Pubdate: Thu, 05 Aug 1999
Source: Pantagraph, The  (IL)
Copyright: 1999 The Pantagraph
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Author: Christopher Blacketer


I am disappointed yet not surprised by The Pantagraph's July 29 editorial
("Parents can't afford to be silent about marijuana use") asking parents to
lie to their children or pass on inaccurate information about marijuana.

Kids today are not stupid, just less experienced.  They are not gullible and
resent being lied to.  Deceit is not a good method to use when raising kids;
it can backfire.

The Hazelden Foundation's survey is completely stupid.  It asked how many
parents believe marijuana is addictive.  Well, 84% agreed that smoking
marijuana is addictive.  So, what? Why pass this ignorance down to their
kids? Why tell kids that marijuana is addictive when they can learn by
reading a book that it is not?

Any person can read the National Academy of Science's report that was
commissioned by the drug czar.  Any intelligent person knows marijuana is
not addictive.

If parents continue to use these untruthful scare tactics, how can anyone
expect them to believe warnings about truly dangerous drugs such as heroin
or cocaine? How can you expect your children to trust you about anything if
you lie to them or are just plain ignorant?

Of course, I don't think children should smoke marijuana.  Why isn't Drug
Free America concerned about teens' drug of choice, alcohol? Alcohol is much
more dangerous and is addictive.

Drug Free America is funded by the beer distributors, tobacco industry and
pharmaceutical companies.  Kinda strange, huh?

Have you noticed the new multi-million dollar advertising campaign funded by
Drug Free America that doesn't mention alcohol? They fought MADD bitterly.

About the smartest thing a parent can tell a student about marijuana is not
to smoke it.  If you do you will be subject to draconian laws. You will be
jailed, denied access to college, not allowed to work and basically have
your Bill of Rights removed or forfeited.

The drug problem in this country will never get solved while we are all
lying to each other.

Christopher Blacketer, Bloomington, Illinois

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