Pubdate: Wed, 21 July 1999
Source: Norfolk Daily News (NE)
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Author:  Stephen Heath
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Largo, Fla.- Thanks to the Daily News for the informative story about Art
Sobey and his efforts to bring marijuana into the legal and regulated
marketplace. Under the current "controlled" drug strategies, my children
have a much easier time scoring pot than they do alcohol - since the liquor
store asks for IDs. The neighborhood pot dealer does not ID anyone, and Mr.
Sobey understands that.

Interesting as well, since the opposing piece by Joseph Califano and his
CASA group from Columbia University was packed with much of the same tired
rhetoric that has been used as justification for arresting more than a half
a million citizens last year on marijuana charges. CASA itself is under
increasing criticism for refusing to permit any of their studies and papers
on drug-law related issues to be peer reviewed. Not so surprising, since
such review would likely seriously undermine their efforts to continue the
failed policies of prohibition.

We learned that lesson once already in our country in the 1920s with
alcohol prohibition.

With more people like Art Sobey, we clearly have a chance to correct these
failed policies and make all of America, including Nebraska, a great place
live and be a free citizen.


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