Pubdate: Tue, 01 Jun 1999
Source: New Haven Register (CT)
Copyright: 1999, New Haven Register
Author: Ariel Freedman


I was extremely disappointed when I heard that Connecticut's No. 1
basketball player was arrested for possession of marijuana. Being a
basketball player myself, I looked up to him. Even thought he wasn't one of
the tallest players on the team, he still was a great player.

I was also disturbed by the fact that Khalid El-Amin has to do some
community service and then his record will be clean. He was given special
treatment just because he's a basketball star. Now, if this was an ordinary
citizen who was caught with possession of marijuana then he would be put in
jail. And that would be that.

When El-Amin was asked about whether he thought he was still a role model,
he answered yes. I don't think he is one anymore. He was and he had his
chance, but to me he isn't.

If I was on the UConn team or if I attended UConn I know that I would feel
especially ashamed and betrayed. I think that the other players on the team
feel hurt, too. Now El-Amin gave them a bad name and reputation.

I know that people are now asking themselves who else on the team is using
drugs and what Richard Hamilton was doing there with him.

All I have to say is that Khalid El-Amin, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Ariel Freedman


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