Pubdate: Fri 08/27 1999
Source: St. Petersburg Times (FL)
Copyright: 1999 St. Petersburg Times
Author: Rick L. Meredith


It strikes me the wrong way when people in power repeatedly state that
we should forgive George W. Bush for his past, and overlook any drug
use that may have occurred. Wake up America. This is nothing more than
outright hypocrisy.

What these people are saying is that we should forgive all of the drug
users who did not or do not get caught -- especially those in power.
But the drug users who are unfortunate enough to get caught should be
thrown in prison. Their rights, as American citizens, should be taken
from them. They should forever be banned from holding a public office.
And they should never have a decent job because, after all, they are
convicted felons.

As governor of Texas, Bush signed a law that can send a person to
prison for possession of less than a gram of cocaine. If Bush thinks
we should overlook his possible past use of cocaine as a childhood
mistake that he learned from, then maybe we should. As soon as Bush
overlooks and pardons all of the nonviolent recreational drug users
who have been incarcerated in Texas since he has been the governor,
then I am ready to overlook his mistakes.

But until then, I say keep him out of the Oval Office. There is
nothing compassionate about him. He is nothing more than a Bill
Clinton in Republican clothing. 

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