Pubdate: Tue, 07 Sep 1999
Source: Victoria Times-Colonist (Canada)
Contact:  Kristl Vickson


Anybody with half a brain can figure out how much B.C.'s economy depends
upon the cultivation and selling of marijuana. Are we really to praise the
RCMP for their bust of "the Number 1 cash crop in B.C.?"

How do you think these growers support themselves and their families when
their income goes up in flames? What do you think the long-term effects
will be on the local "legitimate" business owners when their customers have
no money to spend?

I guess they'll have to collect welfare - and we all know how the general
population feels about that - since there aren't any jobs for them to get
considering the influx of "criminal Chinese" floating into our shores and
stealing our jobs.

North Americans should be proud of our Lose/Lose system for all. Perhaps if
people stopped to consider the effects of their own actions and worried
less about others, we would all be better off.

Kristl Vickson,

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