Pubdate: Sun, 15 Aug 1999
Source: The Media Awareness Project of DrugSense


Today we received this news: we are at 25,004 articles (1:07 PM EDT) & 2129
PUB LTEs ($2,126,871.00)

This is, of course, the result of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers
supported by your donations ( ) and
kind words of encouragement. In recognition of this milestone, we are
providing just a few of the many kind comments and remarks of support we

Steve Young, Focus Alert Specialist,  , : Before I became involved in MAP, I
was overwhelmed by the feeling that the flow of information about drugs and
other controversial topics would always be tightly controlled by government
officials and the mainstream media. Now I feel like we are not only keeping
a watchful eye on those groups, but we are helping to present the other
side of the story. I look forward to working with everyone at MAP to make
our message even more widely heard.

Gerry Patrick Hemming, Fayetteville, NC: This is an excellent project and
to date I have yet to see anything comparable!

Mike Gogulski, : Together, we are a
huge voice for reform.  On to a brighter tomorrow!

Scott Dykstra, Medical Marihuana Rights, New York, : Isn't it nice to know
that the federal government visits the MAP to find out the real news.
Excellent job guys. Keep up the professional work.

Frank S. World aka Gary Storck, Newshawk, : The MAPnews archive's 25,000-article
milestone shows what good people working together can accomplish. I am
proud to be a contributor to this resource, and would like to thank all who
have helped us get to this point.

Kim Simmons, Newport, South Wales: Hello from the Campaign to Legalise
Cannabis International Association Wales U/K and the 10,000 at Clapman
common....We are all with you.

Don Beck, Volunteer/Editor, MAPnews, MAPnews-Digest and  : When McCaffrey starts lying about you in Congressional
testimony- see and - you know you've
already made positive strides in ending the nightmare of the War on Drugs.
As the MAP archive passes the 25,000-article mark, I am tremendously proud
to be a part of this team and this effort. Many, many thanks to DrugSense,
the Media Awareness Project, and all the newshawks, letter writers,
editors, and web- and listmasters that have contributed. WE ARE WINNING,
thanks to you!

Michele Kubby, -THE KUBBY FILES- : I especially want
to thank Mark Greer and MAP for their powerful support. I mean if Barry
McCaffry mentioned MAP four times in one congressional hearing, you know
these guys are making quite a splash! To have that much firepower behind us
is awe inspiring. And what is more awesome is that you are all just folks,
like us who are tired of living in fear.  Together, we are creating a new
future, one with room for every point of view and freedom for all.

Bob Ragsdale Great Falls, Montana: Thank you!! This is vvery informative!!!

Shawn Mincey, South Florida: Keep up the great work on educating all of us.

William L.Calhoun, Anderson Lake, Illinois: We need this type of
information in order to correct the injustices which are hidden from the
general public.

David d'Apollonia,  : The Media Awareness Project has
brought to light the hidden treasures of wisdom, which otherwise would be
buried in the obscurity of the unknown. The 25,000 milestone of posted
articles is a testament to the sheer power of knowledge, cultivated with
care and precision, it brings forth the fruit of greater understanding and
thus a brighter future for all of us to share. Bravo, MAP!

Matthew Atha, Independent Drug Monitoring, Wigan, UK, : We find the MAPNEWS service a valuable resource in
bringing attention to worldwide developments almost as soon as they happen,
allowing us to stay ahead of developments.

Pat Whelan, Pat's (little) Home Page Northwest
Florida: You've got a great web site here; thanks. I particularly like your
search feature & the fact that it highlights the keywords (in the files it
finds) that you're searching for. Thank you, Richard Lake, Jo-D, and all
the rest of you good folks, who help make this web site a very valuable

Lynn Harichy, London, Ontario, LCCC and medical marijuana : Thank you for
making me who I am today. I feel honoured being part of this great website.
These are the people who are changing the world for the better, turning
logic and facts into reality. I'm so glad I found you! I'm glad there is
somewhere to turn for inspiration, and possitive energy which only makes us
all better at what we do! (Note: Lynn is a regular visitor on the weekend
evening DrugSense chat at )

James Wright, Palmerston North, New Zealand: A quick hello to all, I wont
preach to the converted so keep up the excellent work. We are winning this

Jos E Hopwood, Quantico, MD: The drug War was Lost the day you went on the

maryjane hempette, Hempette's, Florida : I
am always stopping in here for your great information...taking the time to
say thanks and hello!

John Black, NewsHawk: I can hardly believe how much progress MAP/DrugSense
has made in the last three years.  For the first time in twenty years I
feel like this war against American's may someday end.

Ryan Huseby, St. Paul, MN: Outstanding site. I wish more people would read
it and start thinking for themselves.

The Northwest Florida Daily News: Polls conducted among Internet users show
a huge majority want to end the war, and a lot of them have set up polished
and professional Web sites dedicated to that purpose. One particularly good
one is the Media Awareness Project ( ), which
collects and archives news on the war. 

Florence Siegel, Queens, NY: Learned of this website at the DPF conference
and glad of it.

Karla Donohoe, Bundaberg, Australia: Your page rocks!

Ping Cheah, Melbourne, Australia: This was smashing!

Stanton Recommends... : DrugSense is simply a
must for all those interested in drugs and drug policy.  This site provides
undigested information, useful no matter what your personal orientation
towards the topics.  Subscribers to the "Media Awareness Project" (MAP)
mailing list receive excerpts of a wide range of articles about drugs,
backed up by full transcripts of the articles. If you do not wish to
subscribe to the high volume mailing list, try the searchable on-line news

Kurt Kemmling, National Alliance of Methadone Advocates. CT: I am the Founder and Director of CTNAMA, The
CT Chapter of the National Alliance of Methadone Advocates and find your
website an invaluable tool for our organization.

Gerald Sutliff: Cliff's, David's and Mark's visions of using the power of
the Internet to change the perception of the public and the language of the
debate is now being realized through MAP more than any other source,
valuable though they all are without doubt.

Paul Flynn, MP, House of Commons, London : I
will be dropping in frequently. In the UK Parlaiment I have a bid to
legalising medicinal cannabis....

Catherine Hickman-Yearwood, Lenoir City, TN: You have a most informative
and interesting site. I have been able to find things I really don't think
I would have been able to locate w/out the information you provided me.

Rosa L. Gabe, Valatie NY: Thank you for providing us with this information.
It is very difficult for the average person to come across these days! I
really appreciate it!

Ahna Gotts, Darwin, Australia: I would just like to say thanks for all the
relevant information I received from this site. I have been researching
heroin trials for my IRR and this site has been extremely helpful.

Adi Alia, in the Isreali magazine, "Anashim": MAP is all about
documentation. This site documents every piece of info about drugs, without
taking a stand, although its owners are liberal. They collect articles
written by scientists, stuff that was published in newspapers, anything...
Their purpose is to make people react and comment on those subjects.

Sharifah Radhiatul, Malaysia: Keep up the good work!

Ashley H. Clements, MAP editor and listmaster: MAP is helping Americans to
speak out effectively against the War on Drugs, and that is what will free
the many prisoners of the War.... When the news breaks, MAP fixes it!

Sergio Loera, Casas Grandes, Chih., Mexico: I think you are doing an
excellent job. I am very interested in drug news from all border states in
the southwest. Coming from a small town in Mexico, I have seen the way
narcotraffico works.

Harry Cording , Auckland, New Zealand: I am a member of NORML New Zealand
and help make a local TV show, NTV, which is dedicated to marijuana issues.
For the news segment, which I write and read on air, I use items from MAP
news - it's a great resource. More power to you.

Marion Lipshutz, Brooklyn, N.Y.: What a terrific website! Thank you for
helping to preserve civil liberties with your antidote to reactionary
propaganda that serves authoritarian state interests.

Jeri Lynn, Oregon: My Uncle started sending me a few of these articles and
I find them extremely informing and sometimes they give me reason to be
very angry with the way things are going with this so called "war on
drugs". I appreciate that you are, article by article, making people aware
of some of the injustices that are happening in this country. You have my

Stormy Ray, Ontario, Oregon: As a Chief Petitioner for Oregon Medical
Marijuana Act, a Grandmother of 5 , soon to be six, and a Multiple
Sclerosis medical marijuana patient, I know disabilities knows "NO"
barriers. God forbid you should join our ranks too soon. But if you do, I
pray you won't have to fight for your medicine the way patients have had
to. Through awareness, education, and common sense this injustice on people
will end. Thank you for all MAP, Inc. is doing!!! God Bless.

Nick Hondelink, Holland: Keep up the good work!

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Sam Vincent Meddis, USA TODAY: Another reform site, DrugSense , serves as a kind of clearinghouse for breaking
stories and editorial opinion.


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