Pubdate: Wednesday, August 18, 1999
Source: Toronto Star (Canada)
Copyright: 1999, The Toronto Star
Section: Letters page A19 
Author: David d'Apollonia


Re Eureka! Scottish researchers have devised a marijuana test, Aug. 8.

So, our noble narco-Nazi drug enforcement is going to do a peevish
goosestep, for the sake of protecting the innocent. Ha! Now that's a pipe
dream.  If marijuana molecules reside in you, bada bing, bada bong, the DNA
tells all, so into the slammer you go.  Isn't that what such "testing" is
all about?

Persecution of marijuana cultivators and users must end. Prohibition of
marijuana is one of the most idiotic and wasteful law enforcement practices
today, and it's been going on for more than 60 years. It's time to do
something about it and change the laws.

David d'Apollonia
Dartmouth, N.S.
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