Pubdate: Mon, 29 Mar 1999
Source: Reporter (Canada)
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Author: Kathy Galbraith



No, no, NO! Welcome the new cottage industry, medicinal herb growers, the
B.C. growers are soem of the world's best and the whole province should take
pride in that, not be aghast and horrified. They are pioneer unlicensed
producers, and they will have those herb licenses in their hands one day

They will become quite extraordinarly wealthy, and so will their province,
taking in millions a day, just in taxes on cannabis. Nice tourists will
flock to the region, bringing many dollars along with them and

You whiners pointing fingers and gasping will thank the cannabis growers for
rejuvenating your wilting economy. Does Ms. MacFarlane Fraser know that
Scottish poet Robert Burns' father grew hemp?

Sechelt has long been known for its progressive and creative minds... as
well as its ties to the land they live on... they are fine, health-conscious
hard-working citizens, and Chris Clay is a perfect example of this.

The people who run the Compassion Club are too. They get my vote for some
nice, caring people helping people. My top prize would go, however, to the
Canadian Geographic magazine for their great article with glorious pictures,
with the one of that nice young man, Chris Clay... their coverage was so
much more positive than that of Ms. MacFarlane Fraser.

Kathy Galbraith Raymond, Alberta

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