Pubdate: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 
Source: Auburn Journal
Copyright: 1999 Auburn Journal
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Author: Tom O'Connell, MD


Steve and Michele Kubby will be tried next week in Placer County -
charged with growing marijuana for sale. Because of Steve Kubby's
status as recent Libertarian candidate for governor - also because he
has courted publicity - their case has attracted far more attention
than normal; although not as much as it deserves.

What can be gleaned from the coverage thus far is the incredible
importance the case has for local officials, as can be applied to
their willingness to spend time, tax dollars and county resources in
pursuit a goal, which would be - even were their bogus charges true -
highly questionable at best.

There is no doubt that both Kubbys have valid medical recommendations
(there is even good evidence that Steve's use of cannabis is
life-saving); they were very open about their "grow." No evidence of
sales was produced at the arraignment; the sole basis for the charge
is the number of plants destroyed.

What kind of "criminals" could the Kubbys possibly be to justify
months of surveillance by a multiagency task force?

Didn't those people have any better use for their time and our tax

Isn't this really a demonstration of how important the budget
increases, empowerment and corruption made possible by marijuana
prohibition have become to law enforcement agencies at all levels?

Can anyone reasonably claim that pursuit of a conviction here is based
on a valid concern for public safety?

Tom O'Connell MD
San Mateo

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