Pubdate: Saturday, June 5, 1999
Source: Calgary Herald (Canada)
Author: Daniel Tourigny


The comments made by some of the MP's shows the depth of ignorance
politicians have in the cannabis debate. Some politicians in Canada,
much like American politicians, relay concerns about a child's
perception of cannabis and that `wide availability' will result from
legalizing cannabis. The fallacy with this argument is that
adolescents don't listen well to politicians or police for information
on damages of drugs: exaggerating the dangers of cannabis will not
solve anything.

Cannabis is already widely available, and it's difficult to believe it
would become more so if it were legalized.  In fact, the `criminal
baggage' carried with this illegal weed would be largely shed it it
were regulated, much like cigarettes and alcohol.

Calgary Centre MP Eric Lowther's contention that medications exist
that `do everything and more' than cannabis attempts to discredit
every sick person forced to turn to the streets to find the substance
that eases their problems, when other legal measures fail.

Certainly, he is the epitome of all the ignorance surrounding

Daniel Tourigny
Victoria, B.C.
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