Pubdate: Fri, 16 Apr 1999
Source: New London Day (CT)
Copyright: 1999 The Day Publishing Co.
Author: Peter Baez


To the Editor of The Day:

I read the letters to the editor regarding the war on drugs and, as a former
Waterford citizen with familiy  still living there, I must say that the end
to the drug war will be when our government takes a fresh look at what
causes this and treats it not with jails, but with treatment programs and
love and compassion.  Behind every drug dealer is someone hurting for
something.  Maybe, as a Christian society, we can help the needy and not
fill up jails that are better served for murderers and child molesters.  I
think we have many more of those
just waiting to get caught.

Peter Baez
Gilroy, California
The writer is a graduate of Waterford High School, class of 1982.

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