Pubdate: Wed, 26 May 1999
Source: New Haven Register (CT)
Copyright: 1999, New Haven Register
Author: David McClendon


Twenty-eight individuals from Bridgeport, Trumbull, Stratford, Norwalk
and out of state were arrested during raids Monday night and early
Tuesday on federal charges in connection with the alleged distribution
of large quantities of cocaine and crack cocaine in Norwalk and
surrounding communities.

The defendants were arrested Tuesday morning by more than 200 law
enforcement officers from the FBI, DEA, IRS, U.S.

Marshal's Service, and the Norwalk, Bridgeport and state police
departments, said Stephen C. Robinson, the U.S. Attorney for

The arrests cracked what officials are calling a large-scale drug
distribution organization and netted suppliers, wholesalers and
street-level drug dealers operating in Connecticut, New Jersey and New

Four search and seizure warrants were executed in Norwalk and
Trumbull, authorities said. Law officers said they confiscated $50,000
in cash, eight firearms, a large quantity of ammunition, a large
quantity of drugs - including cocaine and marijuana - packing
materials, scales, records, as well as other evidence establishing the
drug-trafficking conspiracy, authorities said.

Also seized Tuesday were four automobiles and a home at 28 Indian Road
in Trumbull belonging to Robert "Bahama Bob" Vadas, authorities said.

Robinson said the suspects and three others are charged in an
indictment returned by a Bridgeport federal grand jury convened on May
6 and a criminal complaint signed on May 24. Three defendants, whom
authorities did not specifically identify on Tuesday, are fugitives
and are actively being sought by federal agents, Robinson said.

All suspects appeared on Tuesday before U.S. Magistrate Judges Holly
B. Fitzsimmons and William I. Garfunkle. All but two were ordered
detained pending hearings later this week.

The suspects are charged with drug conspiracy, possession of crack and
cocaine with intent to distribute, and involvement in a continuing
criminal enterprise.

The alleged drug ring operated in a South Norwalk neighborhood and
other communities.

The following suspects were charged by federal authorities on Tuesday:
Rodololfo Segura, 34, of Norwalk; Octavio Taborda, 50, of Norwalk; Martha
Collazo Torres, 45, of Norwalk; Jose Orlando Pena, 50, West New York, New
York; Cielo Melendez, 47, Norwalk; Martin Torres, 35, Norwalk; Robert
Vadas, 41, 28 Indian Road, Trumbull; Carlos Davila, 28, Norwalk; William
Lopez, 28, Norwalk; Oswaldo Rodriguez, 28, 116 Waldorf St., Bridgeport;
Evette Rodriguez, 23; Bridgeport; Thomas Smalls, 27; Norwalk; Daniel Marra,
27, 141 Los Angeles Ave., Stratford; Richard Tregila, 34; Norwalk; and
Joseph Cappellieri, 36, 3730 Madison Ave., apartment 211, Bridgeport; Shaki
Sumpter, 24, Norwalk.

Also arrested were: James Williams 21, 120 Huntington Turnpike,
Bridgeport; Angel Rodriguez, 261 Ely Ave., building 21, unit C,
Bridgeport; Jose Figueroa, 27, Norwalk; Joselito Rotger, 22, Norwalk;
Oscar Figueroa, 24, 261 Ely Ave., building 21, Bridgeport; Noel
Rodriguez, 26, 29 Anderson St., Stratford; Malvin Marquez, 19,
Norwalk; Van L.

Turner, 33, Norwalk; Jeffery Navarro, 20, Norwalk; Hector Barrientos,
55, Woodside, New York; Jimmy Augusto, Restrepo, 38, Queens, New York;
and Norman Arango-Ramirez, 36, address unknown.
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