Pubdate: Mon, 08 Aug, 1999
Source: Pantagraph, The  (IL)
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Author: Kasey Kaehlert


In reference to the editorial in the July 29 edition titled "Parents can't
afford to be silent about marijuana use," I agree that it is very important
to talk with one's children about drugs, including tobacco and alcohol.

When a parent speaks openly with his/her child, then a channel of
communication will be opened and that child will feel as though he/she can
speak with their parent.

Many kids experiment with drugs at some time or another, but the
submissive, disrespectful behavior which is often attributed to drug use
may be avoided by good communication between parent and child.

Another important thing to remember when speaking with your child is to be
honest.  I personally grew up hearing the propaganda from the Reagan-era
"Just Say No" campaign, and was told things like "marijuana can kill you
and you will never know when it will happen" (lie) and "you will be
addicted to marijuana the first or second time you smoke it" (lie).

These lies along with others made me more curious about drugs as I grew
older and very likely lead many children to not believe many facts or myths
they hear, and to be more curious about drugs than they were in the first

Some terrific places for parents--and kids--to get honest information about
marijuana would be and  Or just check out the book,
"Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts."

You can find more drug education-related links on the Normal NORML Web
page.  These sources are very informational and will help one separate
truth from fiction.

And kids, if you read this letter, please cut it out, show it to your
parents and tell them you want to talk.  You'll be glad you did.

Kasey Kaehlert
Normal, Illinois

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