Pubdate: Wed, 21 July 1999
Source: Norfolk Daily News (NE)
Copyright: 1999 Norfolk Daily News
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Author:  Scott Dystra
Note: Our newshawk writes: "The two following [2d LTE posted separately]
LTE's by MAP writers were published today in the Norfolk Daily News. No
opposing letters." While some mid-sized newspapers, like the Minneapolis
Star, accept LTEs only from state residents, smaller papers may not even
have a policy. This is an example of a newspaper from a small town of
22,435 with a newspaper circulation of about 37,000. The feature article
about Mr. Sobey is at:


Bellerose, N.Y.- I would like to thank the Daily News for publishing the
article about Art Sobey.

It is a very positive indication that freedom of the press is very much
alive in the United States.

While still in my infancy of battling the prohibitionists view on drugs, I
can truly say that Mr. Sobey is right. More Americans need to know the
truth about prohibition, its damage to society and what America can do to
stop it. Prohibition breeds criminals in both the public and government
sectors of society.

Police are sometimes caught in the act of dealing or protecting a drug
deal. Prosecution is rare and is usually swept under the rug by grants of a
desk job and immunity. Whatever happened to all men are created equal, and
a system of guaranteed justice for all?

I encourage the Daily News and readers of this newspaper to get involved.
You may prevent a greater harm than if you do nothing.

The first casualty in any war is the truth and when the prohibition lies
and propaganda are exposed, so is the machine that maintains the war on
drugs, which is a political failure and grabs so many in its web of

Prohibition failed miserably in the 1930s. It was a 13-year experiment that
yielded corruption amass. Juries, police, judges, prosecutors, and even
lawyers were bought and paid for to either obtain a conviction or an
acquittal. It's an infectious policy of policing morality gone terribly wrong.

Marijuana is illegal. Why? Big corporations that want the dollars flowing
into their products. They are pharmaceutical companies and they are
terrified of marijuana and its medicinal qualities.


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MAP posted-by: Richard Lake