Pubdate: Sat, 17 Apr 1999
Source: San Jose Mercury News (CA)
Copyright: 1999 Mercury Center
Author: Monica Sain, Campbell
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After reading about the admirable efforts of California Attorney General
Bill Lockyer to make the 1996 medicinal marijuana initiative work for people
who may benefit from it (Page 1A, March 10), I have a renewed sense of hope
regarding health care and the utilization of drugs in America.

This move is definitely a step in the right direction because it focuses on
how this law (Proposition 215) may benefit people who are seriously ill due
to AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, or other illnesses for which current
treatments have not helped. This point is highlighted by what Lockyer said
in response to opponents of Proposition 215: "It does not make any sense
that a doctor can prescribe morphine to his patients, but cannot prescribe

Maybe Lockyer's meeting with law enforcement officers and medicinal
marijuana activists will dispel the myths about what may happen as a result
of this law (more drug addiction, etc.). Most important, I hope it will
become easier for people to get the treatment they need.

Monica Sain, 17
Westmont High School

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