Pubdate: Thu, 19 Aug 1999
Source: Evening News (UK)
Author: I. Wagenknecht


I read the alarmist headline Horror of Heroin (Evening News, August 12),
which is part of another expensive public campaign to alleviate drug
dependency by reiterating the same old rhetoric.

Repeated Governments have wasted billions on a futile war on drugs, to no

Are we going to get more of the same?

The Green Party is in favour of decriminalising all drugs, instituting a
Royal Commission on the legalisation of soft drugs, and a national
education programme starting as young as possible.

By dispensing unadulterated heroin and clean needles to addicts in a
controlled manner, domestic and car crimes could be reduced by 40 per cent
or more, police costs would go down and the "taxes" from decriminalised
soft drugs would for the first time go where they belong, to treat and
educate us all on the dangers of drugs, especially the biggest killers,
nicotine and alcohol.

Prohibition has not worked.  There are now more drugs on the streets than
ever and they are getting cheaper.

Drugs and arms are connected like mother and child and a concerted effort
by all countries could stop violence in a significant way.

We would be able to cut crime and to some extent this would free up prison
space, take the strain off the judiciary and give us a healthier society.

We have failed our society.  Let's take stock and have a more positive
approach to all drugs. 

I. Wagenknacht
The Oaks
Rockland St Mary

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