Sharpe, Robert 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2021
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151 US CA: PUB LTE: About The BorderThu, 10 Jul 2014
Source:Chico News & Review, The (CA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:California Lines:34 Added:07/12/2014
152 CN ON: PUB LTE: A Job Left To Criminals?Wed, 09 Jul 2014
Source:Recorder & Times, The (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:33 Added:07/12/2014
153 US: PUB LTE: Consider Marijuana's Environmental ImpactFri, 11 Jul 2014
Source:USA Today (US) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:United States Lines:34 Added:07/12/2014
154 CN AB: PUB LTE: Drug Dealing!Mon, 30 Jun 2014
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Alberta Lines:28 Added:07/04/2014
155 CN ON: PUB LTE: Dope Not A GatewayThu, 26 Jun 2014
Source:Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:37 Added:06/27/2014
156 CN ABL PUB LTE: Legalize ItThu, 26 Jun 2014
Source:Edmonton Sun (CN AB) Author:Sharpe, Robert        Lines:32 Added:06/27/2014
157 CN ON: PUB LTE: Bad Public PolicyWed, 25 Jun 2014
Source:North Bay Nugget (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:32 Added:06/26/2014
158 US TX: PUB LTE: Prohibition On Pot Not The SolutionTue, 24 Jun 2014
Source:Austin American-Statesman (TX) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Texas Lines:35 Added:06/26/2014
159 CN ON: PUB LTE: Tories' Philosophy On Weed ArchaicWed, 25 Jun 2014
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:37 Added:06/26/2014
160 CN ON: PUB LTE: Marijuana Not A Gateway DrugWed, 25 Jun 2014
Source:Sudbury Star (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:40 Added:06/26/2014
161 CN MB: PUB LTE: Legalize ItThu, 26 Jun 2014
Source:Winnipeg Sun (CN MB) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Manitoba Lines:35 Added:06/26/2014
162 CN NF: PUB LTE: Mackay Missing The Mark On MarijuanaTue, 24 Jun 2014
Source:Telegram, The (CN NF) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Newfoundland Lines:35 Added:06/25/2014
163 CN ON: PUB LTE: Legalize ItTue, 24 Jun 2014
Source:Toronto Sun (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:34 Added:06/24/2014
164 US MA: PUB LTE: Going To PotTue, 24 Jun 2014
Source:Boston Herald (MA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Massachusetts Lines:33 Added:06/24/2014
165 US FL: PUB LTE: Politicians, Stay Out Of Personal HealthcareMon, 23 Jun 2014
Source:Sun-Sentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:35 Added:06/23/2014
166 Jamaica: PUB LTE: Don't Miss The Ganja BoatWed, 18 Jun 2014
Source:Jamaica Gleaner, The (Jamaica) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Jamaica Lines:27 Added:06/20/2014
167 Guyana: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Is IndefensibleWed, 18 Jun 2014
Source:Stabroek News (Guyana) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Guyana Lines:51 Added:06/19/2014
168 US NJ: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana's Overregulation Doesn'tWed, 18 Jun 2014
Source:Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:New Jersey Lines:38 Added:06/19/2014
169 US FL: PUB LTE: Health ConsciousMon, 16 Jun 2014
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:46 Added:06/17/2014
170 CN ON: PUB LTE: Gateway Drug PolicyWed, 11 Jun 2014
Source:Expositor, The (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:41 Added:06/13/2014
171 US TX: PUB LTE: Edible Pot Not For New UsersTue, 10 Jun 2014
Source:Dallas Morning News (TX) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Texas Lines:44 Added:06/11/2014
172 US FL: PUB LTE: Let Doctors DecideSun, 08 Jun 2014
Source:Gainesville Sun, The (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:39 Added:06/11/2014
173 US NY: PUB LTE: Marijuana A Palliative DrugMon, 09 Jun 2014
Source:Leader-Herald, The (NY) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:New York Lines:31 Added:06/10/2014
174 US NY: PUB LTE: Allow Doctors To Decide What's Best For PatientsThu, 05 Jun 2014
Source:Buffalo News (NY) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:New York Lines:35 Added:06/07/2014
175 US VA: PUB LTE: End Prohibition Of MarijuanaThu, 05 Jun 2014
Source:Roanoke Times (VA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Virginia Lines:39 Added:06/07/2014
176 CN ON: PUB LTE: Don't Follow Failed U.S. PolicyFri, 30 May 2014
Source:Toronto Star (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:43 Added:06/04/2014
177 US KS: PUB LTE: Prohibition On Marijuana A Failed InquisitionMon, 26 May 2014
Source:Topeka Capital-Journal (KS) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Kansas Lines:40 Added:05/27/2014
178 US AZ: PUB LTE: It's Time to Make Recreational Marijuana UseWed, 21 May 2014
Source:Eastern Arizona Courier (AZ) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Arizona Lines:39 Added:05/23/2014
179 US WA: PUB LTE: Pot Prohibition Criminalizes CitizensTue, 20 May 2014
Source:Columbian, The (WA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Washington Lines:37 Added:05/20/2014
180 CN AB: PUB LTE: War On Drugs FutileTue, 20 May 2014
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Alberta Lines:41 Added:05/20/2014
181 US WA: PUB LTE: Move Toward Marijuana As A Legal Agricultural CommodityMon, 12 May 2014
Source:Seattle Times (WA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Washington Lines:36 Added:05/16/2014
182 US IL: PUB LTE: Cannabis ConsumptionWed, 14 May 2014
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:40 Added:05/16/2014
183 US WI: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Failed, So End It And Tax LegalFri, 09 May 2014
Source:Wisconsin State Journal (WI) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Wisconsin Lines:32 Added:05/10/2014
184 US NC: PUB LTE: Drug War Part Of The ProblemWed, 07 May 2014
Source:Daily Reflector (Greenville, NC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:North Carolina Lines:47 Added:05/10/2014
185 US FL: PUB LTE: Legalize MarijuanaWed, 07 May 2014
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:33 Added:05/09/2014
186 US AZ: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Wrong Way To Control UseTue, 06 May 2014
Source:East Valley Tribune (AZ) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Arizona Lines:36 Added:05/09/2014
187 US MN: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Is Easy CallSat, 03 May 2014
Source:Winona Daily News (MN) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Minnesota Lines:38 Added:05/04/2014
188 Jamaica: PUB LTE: Don't Miss The Ganja Boat, JaThu, 01 May 2014
Source:Jamaica Observer (Jamaica) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Jamaica Lines:43 Added:05/02/2014
189 CN ON: PUB LTE: Response To Medical Marijuana Editorial - RecreationalTue, 29 Apr 2014
Source:Meaford Independent, The (CN ON) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ontario Lines:44 Added:05/01/2014
190 US PA: PUB LTE: All In On Pot For Any PurposeTue, 29 Apr 2014
Source:Times-Tribune, The (Scranton PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:42 Added:05/01/2014
191 US FL: PUB LTE: Let Doctors DecideFri, 25 Apr 2014
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:33 Added:04/26/2014
192 CN AB: PUB LTE: Tax And Legalize PotFri, 25 Apr 2014
Source:Calgary Sun, The (CN AB) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Alberta Lines:35 Added:04/26/2014
193 US CA: PUB LTE: Marijuana In The FutureFri, 25 Apr 2014
Source:Sacramento Bee (CA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:California Lines:30 Added:04/25/2014
194 US GA: PUB LTE: Leave It To DoctorsWed, 09 Apr 2014
Source:Macon Telegraph (GA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Georgia Lines:34 Added:04/10/2014
195 US MT: PUB LTE: A FailureThu, 10 Apr 2014
Source:Missoula Independent (MT) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Montana Lines:39 Added:04/10/2014
196 US FL: PUB LTE: Just Say Yes To Legalizing MarijuanaWed, 09 Apr 2014
Source:Orlando Sentinel (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:38 Added:04/10/2014
197 US DC: PUB LTE: Pot Opinion Not Influenced By SorosTue, 08 Apr 2014
Source:Washington Times (DC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:District of Columbia Lines:34 Added:04/09/2014
198 US IL: PUB LTE: End Drug War's Collateral DamageSun, 06 Apr 2014
Source:Jacksonville Journal-Courier (IL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Illinois Lines:38 Added:04/07/2014
199 US CA: PUB LTE: Feinstein On Cartel Payroll?Thu, 03 Apr 2014
Source:Sacramento News & Review (CA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:California Lines:37 Added:04/03/2014
200 CN BC: PUB LTE: A 'Harmless Plant'Thu, 03 Apr 2014
Source:Chief, The (CN BC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:British Columbia Lines:42 Added:04/03/2014

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