Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 1999 The Denver Post
Author: Thomas J. Sanders


George W. Bush insists that his youthful indiscretions, which may have
involved the use of cocaine, are no one's business. George: Do you have any
idea how many poor black people have had their lives completely ruined
because they were caught with cocaine, been branded felons and lost their
right to vote because of cocaine possession.

Of course, Clinton, Al Gore and Bill Bradley already have admitted to using
marijuana when they were younger. And, as we have all been told, the use of
marijuana leads to the use of harder drugs. So, it looks like the coming
presidential election will be a contest between people who have used illegal
drugs. But, then, I guess that is what America is all about. Poor people use
cocaine and marijuana and go to jail and lose their right to vote. Rich
people use cocaine and marijuana and become president. Justice is not blind
in America; it is a lame, diseased, prostitute to the rich.

I am offering my support to the candidate who vows to decriminalize drug
abuse and treat it as the medical problem it is. It is time to end the drug
war which is destroying our country. George: take a stand against the
hypocrisy and class-warfare which is at the heart of the war on drugs.


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