Pubdate: Sat 31 July, 1999
Source: St. Petersburg Times (FL)
Copyright: 1999 St. Petersburg Times
Author: Julie Ramech


Re: Stakes high in man's marijuana case, July 26.

In reading this column about this one man's plight, I was both saddened and
sickened to hear the comments from his doctor saying he would die in six to
10 years at most. I, too, have been given a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

Then drug czar James McDonough said he wants more research and believes the
medical benefits of marijuana use to be like witchcraft or folklore. Now
the legislators want to close medical use as a legal defense loophole. To
whom? The sick and dying? Although I do not use marijuana, I know there may
come a time when I can no longer take the constant pain associated with
this disabling disease. What then are my options? Pharmaceutical narcotics?
Where are the quality-of-life issues? The quality of my life is important
to me.

Some do not have the financial ability to get the medication mentioned in
this article. Our medication costs monthly are higher than most people have
yearly with a family of four. Most people have no concept of constant pain.
Imagine having a leg cramp that never goes away. To those who have had the
flu, think of the weakness and joint pain after a week of the flu; it never
goes away. Now listen as these legislators speak of taking away one more
thing that just might give you just a moment of peace.

Julie Ramech, Palm Harbor
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