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101 Australia: Editorial: Drug Decriminalisation HelpsWed, 02 Mar 2016
Source:Age, The (Australia)          Area:Australia Lines:80 Added:03/02/2016

This week federal parliamentarians will discuss with world experts ways to minimise harm caused by illicit drugs. At a national drug summit, legislators will also be reminded of the sobering reality that Australians consume illegal drugs at concerning levels. A 2014 United Nations report found, for example, Australians lead the world in ecstasy use.

The so-called war on drugs has failed, here and in every nation that embraced it. Former Victorian police commissioner and head of the National Ice Taskforce Ken Lay last year encapsulated the views of many informed people when he said "we can't arrest our way out of this". Former UN chief Kofi Annan made the same case in these pages only last Sunday.

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102 US OR: State Bill Would Bar Medical Pot Grows in RuralFri, 26 Feb 2016
Source:Mail Tribune, The (Medford, OR) Author:Aldous, Vickie Area:Oregon Lines:82 Added:02/26/2016

A bill pending in the Oregon Legislature would bar medical marijuana grows on land zoned for rural residential use - a change that would be welcomed by neighbors upset over nearby grows but decried by people already growing medical marijuana in those zones in Jackson County.

A vote on Senate Bill 1598, which was in committee Thursday, could happen within the next several days as the Oregon Legislature pushes to wrap up this year's short session in early March.

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103 US CA: Column: Roughing the (Joint) PasserThu, 25 Feb 2016
Source:North Coast Journal (Arcata, CA) Author:Scott-Goforth, Grant Area:California Lines:83 Added:02/25/2016

Two football players lost their positions on their team rosters after being busted with weed.

University of Kentucky linebacker Jason Hatcher had a pound of weed on him when he was pulled over for speeding on Feb. 22, cops say. The college later announced his dismissal from the roster for breaking team rules. According to the Courier-Journal, Hatcher had been cited for marijuana possession before, but had taken a class to dismiss the charge.

A few days before that, Indianapolis Colts linebacker Jonathan Newsome was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana after cops responded to a noise complaint at his apartment. He was released by the team less than a week later.

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104 Canada: Column: Will Legal Pot Make Annual 420 Rally Go Away?Sat, 20 Feb 2016
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Quinn, Stephen Area:Canada Lines:113 Added:02/21/2016

The debate that erupted this week over the relocation of the annual 420 protest has led me to this conclusion: Please, please make marijuana legal as quickly as possible so these people go away.

Imagine, no need to gather by the thousands to demonstrate and demand their Jah-given right to get as baked as they please in public.

No controversy over licences, permits, locations or smoking on beaches.

Everyone can just stay home, order some extra pizza and scroll through Netflix. You may not even watch anything; just scroll.

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105US CO: Medical Growers Sue After Pot RaidSat, 23 Jan 2016
Source:Denver Post (CO) Author:Brown, Jennifer Area:Colorado Lines:Excerpt Added:01/24/2016

Three roommates who grew medical marijuana are suing two law enforcement agencies after their rural Conifer home was raided "military-style" with armored vehicles, machine guns and flash grenades.

A year after the raid, none of the three has been charged with a crime, and they have received minimal response from Denver police and Jefferson County sheriff's officials about why they confiscated $70,000, 28 firearms and a pickup, their attorney said.

"We have heard pretty much silence from the authorities on our requests for further information," said Rob Corry, an attorney with The Cannabis Law Firm. "Our clients are innocent of any criminal wrongdoing whatsoever. This is a significant amount of property and they'd like to get it back."

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106 US CA: Santa Rosa Seeks to Regulate Commercial Pot CultivationWed, 20 Jan 2016
Source:Press Democrat, The (Santa Rosa, CA) Author:McCallum, Kevin Area:California Lines:130 Added:01/21/2016

Santa Rosa took another step toward becoming the center of the North Coast's commercial medical marijuana industry Tuesday when the City Council pushed forward a plan to regulate cultivation instead of banning it.

Following the advice of its subcommittee, the council rejected an outright ban and instead approved a plan to temporarily allow large-scale marijuana cultivation in at least three nonresidential zoning districts with special permits approved by the Planning Commission.

The 7-0 vote was wildly applauded by a chamber filled with people who said they were grateful for the chance to conduct their underground business legally.

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107 CN AB: New Resource Officer For Coaldale SchoolsTue, 19 Jan 2016
Source:Lethbridge Herald (CN AB) Author:Ashbee, Stan Area:Alberta Lines:78 Added:01/19/2016

Coaldale schools have a new RCMP School Resource Officer (SRO).

His name is Const. Doug Sokoloski and he's all geared up since the RCMP took over policing duties from the Lethbridge Police Service on Jan. 1.

Previously, Sokoloski was stationed in Pincher Creek for more than seven years. Part of his duties in the community was working within the M.D.

"I was a community policing officer. Part of that was school resource officer and traffic and public relations were the other few main components. I have done that, of course, at the normal detachment level when I was in Raymond/Magrath - schools were part of our mandate and in Fort McMurray, as well," said Sokoloski., who has been a member of the RCMP for more than 19 years.

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108US CA: California Prisons End Visitor Strip SearchesTue, 12 Jan 2016
Source:Orange County Register, The (CA) Author:Thompson, Don Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:01/12/2016

SACRAMENTO (AP) - California prison officials are ending visitor strip searches in response to a recent change in state law, but visitors will face increased scrutiny for a year if traces of drugs are detected by dogs or airport-style scanners.

It's the first time visitors will be scrutinized by dogs that previously have been used to search inmates, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Dana Simas said Monday.

Visitors who are spotlighted by a dog or ion scanner but refuse clothed searches face an increasing range of penalties under the revised regulations the department proposed Friday.

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109 CN ON: Not Drugs, But AnxietyThu, 07 Jan 2016
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Sims, Jane Area:Ontario Lines:110 Added:01/09/2016

Derek Lyons had slurred speech, a glazed-over stare and was slow and unsteady on his feet. He'd just tapped his front bumper on the back of a woman's new car when he had pulled into a London gas station to buy cigarettes on a Saturday morning in May 2014. Police were called: The woman thought Lyons was "spaced out, not quite all there" - high on drugs. The 30-year old former OHL hockey player, who's had five concussions, was slumped over in the cruiser as police took him to the station.

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110 CN MB: PUB LTE: Need For Speed To Legalize WeedWed, 06 Jan 2016
Source:Winnipeg Free Press (CN MB) Author:White, Stan Area:Manitoba Lines:29 Added:01/07/2016

Congratulations to Canada and new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the move toward ending cannabis (marijuana) prohibition ( The pot smokers are getting restless, Editorial, Dec. 28).

However, it should not take "many years before weed is legalized." Cannabis prohibition is already over - it's just a matter of formalities and calling off the dogs.

People aren't waiting on government to end cannabis prohibition - get the job done right now.

Stan White

Dillon, Colo.


111 US MD: OPED: Why Are MD. Lawmakers Itching to Fund DrugMon, 04 Jan 2016
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Cassilly, Joseph I. Area:Maryland Lines:93 Added:01/04/2016

State lawmakers, concerned that street level drug dealers will be unable to replace the heroin, crack cocaine and other poisons that the police seize when they arrest the dealers, will likely vote on the first day of the session on a bill requiring the police to return up to $300 to the dealers.

As absurd as that sentence sounds during the current epidemic of heroin deaths and overdoses, that is exactly what a vote to override Gov. Larry Hogan's veto of Senate Bill 528 changes to the state's forfeiture laws will do.

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112 US CA: Paradise Planning Panel Backs Marijuana BanWed, 23 Dec 2015
Source:Chico Enterprise-Record (CA) Author:Warner, Trevor Area:California Lines:143 Added:12/23/2015

Paradise - After about two hours of public testimony, a proposed ordinance that would ban medical marijuana cultivation, delivery and distribution in Paradise town limits passed the town planning commission with a 3-2 vote.

A crowd of about 50 to 60 showed up to voice their opinion for and against. Most of the speakers were opposed to the ordinance, saying it will criminalize something the state has made legal. Other supporters said they use medical marijuana because it doesn't have the same side effects as pharmaceuticals. Still others argued that prohibition simply opens up a black market and encourages crime.

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113 Australia: OPED: We Need to Increase the Chances of Our KidsFri, 04 Dec 2015
Source:Advertiser, The (Australia) Author:Caldicott, David Area:Australia Lines:117 Added:12/05/2015

WITH the Stereosonic music festival coming to Adelaide tomorrow, parents will be asking, "What do we need to do to keep our children safe?" This follows the tragically predictable death at the Sydney event last weekend of a yet another young Australian.

It's as if we are faced with some sort of horrendous "toxicological terrorism" - we don't know where the next death will be, just that inevitably, there will be another.

Having become a parent myself in the decade since I last wrote about drugs in The Advertiser, it's a question that has become a very personal one for me.

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114 Canada: Editorial: A Toke Over The LineFri, 27 Nov 2015
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada)          Area:Canada Lines:54 Added:11/30/2015

What are they smoking at Ontario's Health Ministry? New regulations introduced by the government (and just as quickly pulled back after a torrent of criticism) would have allowed medical-marijuana users to bypass strict no-smoking policies and light up pretty well wherever they chose - restaurants, shopping malls, at the movies, on the job.

In a modern medical miracle, Ontario made the dangers and annoyances of second-hand smoke evaporate in a puff of pot. The government ministry tasked with keeping people healthy simply fixated so much on the desire of marijuana users to remedy their pain that they overlooked the people who expect smoke-free environments to be just that.

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115 CN BC: PUB LTE: Put a Moratorium on Terrorizing and ExtortingThu, 19 Nov 2015
Source:Nanaimo News Bulletin (CN BC) Author:White, Stan Area:British Columbia Lines:30 Added:11/20/2015

To the Editor,

Re: Pot dispensaries advised by RCMP to close up shop, Nov. 17.

Considering Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mandate, last week, to Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, to begin the process of legalizing and regulating cannabis in Canada, isn't it time for any and all police agencies along with the RCMP to put a moratorium on terrorizing and extorting cannabis dispensaries?

Stephen Harper is history and cannabis prohibition will soon be history; all that's left is formalities and calling the dogs off citizens.

Stan White Dillon, Colo.


116 CN NS: Pot-Detecting Flight Rattles SheepSat, 14 Nov 2015
Source:News, The (New Glasgow, CN NS) Author:MacInnis, Adam Area:Nova Scotia Lines:108 Added:11/18/2015

Farmer, concerned about flock's health, says policy needed

Cyril O'Connor walks up to the fence on his Piedmont Valley Road property and gives a holler. Within seconds about 30 sheep are running to meet him.

A sheep knows the shepherd's voice, O'Connor says. And he knows his sheep.

O'Connor does a lot to protect the sheep he's built this connection with. In addition to secure fences, he has two dogs that protect the sheep from predators such as coyotes.

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117US AK: Series: Juneau's Heroin HeartbreakSun, 08 Nov 2015
Source:Alaska Dispatch News (AK) Author:Boots, Michelle Theriault Area:Alaska Lines:Excerpt Added:11/08/2015

Six people have died of heroin overdoses in the Alaska capital since February, reflecting a growing crisis across the state and nation. Some Alaskans, including the police, say the time has come for a new approach.

First in an occasional series

JUNEAU -- Heroin's grip on Juneau can be felt in ways both plain and subtle.

A decade of rising abuse can be seen in syringes and foil squares dropped on dog-walking paths and in parking lots.

In grandparents raising toddlers their children are too addicted to care for.

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118 US NY: Column: Magic-Flight Launch BoxSun, 08 Nov 2015
Source:New York Times Magazine (NY) Author:Schwartz, Mattathias Area:New York Lines:118 Added:11/06/2015

For a year or two, I smoked pot out of a chimney--shaped wooden pipe. It came with a lighter, which was wrapped in a sort of braided--leather papoose. Papoose and pipe were handmade by a shaman--like fellow I met on the side of a highway in the Pacific Northwest. His wares were solid, but the smoke was harsh. So, not long ago, I switched to a vaporizer, or "vape," the Magic--Flight Launch Box.

Vapes heat marijuana buds to oven temperatures, at which point they release their psychoactive payload and gradually turn brown, without burning. Vapor feels easier on the lungs than smoke. Its effects come on more slowly and gently. But the essential quality of vapes is their discretion. Vapes are the antithesis of iridescent glass pipes and cumbersome bongs. They don't produce a lingering or pungent odor. They do for cannabis what brown paper bags do for beer and what collars do for dogs; they keep your neighbors from freaking out when you pass them on the sidewalk.

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119 CN BC: Canines Combat ContrabandFri, 30 Oct 2015
Source:Alaska Highway News (CN BC) Author:Wakefield, Jonny Area:British Columbia Lines:151 Added:11/02/2015

Inside the Life of an Oil Patch Sniffer Dog

When Commander shows up to a worksite in Northeast B.C., some line up to pet him. Others start scanning the job ads.

Commander, a high-energy, two-year-old German Shepherd, enjoys treats, going for walks-and sniffing for drugs. He's one of a handful of detection dogs searching vehicles, worker camps and drilling sites in the B.C. oil patch.

"He's focused, he isn't intimidated by lots of people and activity," said Mike Friesen, his handler. "I don't allow (people) to pet him while he's working. But when he's done and we're standing around chatting? Sure, they can pet him."

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120US AK: OPED: Marijuana Board Proposal Unfair to Businesses inTue, 27 Oct 2015
Source:Alaska Dispatch News (AK) Author:Hale, Tim Area:Alaska Lines:Excerpt Added:10/27/2015

On Oct. 16, I took the opportunity to give testimony before the Marijuana Control Board concerning the proposed marijuana regulations. I wanted to make clear my opposition to 3AAC306.030 -- Petition for License in Area With No Local Government. That section will require potential business owners in the unorganized borough to get the permission, in writing, of up to two-thirds of their neighbors, within a radius of up to 5 miles, before the board will consider them for a license.

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