Pubdate: Fri, 23 Jul 1999
Source: Auburn Journal
Copyright: 1999 Auburn Journal
Contact:  1030 High St., Auburn, CA 95603
Author: Gary Storck


As a former California resident, I enjoyed visiting Placer County and Lake
Tahoe. Lately though, the treatment of medical marijuana users in full
compliance with California law by Placer County authorities has sickened
me, and the thought of visiting your beautiful area makes me very fearful.

The treatment of Steve and Michele Kubby is particularly repugnant. The
scope of human rights violations that have been committed against the
Kubbys is very alarming.

Now, with the district attorney refusing to release the Kubbys' computers
many months after the arrest, and a local judge allowing this travesty to
prevail, it is apparent Placer County authorities have no respect for
California law and the concept of justice.

I hope that the jury selection for the Kubbys trial will see through the
prosecution's lies and falsified evidence, and vote to acquit. Placer
County authorities need to get in step with California law or face the
removal for non-compliance. 

Gary Storck
Madison, Wis.

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