Pubdate: Tuesday, August 31, 1999
Source: London Free Press (Canada)
Copyright: 1999 The London Free Press a division of Sun Media Corporation.
Author: Don Murray


A London man with a pot problem pleaded guilty yesterday to several
charges, including possession of a microwave stolen from UWO and
stealing from the belongings of his girlfriend's dead brother.

Andrew Michael Tremblay, 24, was remanded in custody until Sept. 24
for sentencing and preparation of a pre-sentence report.

He pleaded guilty before Ontario Court Justice Deborah Livingstone to
four charges: possessing the microwave, stolen from the Spencer Hall
lunchroom; breaching a probation order; stealing electronic equipment
from the home of his girlfriend's family, who had taken him in; and
riding off with an expensive bicycle and helmet from a bike shop.

Assistant Crown attorney Brian Farmer said Tremblay was found hiding
in a lower level mechanical room of Spencer Hall on Dec.  11, 1997. In
his knapsack was the $120 microwave.

Possession charges are often laid when the Crown can't prove the
suspect stole the item.

On the breach of probation, Farmer said Tremblay had been ordered to
perform 200 hours of community service in 1995.

During only 76.5 hours of the total, Tremblay failed to report to his
probation officer eight times and didn't show up for 16 of 37 work
appointments, the Crown said.

Between September 1998 and last April, Farmer said, Tremblay stole
nearly $900 in equipment from his girlfriend's family, including
hand-held electronic games and CDs that had belonged to her brother.

Tremblay had been living with the family when the girl's father came
home to find the VCR, computer printer and camera equipment missing.

The brother's property had been taken from a trunk in his old room. 
In Tremblay's room, the father found four pawn tickets, one referring
to a missing Game Boy.

Nothing has been recovered, Farmer said.

The fourth offence took place April 25 at the To Wheels shop on Dundas
Street. Tremblay was looking at a bike and told a salesperson his
parents were going to buy it for his birthday.

He left, came back and asked if he could test-ride it. He was asked
for and provided his wallet, containing several pieces of

Tremblay pedalled away with the bike and a helmet, never to return.
Total loss was $898.

Defence lawyer Jack Hardy said Tremblay has had a significant problem
with marijuana for some time and steals to support his habit.

He said Tremblay was sentenced in July to seven months in jail after
admitting to a fraud charge, four counts of failing to appear in court
or for fingerprinting, and one charge of theft involving his parents.

Both Crown and defence are recommending another three months be added
to that sentence. 

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