Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug 1999
Source: Denver Post (CO)
Copyright: 1999 The Denver Post
Author: Gary Lane


I think it very entertaining that George W. Bush is experiencing
excruciating embarrassment. He is having difficulty answering the
ultimate sociopolitical litmus test: Have you ever used illegal drugs?
It's a question a national politician, or for that matter, any
prospective federal employee, cannot credibly avoid answering
categorically. Because of the very fact that most federal employees
are asked similar questions -- check out your local post office
announcement of job openings -- a candidate for president cannot choose
to not answer the question.

Bush, the apparent choice of the party of "zero tolerance," is finding
this out the hard way. Apparently he cannot truthfully answer the big
question in the negative, so he is unsuccessfully attempting to limit
how far in his past his press inquisitors can dig.

But it is a no-win situation: If he admits to using controlled
substances in his college days, his own conservative political
opponents will make hay with the fact. If he says no, he runs the
chance of someone achieving their 15 minutes of fame by contradicting
him. One thing is certain, the third way, stonewalling the question,
did not work.

Is the question material? Is the question relevant? Or is the question
simply hypocritical pimping? What I think the question reflects is
this nation's hypocritical approach to its widespread drug abuse problem.

George, about all I can say about your dilemma is that most of your
cohorts feel your pain.

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