Pubdate: Mon, 12 Apr 1999
Source: Times-News, The (ID)
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Author: Bill Chisholm


When is enough, enough? Too much, beyond limits, beyond reason, beyond
endurance? Overdone, saturated, unbearable?

Is it really worth sacrificing the Constitution and the Bill of
Rights? Is it worth putting the public health, safety and general
welfare at risk? Is it worth destroying the air, the land and the
water? Is there no common sense left? Does the world move on the
political sound byte alone and the wishes of non-publicly elected
corporate officers who have no ties to the community?

I say Enough is Enough is too much, too much hype and hysteria. The
"War on Drugs" created the methamphetamine problem. Too many good
people busted for a beneficial herb and a valuable fiber, food and
medicine. Too much nuke manure, cow manure, hog manure and too many
chicken-manure politicians and bull-manure lobbyists. Too many
livestock concentration camps. Too much greed. Too much economic and
political power in too few hands. Is there a connection? You bet there

Why destroy our rural quality of life to make plastic-tasting cheese
and bitter-tasting milk you have to eat cake with to cover the taste?
Get industrial milk, get industrial problems. Why concentrate so many
animals in such a small area and then use blood-tainted oil to ship it
all over the country? Why not smaller agri-culture dairies near the
market? Why not human operations within the context of good
stewardship and the principles of animal husbandry? Why over produce
and destroy the market?

In the land of the free and home of the brave, few are. Free men and
women don't stand in line and pee in bottles, the ultimate invasion of
privacy. A government of, for, and by the people is perishing from the
Earth without a whimper, being bought and sold in the back room deals
by men and women afraid of the light of day. Get up, stand up, stand
up for your rights, or kiss the corporate boot before it stomps you
into the ground as you grovel for some crumbs.

Bill Chisholm

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