Pubdate: Tue, 25 May 1999
Source: Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Copyright: 1999, Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Kathy Galbraith
Comment: Parenthetical remark by the Sun editor; headline by newshawk

RE: COMPASSIONATE cannabis use. Here's a suggestion on how the law should be

Health Canada should take the compassionate approach.

Allow those who are adults who have a need for cannabis to grow and use
their own as long as it is being eaten.

The physical effect is not harmful at all and is actually beneficial in its
comforting abilities.

Smoking it puts it into the realm of a drug, I'd say. Those who inhale smoke
into their lungs are taking a chance with their health, but it is equal to
tobacco in severity. Smokeable marijuana should be regulated to adults who
have a doctors recommendation. Change the law for a huge relief to police
with real bad guys to keep in line ... open up a whole new line of medicine
for Canadians to choose if they wish.

Kathy Galbraith

(Ingested or inhaled, doctor-approved, compassionate use of cannabis is coming.)

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