Pubdate: Fri, 07 May 1999
Source: Alberta Report (Canada)
Copyright: 1999 United Western Communications Ltd.
Author: Kathy Galbraith



Dear Sir:

Re: Don't free the weed," (Editors's Notes, April 19)

I am writing to protest the flip, callous attitude of Paul Bunner.
Ultimately his most offensive comments were a result of his ignorance
of the facts about the  medical uses for marijuana.

The down side of marijuana use has been sensationally exaggerated.
The negative effect is on the same level as eating a nutrient-stripped
twinkie. Not the best for you, but not the worst. Some users might smoke
more than they should-but that's a health problem, NOT a criminal one.

There is no risk to life or limb involved in marijuana use and there
is great easing of nasty symptoms and side effects. Pain is forgotten
and sleep is granted. Sense of humour is regained, anger flies out the
window and appetite is restored and stimulated.

This plant is a great blessing for the sick and afflicted, and anyone
who says otherwise is either a hard and mean person, or just clueless.
I'll give Mr.Bunner the benefit of the doubt and conclude he's the
latter. He wants to make criminals out of Canadians whose only crime is
using a plant for their health.

This column was about as bigoted and red-necked  as I've seen and
is a disgrace to the AR.  I have lost some of the respect I once held
for Mr.Bunner.


Kathy Galbraith


Editor's note:  Ms. Galbraith may want to revisit the column. Mr.Bunner
was neither critical of the medical use of marijuana, nor dismissive
of its therapeutic properties.  However, he did suggest the ultimate
objective for the pro-pot lobby was legalization of the drug- a
development he concluded, tongue firmly in cheek, that would detract
from the spirit of rebellion associated with its use.

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