Pubdate: Thu, 22 July 1999
Source: Norfolk Daily News (NE)
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Author:  Mark Pokoiski
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SMYRNA, Del. - I want to thank the Daily News for the very intelligent way
it presented the two articles under the banner "Legalizing Marijuana" on
July 14.

Your newspaper presented both sides of the argument, which is sorely
lacking in the media regarding the "war on drugs." Anyone taking the time
to read both articles should have been swayed into a more clear-headed and
compassionate frame of mind.

For this, I thank you.

The war on drugs is stripping the Bill of Rights and most Americans just
seem to accept it because they believe it is for "the greater good." I
believe German citizens in 1933 may have felt the same way Drug users are
being demonized by the government just like the Jews.

I challenge you to look deep into the war on drugs and still believe that
imprisonment is the answer.


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