Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Source: San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Copyright: 1999 Mercury Center
Author: Teri Jones


JOHN Olver's declaration of George W. Bush's guilt absent any proof is
unfair (``Double standard on drugs,'' Letters, Aug. 24). If he's so
certainly guilty of using illegal drugs, why is there no credible
accuser and no evidence? Just who is spreading these rumors?

Olver says there's no reason Bush won't say he didn't do drugs other
than guilt. Apparently he doesn't understand how dirty politics have

It is possible that the very same hour Bush says, ``I never used
illegal drugs,'' a political operative willing to lie will be on TV
saying, ``Yes, he did. When we were alone together, he used cocaine.''
There being no way to prove who's lying and who's telling the truth,
Bush's presidential run is stopped by ``the scandal unprovable,'' a
classic dirty trick. He loses even though he may be completely innocent.

I don't know if Bush did or didn't, but he is wise not to take the
bait of a political trap. As a matter of principle, I hope people of
all political persuasions, and especially the press, have the fairness
to wait for an accuser with some credible evidence before tossing out
anyone's presumption of innocence.

Teri Jones
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