Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 1999 The Denver Post
Author: Dillard Jenkins


Our state and federal prisons are overflowing with people. A large
number of these inmates "made mistakes" such as using illegal drugs. I
suspect they would tell you that they "made mistakes and learned from
those mistakes." Such confessions will not, however. reduce their
prison sentences by one day. I call it the "government policy of
destroying a person's life for making a poor choice."

In the state of Texas a person can receive very long prison sentences
if they are found to be in possession of even one marijuana cigarette.

Yet, Texas Gov. George W. Bush wants to be the next president of the
United States, but will not give a clear answer to the question, "Have
you ever used illegal drugs?" I guess that's why the Texas tourism
board advertises, "Visit Texas, it's like a whole different country."
No doubt about it, and our native Texan Gov. Bill Owens has endorsed
this guy.

Some people go to prison for using illegal drugs, and some get to be
president, Does anyone else find something wrong with this picture?

Grand Junction
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