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1 US WA: End War On Drugs By Letting States DecideSun, 10 May 201585
2 US HI: Column: 'States' Rights' Is Best Way to End RuinousSat, 09 May 201591
3 US NY: Column: Let The States Make Drug LawsSat, 09 May 201573
4 US PA: Column: Let States Make Own Drug LawsThu, 07 May 201586
5 US WA: Column: Making a Case for States' Rights on MarijuanaThu, 07 May 201590
6 US NY: Column: Let The States Make The Drug LawsWed, 06 May 201591
7      US CO: Column: Let The States Make Their Own Drug LawsWed, 06 May 2015Excerpt
8 US WA: Column: Let The States Make Drug LawTue, 05 May 201590
9 US NY: Column: The War Against The War On DrugsTue, 24 Mar 201587
10      US CO: Column: Half a Heart on Marijuana Is Better Than NoSun, 22 Mar 2015Excerpt
11 US WA: Column: Baby Steps For MarijuanaSat, 21 Mar 201586
12 US HI: Column: Half a Heart on Marijuana Better Than No HeartSat, 21 Mar 201593
13 US NY: Column: Beyond Pot: Legalize All DrugsMon, 06 Oct 201471
14 US PA: Column: End War On Drugs With LegalizationMon, 06 Oct 201486
15      US LA: Column: Beyond Marijuana, Legalize All DrugsFri, 03 Oct 2014Excerpt
16 US HI: Column: Don't Stop With Marijuana in Effort to LegalizeSat, 04 Oct 201493
17 US NY: Column: Plague Of Heroin AddictionSun, 01 Jun 201482
18      US TN: Marijuana Could Assist Fight Against HeroinTue, 27 May 2014Excerpt
19      US TN: Fight Heroin With MarijuanaWed, 28 May 2014Excerpt
20 US WA: Column: Fight Heroin With Legal MarijuanaTue, 27 May 201488
21 US WA: Column: Fight Heroin With MarijuanaSun, 25 May 201488
22      US CO: Column: This Method Of Fighting Heroin May Surprise YouSat, 24 May 2014Excerpt
23 US PA: Column: Fair Drug Policy Might Do Some GoodMon, 10 Feb 201484
24 US HI: Column: Failed, Costly War On Drugs Is Ugly Class WarSat, 08 Feb 2014102
25 US NY: Column: Class War On Drug UsersSat, 08 Feb 201475
26      US MI: Column: The Class War On Drug UsersWed, 05 Feb 2014Excerpt
27 US WA: Column: The Class War On Drug UsersWed, 05 Feb 201490
28      US AZ: Column: Marijuana Sales Sprouting Taxes, Savings For Colo.Tue, 30 Apr 2013Excerpt
29 US PA: Column: Legal Pot Means More Money For StatesThu, 02 May 201380
30 US NY: Column: Hypocrisy On PotMon, 31 Dec 201285
31 US IN: Column: Crashing Federal Government's Hypocrisy onMon, 17 Dec 201285
32 US HI: Column: Laws Easing Pot Prohibition Reflect Sense OfSat, 15 Dec 201289
33 US GA: Column: That Money Could Be Better SpentFri, 14 Dec 201288
34 US TX: Column: Crashing Federal Hypocrisy On PotFri, 14 Dec 201284
35 US WA: Column: Fed Up With The Federal Pot HypocrisyThu, 13 Dec 201284
36 US GA: Column: The Progressive Freedom AgendaSun, 04 Sep 201185
37 US ME: Column: A Whole Lot Of Nonsense Going OnSat, 03 Sep 201185
38 US WA: Column: A Game Of Capture The Freedom FlagSat, 03 Sep 201185
39      US TX: Column: Waging War Against War on DrugsMon, 03 Jan 2011Excerpt
40 US CA: Column: New Soldiers In The Fight Against The Drug WarMon, 03 Jan 201185
41 US GA: Column: Pat Joins Fight Against Drug WarSun, 02 Jan 201181
42 US GA: Column: New Soldiers In Fight Against 'Drug War'Sun, 02 Jan 201188
43 US WA: Column: New Soldiers In The Fight Against The Drug WarSun, 02 Jan 201184
44 US CA: Column: New Soldiers In The Fight Against The Drug WarFri, 31 Dec 201066
45 US GA: Column: 'America's Best Idea' Meets One Of WorstSun, 25 Oct 200992
46      US MI: Column: Pot Could Be Gold For CaliforniaFri, 14 Aug 2009Excerpt
47      US RI: Column: Pot Could Be Gold For CaliforniaThu, 30 Jul 2009Excerpt
48      US TX: Column: Pot Could Be Gold for CaliforniaThu, 30 Jul 2009Excerpt
49      US TX: Column: Don't Look for Legalization of Pot Anytime SoonThu, 30 Jul 2009Excerpt
50 US HI: Column: Bail Out Government by Decriminalizing PotThu, 30 Jul 200992

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