Pubdate: Thu, 6 May 1999
Source: Vermont Times, The (VT)
Copyright: 1999 the Vermont Times
Author: Bob Melamede
Note: Headline by editor


Letter to the Editor

Thanks for a decent article on the Million Marihuana March. I applaud
the Vermont Times for having the courage to write on the topic that so
many others refuse to consider.

Marihuana has been around for thousands of years.

It will not go away simply because the corrupt powers that be want it
to.  It needs to be discussed so that decisions can be based on facts
not fiction.

The only "successes" of the drug war have been to increase the
suffering of potential medical marijuana users, harm the environment
by fostering the use of pesticides and fertilizers and line the
pockets of those who are capitalizing on lies and fear.

Bob Melamede, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Dept. of Microbiology and
Molecular Genetics University of Vermont Burlington, VT 05405 802 656-8501

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