Pubdate: Thu, 02 September 1999
Source: Evening News (UK)
Contact:  Melissa Dawson


I WAS shocked to read in your August 17 paper, that china executed 71 people
to "mark" the United Nations anti-drugs day.  I urge the people of Norwich
to join me in writing to Tony Blair.

:Let's ask him to justify his recent visit to China, a country which
continuously show a flagrant disregard for human rights

I though the UN was a peacekeeping force, there to protect people from those
with power. Yet no action is taken against the Chinese state, despite the
atrocities committed by it.

How many "special" days does the United Nations have? Is China going to
commemorate each one with a human tragedy? How many people will die?

The UN and Britain, as a member of the UN, must respond to the murders
committed in their name.

Melissa Dawson, Norwich,

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