Pubdate: Sun, 05 Sep 1999
Source: Calgary Sun (Canada)
Copyright: 1999, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Lynn Harichy
Comment: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor; headline by newshawk


MY HEART goes out to Grant Krieger, another casualty in this war on plants.
As a fellow multiple sclerosis victim, who uses this herb, I know how crazy
this issue can make you. Compassion overcomes fear; we are armed with the

We know the history of this war on marijuana.  All the pain that comes to
people for doing nothing wrong to anyone.  Most are working, if not
disabled. I was told during the last election marijuana was not an issue
with Canadians, by most of our Members of Parliament.

I turned myself in to prove it was an issue and met with the prime minister
and the health minister. Now finally, since my arrest in '97, it looks like
we are going to waste more dollars on studies that will only prove this
herb is safe and alleviates a number of illnesses.

The easiest and cheapest thing for us to do now is to legalize marijuana
and other natural plants. This would save taxpayer's so much money, while
forcing those in control to justify their war with innocent people.

Lynn Harichy 
London Cannabis Compassion Center 
495 Teeple Terrace 
London, Ont.

(You are a courageous person. But we don't support all-out legalization.
Why not legalize it for medical reasons alone?) 

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