Pubdate: Tue, 6 July 1999
Note: Our newshawk provided us with the following information. This is the
Inside Edition story about which we had the recent DrugSense FOCUS Alert.

CRRH is happy to announce that the Inside Edition video clip of July 1,
1999 featuring Steve Kubby is now available on the web. The web video
stream automatically maximizes the viewers' signal, depending upon their
bandwidth, for 28K, 57K and 112K connections. The video is 3 minutes and 16

The Inside Edition video is on-line for free viewing on demand using the
free Real Player at:

Inside Edition covers the Kubby medical marijuana arrest and political
prosecution in Placer County, California. Steve Kubby, author of the book,
The Politics of Conscious, was the 1998 Libertarian nominee for governor of
California. Kubby also played a key role in obtaining the initial funding
for California's Proposition 215, which allows the medical use of cannabis.
Kubby runs the on-line magazine, Alpine World, and was the founder of
another publication, Ski West. Kubby suffers from a fatal disease, adrenal
cancer, and uses cannabis for medical purposes. Kubby was growing his own
cannabis as medicine when the Placer County, California law enforcement
agents raided his home, stole his medicine and are now prosecuting him and
his wife on cannabis cultivation charges. 
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