Pubdate: 01 Aug, 1999
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
Author: Gary Storck


Senator Herb Kohl likes to trumpet his supposed tough stance on drug
policy, but recently demonstrated that it all depends on the drug in
question, and the strength of it's lobby.

In late June, Kohl caved into the liquor industry's intense lobbying and
voted against an amendment that would have included alcohol in a $1
billion, five-year advertising campaign by the Office of National Drug
Control Policy

Despite the fact alcohol is a "gateway" to more serious drugs and poses a
greater health risk to teenagers than illegal drugs, Kohl joined the
majority in a hypocritical 58-40 vote to table the measure.

The Washington Post reported on how pressure from the deep-pocketed beer
industry trumped Mothers Against Drunk Driving, its allies and a seemingly
sympathetic cause with a relentless, sophisticated lobbying campaign.

If drug policies are to have any credibility, Congress needs to take a
balanced approach and start making decisions based on common sense and
actual potential for harm, not pressure from groups that benefit from
keeping the current failed policies in place.

Gary Storck, Madison

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