Pubdate: Wed, Apr 07 1999
Source: Willamette Week (OR)
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Author: Jim McDonald
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I read your article regarding State Rep. Mannix and Sheriff Noelle's
proposal to monitor medical-marijuana users ["Dope Meddlers," WW, March 17,
1999]. I would like to tweak the bill just a bit.

I propose an addendum denoting that Mannix and Noelle be the people who do
the random snooping of ill citizens who are certified to grow and smoke
marijuana for medicinal purposes. If they propose such invasive and
offensive laws, they should carry them out themselves--if the Oregon
Legislature proves to have the same kind of forward thinking as the good
sheriff and his political pal.

I would think that Mannix and Noelle would be more than happy to heed this
special calling, given that they are both politicians with a true love for
meeting the people firsthand. This opportunity should not go unmet. Both
righteous gentlemen can bring their political campaigns directly to the
people who they wish would elect them for a next term.

My guess is that either of these happy campers could safely amass a large
statewide following and may seriously make a run for the next governorship
with all of the grassroots followers that they're likely to accrue. Skipping
merrily from house to house, they would almost certainly attract a large
groundswell of worshipers applauding their every visit.

Onward, gentlemen! You're ahead of the curve!

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