Pubdate: Thu, 15 July 1999
Source: Tribune, The  (CA)
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Author: Bill Denneen


I typically enjoy reading Teresa Mariani's excellent column. However,
her column today disturbs me. It deals with the unwanted babies of
drug addicts. She mentions one woman with eight children, four of whom
are in foster care being treated for drug addiction.

We, as a culture, have all sorts of requirements for everything from
hairdresser, to mechanic, to doctor but NO requirements for being a
parent. Anyone producing eggs or sperm can produce a new life even if
they are 13 years old, an alcoholic, a serial killer, a cigarette
smoker, a cocaine addict, on welfare, a felon, retarded, in jail, an
illegal immigrant, a prostitute, a pothead, or child molester. We call
it "reporductive freedom."

The time has come for homosapiens to face the fact that there are TOO
MANY PEOPLE on this small, deteriorating planet. A good place to start
is to stop the overproduction of unplanned, unwanted, addicted,
unloved babies.

I suggest support of Planned Parenthood. I suggest free vasectomies
for all felons, mentally retarded, welfare recipients, illegal
immigrants, drug addicts, cigarette addicts and anyone that asks for
one. I suggest tubal ligations for all women that are drug addicts or
require government assistance.

Every child born should be born planned, wanted, loved and NOT drug

Bill Denneen, 
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