Pubdate: Mon, 14 Jun 1999
Source: Hawaii Tribune-Herald (HI)
Copyright: Hawaii Tribune Herald.
Author: Roger Christie


Thank you for reporting on June 3, "Appeals court rules in favor of pot
advocate."  The lawsuit against Prosecutor Jay Kimura, former Deputy
Prosecutor Kay Iopa, and Hawaii County for civil rights violations and
hempseed persecution goes forward with Aaron Anderson headed for his day in
the light of federal court.  Go Aaron, go!

The sub-heading, "Deputy prosecutor gave grand jury false evidence, judges
say" was one of the most significant pieces of information reported, and is
the subject of this letter.  Please get this point:  Each and EVERY stop,
search, drug test, investigation, arrest, indictment, prosecution and/or
conviction of EVERY so-called "marijuana crime" is based on FALSE evidence.
The false evidence that cannabis hemp is a "detrimental drug", when it is
the safest, natural healing herb on earth, and its seeds are so nutritious
that they are now considered a premier health food.  The false evidence that
cannabis has "no medical value", when it has more medical value than any
other plant.  The false evidence that cannabis is a "gateway drug", when it
is more of a "barrier" to other drugs, alcohol and nicotine. The false
evidence that cannabis has a "high potential for abuse", when it is rarely
abused.  The false evidence that cannabis eradication is good policy, when
it is treason, it strangles the culture of Hawai'i, and it causes more harm
and damage than any war, disaster or program in modern Hawai'i history.

False evidence is given in every public hearing and in every communication
that I know of on marijuana by the police, D.E.A., D.N.L.R., National Guard,
prosecutors, D.A.R.E. people and other prohibitionists. They lie
'professionally' to make money, to keep their jobs, and to gain undue
influence from the vast, costly and
counter-productive policy that their false evidence helped to create and
maintain.  Until now.  Pakaloha! 

Roger Christie

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