Pubdate: Mon, 9 August 1999
Source: Daily Texan (TX)
Author: John Wilson, Washington Resident


Thankfully, most Americans do not share Edwin Dorn's opinion of U.S. Drug
Czar, General Barry McCaffrey: "I want our students to begin to appreciate
the very high quality of people who are involved in public service," he said
referring to the General's Aug. 9 address (Daily Texan, Aug. 6). Quality?

"Pinocchio McCaffrey" at says it all. General
McCaffrey's drug policy blatantly conflicts with all credible scientific
review on medical marijuana, needle exchange programs, and the successes of
Dutch drug policy.

The Daily Texan carried my AP story in November of 1995, 'Waco man judges
marijuana at Cannabis Cup, [Amsterdam]'. Please let the General know that I
am alive and well because I continue to eat 2-4 grams of cannabis every
morning under medical supervision. In fact, I have written authorization for
the medical use of marijuana from a total of three U.S. physicians. I would
love to attend the general's address but this native Texan of 44 years now
resides in Washington state for medical as well as political reasons.

John Wilson, Washington Resident

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