Pubdate: Thu, 02 September 1999
Source: Tribune, The  (CA)
Copyright: 1999 San Luis Obispo County Newspapers
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Author: Chester Daminiski


I am relieved to see that the Templeton School Board is finally doing
someting about the terrible drug problem at the high school by budgeting in
random drug testing of athletes. They are now considering a visiting
drug-sniffing dog. Although this is a start, much more must be done.

How about:

A wiretap on public phones on campus; surveillance cameras in hallways and
bathrooms; see-through plexiglass lockers; undercover DEA agents
masquerading as students; metal detectors at all entrances to campus;
visiting interrogation experts; mandatory polygraph testing for all members
of the drill team; machine-gun towers.

Or maybe we could just send a paranoia-sniffing dog to the next Templeton
School Board meeting.

Chester Daminski, Templeton

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