Pubdate: Tue, 13 Apr 1999
Source: Valley View (Australia)
Contact:  B. McConnell


EDITOR: Unbelievable is the only word that describes Trevor Kaine's letter
(A heroin trial In the ACT? VV 16/3) in which he criticises the government
for trying to find alternate solutions to the harms caused by illicit drugs.

He talks about the "headlong rush" for a heroin trial and suggests that
common sense initiatives could be determined by government to achieve a
"drug free community".

He must have slept through discussion in the Assembly in 1991 when approval
was given to develop the methodology for the heroin trial.

It is now some 8 years later - hardly a headlong rush!

No other country in the world, in recent or past history, has achieved a
"drug free community".

What measures does he expect to take that have not been tried (and failed)
and how does he expect to eliminate alcohol and tobacco, for example, from
the Australian society?

He concludes his letter saying "there are no circumstances in which heroin
usage can be safe".

And yet as recent as February this year I and a number of others had a
meeting with Trevor Kaine at which he put forward "his solution" to the
illegal drug problem.

He said that he would allow doctors to prescribe or provide whatever
treatment was required for dependent heroin users including injections of
heroin in the surgery.

This solution is almost identical to the proposed ACT heroin trial that he
claims to oppose!

Mr Kaine's hypocrisy is unbelievable!

B. McConnell
Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform

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