Pubdate: Wed, 28 July 1999
Source: St. Petersburg Times (FL)
Copyright: 1999 St. Petersburg Times
Author: Frank Clarke


Re: Killer Fungus Touted To Eradicate State Pot Crop.

A friend once told me, "If it won't grow in Florida it's already dead." I
believe he wasn't far off the mark.

Now our state drug czar is talking about releasing a fungus into our
environment to eradicate marijuana, and several concerned scientists are
suggesting this might not be the best idea Florida ever had.

Drug czar Jim McDonough says Florida is the ideal place to test the fungus
because "we have a wonderful climate . . . for growing marijuana."

And almost everything else.

When the Romans wanted to put an end to the Carthaginians, they plowed
Carthage's fields with salt, thus ensuring that no one would live or work
there for many years to come. Is that what our drug czar is about to do to

Frank Clarke, Oldsmar

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