Pubdate: April 29, 1999
Source: Daily Star (NY)
Copyright: 1999 The Daily Star (Oneonta, NY)
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Author: Walter F. Wouk


The recent study by the Institute of Medicine, the IOM, concluded the

Marijuana does not have a high potential for abuse and has accepted medical
use in the United States,

Among recreational drugs, marijuana has a lower potential for abuse than
alcohol or tobacco,

Pot is not addictive and does not serve as a gateway to hard drug abuse and,

Marijuana is especially useful in alleviating a wide range of medical
conditions, especially nausea in chemotherapy patients, the wasting
syndrome of AIDS patients and muscle spasms for people with multiple

Given these facts, it appears that there is no legitimate basis for
marijuana prohibition. It's time for an objective review of state and
federal marijuana laws. It's time for a change.

Walter F. Wouk Cobleskill, NY

Wouk is president of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana
Laws in the Capital Region. 

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