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1 US NY: PUB LTE: Inside JobsMon, 28 Apr 2014
Source:New Yorker, The (US) Author:Randall, Trish Area:New York Lines:32 Added:04/28/2014

Jeffrey Toobin's piece on the inmates and staff at the Baltimore City Detention Center illustrates the devastation of human lives and communities which decades of drug prohibition have wrought ("This Is My Jail," April 14th). Most American drug-prohibition enforcement is in minority communities, even though drug use among minorities is virtually no higher than it is in the white population. With a large percentage of the young men from minority neighborhoods locked up, and few opportunities for young women to make a living wage as anything other than their jailers, sex, romance, smuggling, and gangs within detention facilities should come as no surprise. Even after huge expenditures, the erosion of civil rights across the country, and the disruption of communities and families, drugs are still available both outside and inside our jails and prisons. It is baffling that anyone would think that mere regime and policy changes could improve the conditions in jails, communities, or in the country at large.

Trish Randall

Vancouver, Wash.


2CN ON: 15,000 At Pro-pot Rally, Say OrganizersMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Mills, Cary Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

Clock Strikes 4:20 And Smoke Fills Air on Parliament Hill

Thousands of people were on Parliament Hill to smoke a joint or otherwise support legalizing marijuana in Canada on Sunday.

Organizers estimate there was a crowd of at least 15,000 people at the height of the event, when 4:20 p.m. struck and smoke filled the air.

Young to old people gathered from noon until 5 p.m., when there was music and commentary by Precious Chong, daughter of actor and marijuana activist Tommy Chong.

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3CN BC: Marijuana Moment Marks 20th AnniversaryMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Austin, Ian Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

Some 30,000 People Take Part As Pot Purveyors and Practitioners Light Up Peacefully

Easter Sunday in Vancouver featured a holy grail of a different nature.

A hazy, crazy afternoon offered 420 No. 20 outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Since 1995, increasingly large numbers of pot purveyors and practitioners have gathered outside the gallery on April 20 in what has become a worldwide phenomenon.

"This is the 20th 4/20 in #Vancouver, where it all started," tweeted out marijuana advocate Jodie Emery. "Now it's on every continent on earth, celebrations in over 300 cities! #420"

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4 CN ON: Smoke Gets In Their EyesMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Connor, Kevin Area:Ontario Lines:64 Added:04/23/2014

Thousands Toke Up a Storm in Pro-Pot Rally at Yonge-Dundas Square

Thousands of marijuana activists gave new meaning to "Easter grass" on Sunday.

Yonge-Dundas Square was the smoky site for Toronto's eighth annual 4/20 demonstration, a global event pushing for the legalization of pot.

In Canada, groups in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Halifax all took a hit from a joint at 4:20 p.m. in their times zones to show solidarity for the April 20th pro-pot rallies.

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5 US DC: 'there Were Clues. But We Had No Clue' Of Heroin UseWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Washington Post (DC) Author:Svrluga, Susan Area:District of Columbia Lines:312 Added:04/23/2014

After Madison Walker quit heroin, he urged Connor Brennan to get clean, too.

Brennan, 20, thought about Walker, who had grown up in the same Fairfax County subdivision and was sober, healthy, close with his parents again. Look how happy he is, Brennan thought. I want to be like that.

A few nights later, Brennan was in a detox program in Chantilly. And Walker, 27, was dead. He'd taken one last hit, in a bathroom of his family's home in Springfield, and collapsed with the needle still in his arm.

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6 CN MB: Rolling NumbersMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Winnipeg Sun (CN MB) Author:Annable, Kristin Area:Manitoba Lines:75 Added:04/23/2014

Nearly 2,000 Revellers Light Up at Annual 4/20 Rally

Close to 2,000 people gathered at the Legislative Building grounds on Sunday, their eyes impatiently on the time, awaiting for 4:20 p.m. to strike.

A countdown, followed by boisterous cheering and a cloud of smoke marked Winnipeg's effort in the annual 4/20 celebration, the pro-marijuana rally that is recognized worldwide.

An interview with Bill Vander-Graff, a retired cop and licensed medical marijuana user, came to an abrupt halt at 4:20 so he could relish in the festivities.

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7US CO: Column: Like Rollout Of Legal Marijuana Sales, 4/20Mon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Meyer, Jeremy Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

As trip-hop music played through booming speakers, sun-drenched parkgoers on Sunday sauntered through Civic Center with the pungent smell of marijuana hanging in the air.

And you know what? Everything was fine.

Just as the rollout of legal recreational marijuana sales on Jan. 1 went smoothly, Denver's 4/20 rally - a two-day event this year- also went off without much of a hitch.

This was the weekend many in city government dreaded-the first 4/20 celebration of the new pot age.

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8US CO: Concerns Grow Over Pot-Laced GoodiesMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:San Jose Mercury News (CA) Author:Gurman, Sadie Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

Recent Deaths Put Spotlight on Largely Unmonitored Edibles

DENVER (AP) - A college student eats more than the recommended dose of a marijuana-laced cookie and jumps to his death from a hotel balcony. A husband with no history of violence is accused of shooting his wife in the head, possibly after eating pot-infused candy.

The two recent deaths have stoked concerns about Colorado's recreational marijuana industry and the effects of the drug, especially since cookies, candy and other pot edibles can be exponentially more potent than a joint.

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9Canada: Refining The Recipe For PotSat, 19 Apr 2014
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Delaire, Megan Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

As corporate marijuana producers set up under Health Canada, understanding chemical compounds allows researchers to produce strains tailored to specific needs, writes MEGAN DELAIRE.

Deep within the labs of a 55,000-square-foot Markham facility, past security checkpoints and under sterile white lights, molecular scientists and botanists are growing a special new medicine using a secret formula given to them by a company in Israel.

AviDekel is a strain of marijuana with almost no tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the main psychoactive component of the plant, and a high concentration of cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound shown to have a number of positive therapeutic effects.

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10 US FL: PUB LTE: God's PlantTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Wooldridge, Howard Area:Florida Lines:31 Added:04/23/2014

Regarding "Medical pot push driven by profit":

Speaking as a lobbyist/advocate for law enforcement in Congress, Douglas MacKinnon sounds like a lobbyist for Big Pharma.

In attacking a competitive product - God's green plant - he protects the billions in profits that those wonderful pills generate.

God didn't make junk. Marijuana is a low-cost, low-side-effect and highly effective medicine for millions of people.

My colleagues need to accept and even embrace it.



11 US CO: LTE: Oversight Failing On Two CountsWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Leong, Dorothy Area:Colorado Lines:37 Added:04/23/2014

It is obvious that the regulatory agencies of the state of Colorado are overwhelmed by the challenges presented by the legalization of marijuana. This parallels the difficulties faced in the oversight of facilities that care for the elderly.

As someone who lives next door to a "state-licensed" elder "care" facility, I have witnessed firsthand that there is little to no oversight. The facility's operators seem well aware of the shortcomings in oversight and blithely take advantage of them, reaping a lush harvest of public funding for their ever-expanding business.

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12US CO: Cautious Cannabis Budget AdvancesWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Ingold, John Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

The JBC will take a slow tack in spending the new tax revenues.

A Colorado legislative committee on Tuesday approved a cautious plan for spending marijuana tax revenue in the next fiscal year - coming more than $20 million below what Gov. John Hickenlooper had requested.

The plan approved by the legislature's Joint Budget Committee calls for $31.4 million - including $22.9 million from marijuana taxes - to be put into prevention of youth drug use, addiction treatment, research and public education campaigns. Hickenlooper originally requested to spend nearly $75 million but later scaled back his proposal to $54 million.

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13US CA: Judge Waits to Make Decision on Fresno County MarijuanaWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Fresno Bee, The (CA) Author:Benjamin, Marc Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

A Fresno County Superior Court judge will consider arguments heard Tuesday before ruling on a Fresno County medical marijuana cultivation ordinance that will impose heavy fines on its first violators in the next few days.

Judge Bruce Smith said he expects a ruling by the first week of May. He initially had difficulties with the legal filing and said there should have been two separate filings, an injunction and an appeal.

But Smith said he was not "altogether unsympathetic" with the Holapatiphone family, which was fined $43,000 by Fresno County supervisors in noncriminal penalties after 43 medical marijuana plants were discovered without a search warrant by Fresno County sheriff's deputies in February. The Fresno County ordinance bans any marijuana cultivation, even if it's for medical purposes.

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14US AZ: Editorial: Ariz. Court Offers Cliffhangers, Not NeededWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)          Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

Rulings on Medicaid Expansion and Traces of Pot in Drivers' Blood Are Sure to Bring More Drama.

A pair of rulings from Arizona courts leave the state's residents wondering what's next. The most far-reaching - and potentially costly - - comes from the Arizona Court of Appeals, which reinstated a lawsuit filed by GOP lawmakers on the losing side of last year's vote to expand the state's Medicaid program.

The Appeals Court said a lower court was wrong to dismiss the case on the grounds lawmakers had no standing to sue. It sent the case back to be decided on its merits.

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15CN BC: Thousands Turn Out For Downtown Pot PartyMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Hoekstra, Gordon Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

Annual 4/20 Celebration Mixes Music, Sales and Political Activism Part Carnival, Part Raucous Marketplace, Part Political Statement - 4/20 Vancouver Has Evolved into a Celebration That Epitomizes the Marijuana Movement.

The annual event at the Vancouver Art Gallery attracted a crush of thousands of people Sunday who came to smoke pot, party, stand up for the legalization of recreational pot use in Canada and sample the goods from the dozens of booths that crowded the squares and cordoned off streets around the art gallery.

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16 CN AB: Pot Rally Aims To Educate The PublicSun, 20 Apr 2014
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Maimann, Kevin Area:Alberta Lines:54 Added:04/23/2014

Stand up, but don't light up, say organizers of Alberta's largest pro pot celebration.

Alberta 420 director Keith Fagin says some younger participants in the annual Edmonton 420 Rally, set to take place at the legislature grounds Sunday afternoon, have a misconception that smoking up in public is legal on April 20.

"We never encourage people to consume publicly in the open. But we know and the police know there are going to be people who will spark up at 4:20 p.m.," Fagin said.

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17CN QU: OPED: Is Medical Marijuana Effective?Fri, 18 Apr 2014
Source:Montreal Gazette (CN QU) Author:Labos, Christopher Area:Quebec Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

The Evidence Shows That Enthusiasm for Medical Marijuana Has Outpaced the Scientific Evidence in Favour of It

With very little fanfare, Health Canada has changed the law and now allows physicians to prescribe marijuana to patients for certain medical conditions. On April 1, Health Canada implemented its Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.

Why it chose April Fool's Day and why it spells marijuana with an "h" are still unclear to me. Nevertheless, Canadians can now go to their doctor and ask for a prescription of dried cannabis for medical purposes. But just because you can does not mean that you should.

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18US AZ: Pot Metabolite Can't Be Basis Of DUIWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ) Author:Sanchez, Yvonne Wingett Area:Arizona Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

State Supreme Court Says Inactive Marijuana Traces Do Not Prove Impairment.

Motorists who have used marijuana cannot be charged with driving under the influence on that basis alone, even if some traces of the drug are detected in their blood, the state's top court ruled Tuesday.

Arizona Supreme Court justices disagreed with the Maricopa County Attorney Office, which argued before the court in November, that drivers whose blood tests reveal the presence of an inactive marijuana metabolite known as Carboxy-THC can be prosecuted for driving while impaired.

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19 US NH: Homegrown Medical Marijuana For NH Patients NotTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Solomon, Dave Area:New Hampshire Lines:93 Added:04/23/2014

CONCORD - Supporters of a grow-your-own provision in the state's medical marijuana law were dealt a blow by a Senate committee, which voted 3-1 on Tuesday to send the self-cultivation proposal to interim study, most likely killing the bill for this year.

The vote against the measure, which had passed the Democrat-controlled House by a large margin, protects Gov. Maggie Hassan from a potentially embarrassing veto fight. In addition to a veto threat from the governor, the bill was opposed by the Department of Safety, the New Hampshire State Police and individual police chiefs.

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20 US NJ: Paramus Cop Shot During Undercover Drug Buy In GarfieldTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Record, The (Hackensack, NJ) Author:Maag, Christopher Area:New Jersey Lines:145 Added:04/23/2014

It was supposed to be a $400 marijuana purchase that was part of a sting operation conducted by undercover police officers. But three alleged dealers, authorities said, tried to rob an undercover officer and triggered a shootout Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a Garfield shopping center filled with people, including teenagers on spring break. When it was over, a Paramus police officer and one suspect were in the hospital with gun-shot wounds, and three suspects, including the injured shooter, were under arrest, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said in a news conference at Hackensack University Medical Center.

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21 US NV: 178 Applications For Clark Co. Medi-Pot BusinessesWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Merced Sun-Star (CA)          Area:Nevada Lines:34 Added:04/23/2014

LAS VEGAS - Officials have received at least 178 applications from people seeking to start medical marijuana-related businesses in Clark County.

The Clark County Business License Department announced the totals 90 minutes before a 5 p.m. Tuesday submission deadline.

The number includes 60 applications related to cultivation, 77 in the dispensary category, one in the laboratory category and 40 in production.

Clark County became the first municipality in southern Nevada to accept applications for marijuana-related businesses after approving regulations last month.

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22US VT: Vt. Library Bathrooms Clogged By Drug NeedlesWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:Times Union (Albany, NY)          Area:Vermont Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) - A Vermont library is resorting to locking its public restrooms to curb a persistent problem of drug paraphernalia clogging the drains.

Burlington's Fletcher Free Library hopes to have locksmiths complete the work this week.

Library officials say the bathrooms on the mezzanine level of the library were closed three weeks ago for the third time after needles and other drug paraphernalia clogged the drains.

The Burlington Free Press reports that once the locks are installed, library patrons will have to exchange their library card or other identification for a key to the bathrooms. That policy mirrors one already in place for using the handicapped-accessible restroom.

The clogged drains were noticed before they could cause water damage to the bathrooms.


23US IA: Wife: Slipknot Bassist's Final Days Blur Of Drug AbuseWed, 23 Apr 2014
Source:USA Today (US) Author:Leys, Tony Area:Iowa Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

Paul Gray's final weeks were a blur of extreme drug abuse, which neither his doctor nor his bandmates would help his wife confront, she testified in Polk County District Court on Tuesday.

Brenna Gray said her husband, the bassist and a founder of the internationally known band Slipknot, relapsed into drug addiction in about 2008.

Gray testified that she raised concerns about why his Des Moines, Iowa, doctor, Daniel Baldi, continued prescribing the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, which her husband had a history of abusing. Paul Gray, 38, died of a drug overdose at an Urbandale motel in May 2010.

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24 Canada: Only 20 Bids To Grow Medicinal Pot ApprovedSat, 19 Apr 2014
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:MacCharles, Tonda Area:Canada Lines:134 Added:04/23/2014

Health Canada Doesn't Have Resources to Implement New System, Liberal MP Says

OTTAWA- The federal government has received hundreds of applications from pot producers seeking to become licensed marijuana growers under the Conservatives' new scheme, but has processed fewer than two dozen so far.

In a formal written response last week to Liberal MP Hedy Fry, Health Minister Rona Ambrose provided a snapshot of the rocky transition to a new legal scheme that has cost nearly $2 million, began in earnest but was stalled by a court injunction three weeks ago.

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25CN QU: OPED: Is Medical Marijuana Effective?Fri, 18 Apr 2014
Source:Montreal Gazette (CN QU) Author:Gillman, Marcia Area:Quebec Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

It Works Well in Palliative Care, and the College Des Medecins Du Quebec Should Show More of an Open Mind Toward It

The College Des Medecins Du Quebec Is Too Negative About Medical Marijuana

The College des medecins du Quebec (CMQ), with its statement issued April 1 regarding medical marijuana (cannabis), insists on disseminating misinformation, which only serves to deter physicians from prescribing to patients who could benefit.

As a palliative-care physician specializing in the symptom management of patients living with (and eventually dying from) incurable cancers, I have been prescribing medical cannabis with very good results. In some instances, it has allowed my patients to reduce their need for opioids, thus reducing the potentially serious side effects of narcotic medications. In addition to managing pain, medical marijuana has helped alleviate other troubling symptoms in my patient population, such as anxiety, insomnia, nausea and lack of appetite.

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26 CN ON: Smitherman, Ex-Cop in Pot VentureFri, 18 Apr 2014
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Alamenciak, Tim Area:Ontario Lines:103 Added:04/23/2014

'Complementary Strengths' Of Team Key to Growing Medical Marijuana Startup, Ex-Health Minister Says

The province's former Liberal health minister, George Smitherman, is getting into the pot game with a Markham pharmacist and a former deputy chief of the Toronto police. The trio - a veritable dream team in the medical marijuana industry - secured a property in Durham Region with about 16,000 square feet of serviceable indoor growing space, said Smitherman, and is in the midst of preparing an application. The township of Uxbridge recently passed a motion granting them a "no objection" letter to accompany their application to Health Canada.

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27 CN ON: Gonna Get High On The HillSat, 19 Apr 2014
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Hempstead, Doug Area:Ontario Lines:53 Added:04/23/2014

10,000 to Celebrate Pot at 420 Ottawa Sunday

To be blunt, I've got the right name for this article.

One of the largest "peaceful celebrations" in Canada happens on Parliament Hill Sunday at noon, and it has nothing to do with Easter.

It's 420 Ottawa - Fill The Hill.

Thousands - as many as 10,000 - of pot smokers and pot smoker-supporters will gather to light up for an afternoon, showing their desire for the discrimination of marijuana.

It's not, however, a political info-session.

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28 CN ON: Pot Protest Hopes To Sway Policy MakersMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Record, The (Kitchener, CN ON) Author:Mercer, Greg Area:Ontario Lines:92 Added:04/23/2014

Few People Openly Smoke As Locals Take Part In Pro-marijuana Demonstration

KITCHENER - They came, they listened to loud music, they played hacky-sack.

A pro-marijuana rally in front of Kitchener's City Hall marking 4/20, cannabis culture's annual day of celebration, felt like more of an afternoon hang-out than a political demonstration Sunday.

"Some people celebrate Easter, we have 4/20. This is our holiday," said 18-year-old John Angus of Cambridge, who brought his giant glass bong to the rally.

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29 CN ON: Potfest Friends Favour Legal ChangesMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Guelph Mercury (CN ON) Author:Kirsch, Vik Area:Ontario Lines:81 Added:04/23/2014

GUELPH - The air over the University of Guelph's Johnston Green park was thick with the pungent smell of marijuana on the weekend as students and visitors from the city and area rallied for decriminalization of the psychoactive weed.

Compared to other years, the Sunday afternoon event was subdued, perhaps because it was Easter weekend and many students were cramming for final exams Monday, though a couple hundred people still came out and lit up.

They lounged on the parkland, imbibing, throwing Frisbees, strumming guitars and feeding the Attack of the Munchies, a mini Woodstock complete with hippie outfits reminiscent of the 1960s among some.

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30 CN ON: 4-20 Message: If You Can't Beat It, Sell ItMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Metro (Ottawa, CN ON) Author:Scholey, Lucy Area:Ontario Lines:53 Added:04/23/2014

Weed Day. Annual Protest/Party Touts Medical Uses, Potential Tax Benefits

Thousands of pro-marijuana activists lit up blunts and bongs at Parliament Hill on Sunday afternoon to promote pot legalization.

The annual 4-20 Weed Day rally was less like a protest and more like a giant outdoor party, with people hula-hooping, playing Hacky Sack, waving giant marijuana-leaf flags and donning dreads.

Claude Galipeau, spokesperson for the committee that organizes the rally, said the group's message to the Conservative government is "stop unjustly criminalizing cannabis and start benefiting from it."

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31 CN AB: Column: Time For Doctors To Get On The PotMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Breakenridge, Dave Area:Alberta Lines:97 Added:04/23/2014

For many, Sunday marked the observance of Easter, the most important holiday in the Christian calendar, and an excuse for the less faithful to enjoy a visit from everyone's favourite bunny.

For many others, this Easter was also cause to spark up a fat one, as they marked 4/20, the most important holiday in the marijuana calendar.

Either way, it meant a lot of chocolate was consumed.

The goal of the 4/20 movement is to advocate for pot legalization, but in the absence of serious movement on that file (Justin Trudeau's vague promises aside), it can also serve as a reminder that there is still a struggle for people who are using weed to treat chronic pain, glaucoma, seizures and a host of other ailments.

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32 CN AB: Pot Event Blunted By RainMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Robb, Trevor Area:Alberta Lines:79 Added:04/23/2014

Annual Marijuana Celebration Battles Weather, Permit Issues

No amount of Mother Nature can snuff out the enthusiasm of local pot smokers.

Hundreds of peaceful Edmonton pot smokers occupied the Alberta Legislature grounds on Sunday for the 2014 4-20 Rally - Alberta's largest pro-cannabis gathering.

The event - which saw close to 8,000 people attend in 2012 - was temporarily hijacked by a flash rain storm which forced attendees to take cover under the tress, seemingly taking the wind out of the sails of the event. But as the clouds moved out, the crowd came tumbling in and the number of attendees swelled to just under 1,000.

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33 CN MB: Easter Holiday Cited For Small Legislature CrowdMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:Paul, Alexandra Area:Manitoba Lines:80 Added:04/23/2014

It may be the one day a year when people can smoke marijuana in public without being arrested, but the crowd toking up at the legislature Sunday was thinner than usual.

"I can't believe how light (the crowds are). Probably because it's Easter Sunday," shrugged Rick Starink, a veteran toker who celebrated his 65th birthday with a joint or two Sunday. "Last year, you couldn't see the asphalt or the grass here; I think that was one of the higher turnouts."

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34CN ON: Pot Proponents Push LegalizationMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Standard, The (St. Catharines, CN ON) Author:Law, John Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

Allowing marijuana for medical use was one battle. Allowing it for recreational use is the next one.

The 11th annual 420 Rally in Niagara Falls Sunday preached one simple message for hours: Stop making criminals of cannabis users. People shouldn't need a prescription or jump through government hoops to enjoy their stash, participants said.

As their yearly motto goes, Free the Weed.

For head injury survivor Reggie Storm of Ridgeway, life without marijuana would be a "nightmare." Every other drug he tried kept him bedridden and depressed.

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35 CN ON: Pushing For Legal PotMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Ball, Vincent Area:Ontario Lines:79 Added:04/23/2014

Brantford's First 420 Freedom Rally Attracts Crowd To Victoria Park

We have jobs, we're involved in our community, we want to make it a better place to live. We're not just a bunch of lazy stoners." Mike Dinsmore, Brantford Cannabis Club

The city's first 420 Freedom Rally in support of the legalization of marijuana was a pretty mellow affair.

A couple of hundred mostly young people gathered in Victoria Park on Sunday afternoon to openly smoke pot, extol the virtues of the plant and enjoy each other's company.

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36 CN ON: Smokin' Rally Fogs Up The HillMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Hempstead, Doug Area:Ontario Lines:68 Added:04/23/2014

Marijuana Activists Roll Into Capital For Annual 420 Gathering

Sunday afternoon was a time to smoke pot, not talk about pot.

Thousands of Ottawans did so in earnest as the crisp spring wind carried their aroma and loose, amplified music down Wellington St.

Organizers of 420 Ottawa "Fill the Hill" were expecting upwards of 10,000 pot smokers and pot smoker-supporters but it appears Easter-related family obligations forced many would-be attendees to give up their Doritos for a ham, at least until a little later in the afternoon. By 4:20 p.m., the entire lawn was filled.

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37 CN ON: Rally Pushes For Legal PotMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Niagara Falls Review, The (CN ON) Author:Law, John Area:Ontario Lines:82 Added:04/23/2014

Allowing marijuana medically was one battle. Allowing it for recreational use is the next one.

The 11th annual 420 Rally in Niagara Falls preached one simple message for hours: Stop making criminals of cannabis users. People shouldn't need a prescription or jump through government hoops to enjoy their stash, participants said.

As their yearly motto goes, Free the Weed.

For head injury survivor Reggie Storm of Ridgeway, life without marijuana would be a "nightmare." Every other drug he tried kept him bedridden and depressed.

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38 US AZ: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Is Nothing But A RuseSat, 19 Apr 2014
Source:Daily Courier (Prescott, AZ) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Arizona Lines:50 Added:04/23/2014

I'm writing about Parker Anderson's outstanding April 10 letter, "It's time to end the War on Drugs."

The so-called war on drugs is a huge industry and huge bureaucracy. Victory in the drug war is not possible, nor is it the goal. Victory in the drug war would mean that the drug war industry and bureaucracy are out of business.

There are basically two types of people who support the so-called war on drugs. The first are those who make their livelihood from it. This includes politicians and bureaucrats who are probably on the payroll of the drug cartels. (Al Capone had hundreds of politicians and prohibition officials on his payroll.)

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39CN BC: Medical Marijuana Producer Issues Recall For Purple KushTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Austin, Ian Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

In what's believed to be the first pot recall in Canada, Greenleaf Medicinals of Nanaimo is telling its clients not to smoke the Purple Kush.

A Health Canada news release states Greenleaf is voluntarily recalling one batch of marijuana (Purple Kush, Batch PK-1020-13) produced for medical purposes.

"The recall is due to issues with the company's production practices which were identified during an inspection by Health Canada and may impact the product."

Customers who bought the product should not smoke it.

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40CN BC: Medicinal Pot Producer Tilray Gets Official Ok FromTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC) Author:McKenna, Cara Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

A Nanaimo medicinal pot factory received its license from Health Canada last week and is now officially able to distribute cannabis across Canada.

Tilray, located at Duke Point, has been busy trimming, photographing and testing marijuana as it prepares for its first shipments, according to company vice president Philippe Lucas.

Tilray has also had a steady stream of interest from locals, with over 1,000 applications being taken in since the company started accepting resumes.

"We're settling into a really nice groove," said Lucas.

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41CN BC: Pot Recall Hits A Purple Kusha ProductTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Austin, Ian Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

In what's believed to be the first pot recall in Canada, Greenleaf Medicinals of Nanaimo is telling its clients not to smoke the Purple Kush.

A Health Canada press release states that Greenleaf is voluntarily recalling one batch of marijuana ( Purple Kush, Batch PK- 10- 20- 13) produced for medical purposes.

"The recall is due to issues with the company's production practices which were identified during an inspection by Health Canada and may impact the product."

Customers who've purchased the product should not smoke it.

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42 CN ON: Column: When It Comes To Pot, Times Are A ChangingTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Ball, Vincent Area:Ontario Lines:61 Added:04/23/2014

There were a few things missing from the city's first Freedom 420 rally on the weekend in support of legalizing marijuana.

Surprisingly, no entrepreneurs set up in Victoria Park to sell bags of potato chips or other munchies.

Imagine, a crowd of at least 200 people all smoking up and not a bag of Doritos or any other kind of snack available for at least a couple of blocks. Talk about a missed opportunity.

It was also somewhat surprising that there wasn't any visible police presence in the park during the rally.

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43 CN ON: LTE: Say No To PotTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Comeau, Larry Area:Ontario Lines:36 Added:04/23/2014

Re: 'Pot smokers converge on a Parliament Hill,' April 21.

A recent study stated unequivocally that young people who use pot on a fairly regular basis drastically increase their risk of suffering from psychosis and other mental issues later in life. Many other previous studies came to the same conclusion.

Margaret Trudeau said the best thing she ever did to cope with her own mental issues was to quit smoking pot. I doubt if Canadian health services, already at the breaking point, is ready to deal with the mental and health issues if pot is legalized.

[continues 63 words]

44 CN QU: PUB LTE: Marijuana Offers Many BenefitsTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Montreal Gazette (CN QU) Author:Merrill, Tom Area:Quebec Lines:41 Added:04/23/2014

Re: "Is medical marijuana effective?" (Opinion, April 18)

It was good to see a physician taking a public stand against the position of the College des medecins du Quebec on both the safety and benefits of medical pot.

"Not one lethal overdose from marijuana has ever been reported," Dr. Marcia Gillman points out, adding that "Cannabis is without doubt safer than most, if not all, of the medications I regularly prescribe to my very sick patient population." Except where contraindicated, as in patients with schizophrenia and heart disease, "cannabis can be safely prescribed."

[continues 155 words]

45CN BC: Beware The Green RushTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Austin, Ian Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

B.C. Regulators Warn That Big Profits Are Being Made By Medical-pot Stock Speculators

Big profits are being made by share speculators in the emerging marijuana industry, prompting a warning from B.C. regulators to beware the green rush.

"Investors need to know that a lot of these startups fail," said Richard Gilhooley of the B.C. Securities Commission.

Gilhooley was reacting to the storm of interest surrounding publicly listed companies getting into the medical and non-medical marijuana business in Canada and some U.S states.

[continues 809 words]

46 CN AB: Weed Rally Takes To The GrassMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Metro (Edmonton, CN AB) Author:Haines, Lucy Area:Alberta Lines:47 Added:04/23/2014

Marijuana Users Gather To Support Legalization

A light rain and the lure of an Easter Sunday supper didn't stop thousands of cannabis users from taking a group hit at the annual Alberta 420 rally at the legislature grounds.

The peaceful gathering - with blankets, bongo drums and spontaneous hackey sack games - looked more like a day at the folk festival instead of a protest rally.

Edmonton police were on hand making foot patrols and constables on bicycles dotted the perimeter of the legislature to make sure the communal pot-smoking event remained trouble-free.

[continues 180 words]

47 CN BC: LTE: Marijuana Should Come With AguaranteeaTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Thompson, Russell Area:British Columbia Lines:34 Added:04/23/2014

Re: "We shouldn't ignore the effects of marijuana," April 20.

Now that the legislation and commercial promotion of pot seems imminent, the marketing wizards will have to comply with the useless scare-warnings on packaging. Instead, why not print a "guarantee" aimed at the younger pot smoker:

- - You will become less responsible and more capable of ignoring any tasks that require careful thought or hard work.

- - All of the people who love you will suffer for your loss of achievement. You will probably not care or even be aware of their pain.

- - You can have the money back, but your wasted time and talent will be gone forever.

I despair at the direction we are leading our youth. The piper is obviously back in business.

Russell Thompson Victoria


48CN BC: Entertainment: Kid Cannabis Exudes Pervasive IronyTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Reid, Michael D. Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2014

[image caption] SHOT NEAR PROSPECT LAKE: Sarcasm will resonate with those filmgoers pushing for the legalization of pot

There are many amusing sequences in Kid Cannabis, but one sure to resonate with local viewers is when teenage drug smuggler Nate Norman has his The Wizard of Oz moment.

When Nate realizes he has successfully snuck across the border from Idaho into B.C., he utters his twist on "We're not in Kansas anymore," Dorothy's declaration after landing in Oz.

[continues 521 words]

49 CN AB: Pro-Pot Crowd Celebrates 420Mon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Metro (Calgary, CN AB) Author:Haines, Lucy Area:Alberta Lines:39 Added:04/23/2014

Puffs of marijuana smoke floated above Calgary City Hall Sunday while clouds of it ascended above the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, as part of 420 rallies held across the province and nationwide.

While the pro-pot crowd in Calgary numbered in the dozens, the gathering in Edmonton was counted in the thousands.

The peaceful assembly in the provincial capital - with blankets, bongo drums and spontaneous hacky sack games - looked more like a day at the folk festival instead of a protest rally, with police dotting the perimeter to make sure the communal pot-smoking event remained trouble-free.

[continues 78 words]

50 CN ON: Police Help Keep Lid On Annual Pot CelebrationMon, 21 Apr 2014
Source:Metro (London, CN ON) Author:Taylor, Scott Area:Ontario Lines:45 Added:04/23/2014

Where there's no smoke, there's no fire. About 100 people roll up to Victoria Park for peaceful, arrest-free '420' gathering

Police were out in force Sunday, but any trouble they expected went up in smoke when the only person to light up a joint had a licence to chill.

Twenty-one-year-old Travis Wright was quickly joined by two of London's finest as the first few plumes of smoke escaped his lips, but he was just as quick on the draw with a medicinal marijuana licence.

[continues 166 words]

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