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Are We Winning the War on Drugs?

MAP Onair Events The Media Awareness Project (MAP) Inc. Has created a nationwide consortium of drug policy experts uniquely qualified to be guests on your show. With one phone call you can select the ideal guest from over 75 talented experts who will inform your audience of new and viable alternatives to the war on drugs. Members of this group include medical doctors, lawyers, medical marijuana patients, authors, needle exchange organizers, and nationally recognized drug policy experts, all of whom have broadcast experience.

We have booked guests on hundreds of radio and television talk shows nationwide and can provide the perfect guest for any drug policy related show you may be planning.

Show Ideas
  • What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know about Crack
  • Asset forfeiture - "Legal Theft" by our Government
  • Needle exchange - Give them needles? Or Give them AIDS?
  • How America's drug laws are making our children into addicts
  • Prohibition; America's Dirty Little Secret
  • How America's Drug Laws Cause Police Corruption
  • Why Our Prison and Judicial Systems Don't Work Anymore
  • The Media Awareness Project - How Your Audience Can Become Involved
  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences - Why They Are Failing?
  • A Historical Perspective on Drug Policy - How Did We Get Here and Why?
  • A Rational Alternative to Existing Drug Policy
With one phone call you can select the ideal guest from over 75 talented experts. Our experts are knowledgeable, articulate, and very well suited to broadcast media appearances.
Availability: Nationwide and via telephone
Contact: Mark Greer, (, (800) 266-5759

Resource material:
Get The Myths
War on Drugs
See the damage done in real-time
Get The Facts

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