21 businesses that received licenses to peddle pot in the city, there may not be any that actually will open their doors on the monumental day.

Because Aurora didn't have medical marijuana sales, it had to wait until Oct. 1 of this year to allow recreational sales and create regulations from scratch. But after taking more than a year to finalize those guidelines, Aurora then had a tight time frame to license businesses, which has played a big factor in the expected low opening-day numbers.

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32 US OH: Students Create 'No Weed' Video MessagesSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Morning Journal (Lorain, OH)          Area:Ohio Lines:41 Added:09/29/2014

Teens in Lorain County schools are creating this month for an awareness campaign with a message that young people do not need marijuana to succeed in life.

Elaine Georgas, executive director of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services of Lorain County, said teens designed the campaign in the spring, "We don't need weed to succeed."

The youth said there are better things to do with their lives than smoke marijuana, Georgas said.

The contest encourages teens to create 20-second videos and ask their friends to like the videos on Facebook and YouTube or retweet them on Twitter to help promote resilience against peer pressure, she said.

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33 US PA: Marijuana Activists Make Their CaseSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Times-Tribune, The (Scranton PA) Author:Wellock, Bill Area:Pennsylvania Lines:54 Added:09/29/2014

Wilkes-Barre Cannabis Reform Rally Held at Kirby Park on Saturday.

WILKES-BARRE - Ryan Berndt smokes pot.

He's also a productive member of society, and he was in Kirby Park on Saturday with a sign proclaiming just that.

Mr. Berndt came to the Wilkes- Barre Cannabis Reform Rally on Saturday to join other advocates of the herb. About 100 people visited the park's pavilion to hear from a list of speakers preaching the benefits of cannabis and urging state government to adopt more cannabis friendly laws.

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34 US FL: PUB LTE: Medical Pot's Source - Legal Or Illegal?Sat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL) Author:Heath, Stephen Area:Florida Lines:29 Added:09/29/2014

Regarding Ray Strack's guest column, "Why sheriffs oppose medical pot: Profits, not safety," in the Sept. 20 Sentinel:

The backers of Amendment 2 believe that the medical-marijuana industry is best handled by a legal, sensibly regulated market. The prohibitionists, represented by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, seem to think that industry is best handled by illegally run foreign drug cartels and violent street-level dealers in our neighborhoods.

Readers are thus invited to choose with which group they will align this coming November and cast their vote accordingly.

Stephen Heath


35 US TN: PUB LTE: Free Press Writer Wrong On PotSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Chattanooga Times Free Press (TN) Author:Mendizabal, Larry Area:Tennessee Lines:34 Added:09/29/2014

The Sept. 14 Free Press editorial opposing the legalization of marijuana was laughable. The writer cites studies that show that marijuana isn't good for you. The writer seems to ignore that all of the points he makes are also true for alcohol, which is even more dangerous. I doubt he would ever write an editorial arguing that legalization of alcohol for recreational use didn't make sense.

Personally, I think marijuana is boring. But I think that as long as they're not harming others, people should be allowed to choose their own entertainment, regardless of whether what they choose is good for them. I don't care if it's marijuana, alcohol, greasy food, gambling, or sitting on the couch and watching TV all day.

That's what being a free human being, and living in a supposedly "free" country, is all about: making your own choices, without the government imprisoning you just because a majority of people don't share your preferences.



36 US IL: PUB LTE: Pot PossibilitiesSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Atella, David Area:Illinois Lines:33 Added:09/29/2014

Horse racing, tobacco, liquor, gambling, slot machines, beer, the lottery - these used to be called vices. Now all are streams of revenue into which Illinois governments have stuck their fingers. Legally.

So the city of Chicago should grab hold of marijuana with both hands and not let go. Now. There are so many directions and opportunities, it's dizzying.

For the first time in his tenure, in my opinion, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has uttered something comprehensible and of imagination; so, yes, he should proceed toward legalization. Chicago cannot live indefinitely with problems like a shrinking home-sales market, a crumbling infrastructure and an outdated, inefficient transportation network.

But a bold idea done right and done quickly - to get an edge over what's sure to be an avalanche of cities and locales doing the same thing - might help save the city.

- - David Atella, Hinsdale


37 US FL: OPED: No. Dressing Up Marijuana As Medicine Doesn't CutFri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL) Author:Butler, Madelyn Area:Florida Lines:88 Added:09/29/2014

Real prescriptions tell us how many precisely dosed pills to take ... Do we expect budtenders to tell us how many puffs ... [are] optimal?

The relationship between a doctor and a patient is a sacred trust and a legal bond. One of the most common treatments that doctors provide to patients is to prescribe medications. When writing a prescription, the doctor stipulates a specific medication, precise doses, how often and when it is taken, and for how long. Your doctor and pharmacist review every medication you are taking to protect you from adverse drug interactions. The entire process of testing, approving, manufacturing, prescribing and selling prescription medications is carefully regulated.

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38 US FL: Editorial: Amendment 2: Good For Florida?Fri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL) Author:Owens, Darryl E. Area:Florida Lines:55 Added:09/29/2014

Talk about reefer madness. Trying to gauge Floridians' support for Amendment 2, Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions - on which voters will have their say in November - based on the myriad crazily vacillating polls is truly mind-bending.

In May, a Quinnipiac poll found that 88 percent of Florida voters backed the medicinal use of marijuana. That's up a tick from a November 2013 poll that recorded 82 percent support.

Yet, this month, a SurveyUSA/ WFLA poll suggests Quinnipiac should recalibrate its abacus. That poll found that a mere 53 percent of probable voters back the measure, which would decriminalize the curative use of marijuana as recommended by a licensed Florida doctor.

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39 US FL: OPED: Yes: Critics' Scare Tactics Cloud MedicinalFri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL) Author:Pollara, Ben Area:Florida Lines:89 Added:09/29/2014

The truth about medical marijuana is clear for anyone to see ... Patients are getting relief, lives are being saved [without the predicted] social ills. ...

From page A1 Sometimes, decisions that seem difficult at a glance can be boiled down to one simple choice. I believe this is the case with Amendment 2, a measure on the ballot this November that would allow for doctors to recommend the medical use of marijuana by patients with debilitating diseases and medical conditions.

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40 US FL: Editorial: 'Pill Mill' Lessons Can Inform MarijuanaWed, 24 Sep 2014
Source:Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL)          Area:Florida Lines:85 Added:09/29/2014

Chances are you didn't attend the medical marijuana debate hosted last week by state Sen. Eleanor Sobel at Broward College's campus in Pembroke Pines. Few people did.

Had you been there, you would have heard the questions that surround the push to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes - as proposed in a state constitutional amendment facing voters in November.

For example, is medical pot really about helping the sick, or is it about legalizing marijuana for just about anything, as Javier Correoso of Drug Free Florida maintains?

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41 US FL: OPED: A Cop's Argument for Amendment 2Fri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Palm Beach Post, The (FL) Author:Franklin, Neill Area:Florida Lines:91 Added:09/29/2014


When I began my 34-year career in law enforcement as a narcotics agent, I never would have imagined that someday I would become an advocate for legal medical marijuana.

Back in those days, I was an undercover officer posing as a user in search of narcotics. I made drug buys. I seized property. I arrested thousands of people and saw, over time, that my efforts actually contributed to street violence and that marijuana had become cheaper, more potent and more plentiful than ever before. A Pew Research Center study last year found that roughly half of American adults (48 percent) admitted having tried marijuana, the highest percentage ever.

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42 US HI: PUB LTE: We Already Have 'Big Marijuana'Sat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Hawaii Lines:36 Added:09/29/2014

Kevin Sabet just doesn't get it ("If you think Big Tobacco was bad, wait until you see Big Marijuana," StarAdvertiser, Insight, Sept. 24).

Big Marijuana already exists in the form of Mexican drug cartels. These are ruthless people who cut off heads to resolve business disputes, sell drugs to anyone regardless of age, and have a vested financial interest in providing cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin to consumers.

Like it or not, marijuana is here to stay. We can collect taxes on legal marijuana or we can subsidize drug cartels. Punitive laws have little, if any, deterrent value. Despite the dire predictions of drug warriors, the sky is not falling in Colorado.

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43 US WA: Slow Rollout of Seattle's Pot Stores May Be Speeding UpSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Bush, Evan Area:Washington Lines:88 Added:09/29/2014

But Supply Issues Still a Big Hurdle

One Plans Grand Opening With Glass Blowers Oct. 18

Two more state-licensed marijuana stores are scheduled to open soon in Seattle, but their launches could be muted by supply issues that continue to dog the local retail marijuana industry.

The owner of Uncle Ike's Pot Shop, Ian Eisenberg, said his company will start serving customers next week at 23rd and Union. Meanwhile, Oltion Hyseni, the owner of Ocean Greens said his company is preparing for a grand opening on Oct. 18.

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44US CA: Editorial: Penalizing Pot Producers CounterproductiveSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

For several months, Riverside County Supervisor Kevin Jeffries has developed an ordinance that would impose criminal penalties for growing marijuana in the unincorporated areas of the county.

While Mr. Jeffries and Supervisor Jeff Stone work to revise the ordinance to create exemptions for medical marijuana card holders, one has to wonder if such an ordinance is necessary at all.

According to a document outlining the purpose and rationale of the ordinance, "the cultivation of marijuana is currently not a permitted use in any one classification in the county. Section 3.3 of Ordinance No. 348 provides that when a use is not specifically listed as permitted or conditionally permitted in a zone classification, the use is prohibited."

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45 US AZ: PUB LTE: War On DrugsFri, 26 Sep 2014
Source:Payson Roundup, The (AZ) Author:Bratten, Don Area:Arizona Lines:63 Added:09/29/2014


I have a few thoughts regarding our war on drugs, and it starts with the saying, "If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it." Well, we've got some history to learn from, so let's take a look:

Alcohol: Back in the 1930s, politicians thought it was good idea to prohibit the sale of alcohol to individual citizens. It didn't work. The mafia got rich from the sale and distribution of illegal alcohol. Many people lost their lives, mainly related to gang violence, and some went blind or died from drinking homemade alcohol of poor quality. Eventually society realized its mistake and legalized the sale of alcohol to adults. It's now controlled for quality and it's taxed, which helps pay for some of the expenses of governments.

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46 US FL: PUB LTE: Legalize DrugsSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Cardenas, Christiam Area:Florida Lines:35 Added:09/29/2014

The War on Drugs has proven to be ineffective in achieving its goal, which is to reduce the supply and demand for illegal drugs. On the contrary, this war has contributed to an increase in the levels of corruption and violence in the past decades.

It has been said that legalization could result in a public health disaster because it would dramatically increase the number of addicts. Assuming the number of addicts increases, legalization would result in a large amount of government savings by not having to fight crimes related to illegal drug activities, and it would also result in a large amount of government revenue as a result of taxes on the new legalized drugs.

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47 US FL: Debating the Help, Harm of Medical PotSat, 27 Sep 2014
Source:Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Author:Sweeney, Dan Area:Florida Lines:77 Added:09/29/2014

Doctor, Lawyer Square Off Over Effect of Amendment 2

Will Amendment 2 give seriously ill people a chance to treat their symptoms with medical marijuana instead of potentially deadly prescription drugs? Or will it give doctors carte blanche to recommend it to just about anyone, turning Florida into a pot paradise?

Medical marijuana's biggest backer in the state brought his case before the Sun Sentinel's editorial board on Friday, and faced off against a politically connected medical doctor who opposes medical marijuana in general, and Florida's Amendment 2 specifically.

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48US CA: Editorial: Medical Marijuana Ban Needs A FixSun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Fresno Bee, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

There is only one direction that the Fresno County Board of Supervisors should go with its draconian medical marijuana ordinance: back to the drawing board.

Monday's day-long appeals hearing for medical marijuana cultivators and property owners offered ample evidence that $1,000-a-plant fines and an outright ban on medical pot aren't in the best interests of county residents.

We sympathize with the five supervisors who in January unanimously approved an ordinance banning all marijuana cultivation in the county's unincorporated areas. Too many people were gaming the system. Unscrupulous doctors were granting cards that allowed their patients to grow as many as 99 plants. Huge medical marijuana farms were sprouting all over their county - causing serious problems for neighbors and triggering violent crime.

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49Uruguay: Legal, Regulated Cannabis In UruguaySun, 28 Sep 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Baca, Ricardo Area:Uruguay Lines:Excerpt Added:09/29/2014

There's a revolution happening in the streets of this sleepy South American capital-one full of controversial land mines, landmark precedents and intense international heat.

It's the kind of uprising you can smell, and it's a familiar scent in Colorado.

Marijuana is on the lips and minds of many Uruguayans. While the possession of cannabis has been federally legal here since 1974, the government's recent effort to regulate the sale of recreational marijuana has thrust the quiet, modest country of 3.3million into the international limelight.

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50 US IL: Mayor Pitches Plan To Soften Drug PenaltiesWed, 24 Sep 2014
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Ruthhart, Bill Area:Illinois Lines:209 Added:09/27/2014

Critics Say It's Part of Future Push for Stricter Gun Law

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday started to sell his idea of loosening Illinois drug laws for possession of illegal substances like marijuana, heroin and cocaine, but some of those he has to convince said they're skeptical because he'll want tougher gun laws in return.

The reception to Emanuel's plan to decriminalize marijuana statewide and reduce minor drug possession to a misdemeanor illustrated the difficult slog the mayor faces as he tries to secure a signature victory on violent crime, an issue that's been at the forefront of his tenure.

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