Pubdate: 9 June 1999
Source: San Antonio Express-News (TX)
Copyright: 1999 San Antonio Express-News
Author: Gary Storck
Authors Note: They edited it from 175 words to 94, but the message
survives, although
                      slightly diluted.


Regarding your editorial, "Medical research on marijuana right" on the
Clinton administration opening its supply of medical marijuana to
private researchers, this action is not the capitulation it appears to

The new regulations do not go into effect until December, then there
will be additional delays as research proposals are evaluated. The
current policies that criminalize patients who need medical marijuana
will remain in place.

There is no justification for continuing the federal prohibition on
medical marijuana. The regulations should be rescheduled so physicians
can prescribe it. Compassion and justice demand no less.

Gary Storck,
Madison, Wis
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